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Library of 
Davidson Colleg 

T ;u,.o*^. .-^ti 



Davidson College 

Davidson College 

Davidson, North Carolina 


:r <^.^ 

' W I- -id ■\>i/f' 



-«^:-^* t 4^ 



• '«.. 

^. ..>..'. 


<*Xii! . . 


LVA*l*.t . 





Starting to crumble 

The Meanings get lost 

And the teachings get tossed 







^ i'. w*<* 


:v ^*^' 


/ ' ' •' 





Hilt ;:.: 

And you don't know what you're going to do next. • You wait for the sun • But it never quite comes 

** 'C-^< 


Some kind of message comes through to you 

Some kind of message comes through 

And it says to you . . . 

Love when you can 

Cry when you have to 

Be who you must 

That's a part of the plan 

Await your arrival 

With simple survival 

And one day we'll all understand 

Your conscience awakes 

And you see your mistakes 

And you wish someone 

Would buy your confessions 

The days miss their mark 

And the night gets so dark 




"-"S^^' ■'*•.-' 

And some kind of message 

Comes through to you 

Some kind of message shoots through 

And it says to you . . . 

There is no Eden or 

Heavenly gates 

That you're gonna make it to 

One day 

But all the answers you seek 

Can be found 

In the dreams that you dream 

On the way. 


♦■v ^ 

At half his age I'm full of arrogance. 

I want to tell him what I know I know, 

but nothing's prepared us to meet ourselves — 

he as I was, I as he was. 


President, Samuel R. Spencer, Jr. 


Vice President for 
Academic Affairs, Frontis 
■^ W. Johnston 

Vice President for 
Development, Craven E. 

Assistant Dean of 
Students, Mary Lou 

ry LOU "^H^TW^if^^^ 
Dietler ► '\ -^^ j '^V5^ 

Dean of Students, William ► 
H. Terry 


Business Manager, Robert A. Currie 

^\^ U-lIP ' ^1 

Director of Alumni Activities, Zachary F. Long 

■4 Registrar, Richard C. Burts, Jr. 


Manager, ARA Dining Services, Ron Scott 

Director of Student Housing, Scotti Nicholls 


Comptroller, Robert W. Davidson 

Director of Personnel, Robert J. Stephenson 


Assistant to the Vice President for Development, Mark Director, Wildcat Club, Sandy Carnegie 

Dean of Admissions, H. Edmonds White 


Admissions Counselor, Leonard L. 

Admissions Counselor, James McDuffie Bruce III 



Associate Prof. Douglas Houchens 
Assistant Prof. Herb Jackson 
Assistant Prof. Larry Ligo, not pictured 

Assistant Prof. Herb Jackson 



Associate Prof. William Lammers Assistant Prof. Jerry Putnam 
Professor Tom Daggy Instructor Verna Miller 

Associate Prof. Donald Kimmel 

Assistant Prof. Cynthia T. Grant 
Associate Prof. David C. Grant 



Associate Prof. Ralph Gable 
Assistant Prof. Felix Carroll 
Associate Prof. John Burnett 
Professor James Frederickson 
Assistant Prof. Merlyn Schuh 
Professor Horace Bryan 
Assistant Prof. William Nutt 



Associate Prof. Dirk French 

Professor George Labban, not pictured 

Assistant Prof. Joseph Croft, not pictured 

Associate Prof. Rupert Barber 
Instructor Joseph Gardener 


Associate Prof. Rupert Barber 
Assistant Prof. Jean Cornell 
Instructor Joseph Gardener 



Professor William Might 
Professor Jay Ostwalt 


Assistant Prof. Norman Koller 
Assistant Prof. Robert Ruth 
Professor Joseph Drake 




Professor James Purcell 
Assistant Prof. Georgianne Ziegler 
Associate Prof. Charles Cornwell 
Associate Prof. Charles Lloyd 
Associate Prof. Anthony Abbot 
Associate Prof. Gill Holland 
Professor Frank Bliss 



Assistant Prof. Charles Dockery 
Instructor Elizabeth Chesney 
Professor Hallam Walker 
Assistant Prof. Everett Jacobs 
Assistant Prof. Lauren Yoder, not pictured 


Assistant Prof. Lois Kemp 
Assistant Prof. Thomas 


Associate Prof. Hansford Epes 
Professor Thomas Pinkerton 
Associate Prof. Erich Wruck 
Associate Prof. Julius Winkler 






Prof. Malcolm 







McGeachy ► 


Professor Chalmers Davidson 


Professor Frontis Johnston 


Associate Prof. Randall Kincald 
Associate Prof. Robert Avinger 
Professor Ernest Patterson 
Assistant Prof. Glenn Lindsey 
Professor Charles Ratliff 
Professor Cora Nelson 



Associate Prof. David Richey Professor Donald Plott 
Instructor Christine Ligo Professor Wilmer Welsh 

Instructor McKelway 






Professor Winfred Minter 
Instructor Joseph Retzer 
Assistant Prof. Tonia Devon 

Instructor Kelly Jones 
Professor J. Harris Proctor 

Professor Richard Burts 
Assistant Prof. Edward Palmer 
Professor Jay Ostwalt 
Instructor Robert Till 
Professor John Kelton 
Assistant Prof. John Kello 
Professor William Workman 







Professor George Abernethy 

Assistant Prof. John Young 
Professor Earl MacCormac 
Professor George Abernethy 
Assistant Prof. Robert Maydole 


Associate Prof. David Kaylor 



Professor Sam IWaloney 
Associate Prof. Thomas Clarlt, not pictured 
Professor David Rhodes, not pictured 
Instructor Gordon IVIicalson, not pictured 

Library - f 
Davidson Ct*V 


the slowly falling sands 
cause my riveted attention: 
slipping through a small crevice 
in perfect hand-blown glass, 
one grain over another — 
a measure. 

Class of V9 
Survives Orientation 




Jane Perkins Crowned Homecoming Queen 








Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 

^^^^■^ '^^^^^^^^^1 






IWl'^j.'''' ■U 


First Annual 

•.. ' BWUlUnDSBHiBV 






■ 1 ^ 

i 1 


SJ/t: 11 



Featured in "Wilson" were Rick Roylance, Laura Rankin, Peggy Noel, Lawrence 
Morton, Steven Kruger, Brad Chnstie, Marlin Geiger, Bud Palmer. Frazier Marsh 
Ed Pollock, Rick Fay. Alex Bass, Mike Garrett, Banks Robinson and Susan 



Drama Workshops 

The Drama Workshops included Rip Van Winkle; An Evening of 
Tennessee Williams; BIrdbath; The Mountain Chorus; Queens of France; 
The Long Christmas Dinner; Shoot; Damn You, Shoot-the Revolution in 
the Carollnas; The Reunion; Peanut Butter, Fritos, and Processed 
Cheese-a Slice of College Life; Quips in Cricket; and A Mill Is Born in 





Appearing in "Ah, Wilderness!" were Scott Reid, Emily Pate, Steven Cline, Brad Ctiristie, Gail 
Maynard, Gratiam Smith, Peggy Noel, Steven Kruger, Susan Baynard, Craig Lovin, Fran Worthy, 
Mary Hay, Robert Nicholson, Mark Tyndall and Lyman Collins. 





".•^•'•..'';V..v;/;;-,... ■';: .■';;•.-,. 

Davidson National 



October 14 — A Hollow Crown 

Januanj 21 — Fiesta Folklorico 

March 19 — Ars Antiqua de Paris 

March 29 — Branko Krsmanobich Chorus of 




Guests included Father Hesburgh and Dean Rusk 


Alumni Association Award 

George L. Galdstone 
Sandy Black Memorial 

David Howard Chemistry 
Richard Ross Music 
A.K. Phifer Scholarship 

VV.G. McGavock Mathematics 
Jefferson Davis 
Thomas Sparrow 
Tommy Peters 
Agnes Sentelle Brown 


David Louis Kelly 

Motte Gilliam Skinner 

Stephen Jerome Smith 

Carolann Connor 

Ruth C. Murphey 

Walter E. Broadhead 

Jesse Thomas Lee, III 

Carl C. Schwartz 

Peyton J. Marshall, III 

Richa4d D. Ehrhart 

Thomas F. Cooper 

Mark H. Postove 

Melinda Ann Byrd 

William H. Davis 

Eppa Rixey, IV 

Robert H. Whitaker.Jr. 



Presents Colours 

Arthur, Hurley &. 


John Stanfield 

Vasser Clements 

Deez Boys . . . 


ft - • ^ 

^7 4*-^ 

and a host of others. 







.^r "^^ ^fll^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 








Larry Keen and Co. 

^Srs/e/enf, (j/a&i a/ '7f, an/iwMceJ tAe c/as^^^^. S^'rst 
a/id ■ Jecofi):/ ^OYiors lorrr atiKirt/e</ to^Sor/ .^e<a a/i/:/ 
'Jl/c/ne W///a/m. /f.s/teit//Wy . STAe ^{/^fmofi 'fyi//ie// 
'iu//a>a/i ^{uHin/ /rcMe/its iMTf jidrs. ($/mA/i>€// ftonf/is 

S/rei/ertcA JirM.M , iim/ ^ {r/fo/J iS/acA iTlAmA'S. 



Southern bound I am 

over two hours, a hundred miles 

Not so far as Alabama 

but a hundred times girlish smiles. 

OF 79 

Charles Wyatt Alston 
Edward Paul Anderson 
William Avery Anderson 
Walder Percy Badham 


Elizabeth Anne Baird 
Roland Wellington Banks 
Karl Lee Barkley II 
William Thomas Barnett, Jr. 

Sidney Ray Barrett 
Debra M. Bass 
James Alexander Bass 
David Craven Beard 
John Ford Beardhall 

Brian Shields Benninghoff Timothy Alan Bonasack 
Thomas Lee Besseslieu James Whitsitt Boone 
Laurie Elizabeth Bingaman Beverly Michelle Bortell 
Thomas C. Bode Christopher Paul Boslet 

Dan Argin Boggus Brenda Marie Boyle 


Paul Boyd Bradley 
Lee Carol Brewster 
Dorothy Carol Brong 
Mark Alan Brooks 
Bruce Perrino Brown 

James Alexander Bryan 
Stanton Timothy Bryan 
Debra Jo Bumgarner 
Ann Wyatt Burke 
Diana Teresa Caputo 

John E. Carlson 
Kent Emerson Carr' 
Major Erwin Carter 
Robert Douglas Carter 
Ronald James Chappie 

N. Bradley Christie Mary Jo Clark 

Ralph Steven Christie, Jr. Robert Warren Clarkson 

Glenn Patchin Churchill Nancy Marie Clifton 

Joe Steven Cline 
Hilarty Anne Clouser 
Charles Powell Cochran 

Melanie Denise Coffey Lee Anne Conrad 

Margaret Eleanora Collins Stephanie Lea Cook 
Lyman Arthur Collins II Sam H. Crawford 

Gail Lynn Crumley Erich M. Daub 

John Bumwell Cunningham Cathy Anne Daum 
John Road Cunningham Sarah Wooten Deck 
Yvonneda Sherrie Cunningham Guy Paul DiCenzo 
Samuel Marion Currin Thomas Robert Dore 

Beth DuBose 
Patrick Dulany 
Philip David Duncan 

Theodore Thomas Eastwick 
Alice Courtney Egerton 
Dean Robert Ekiund 

Deborah Jean Elliot 
Tom S. Engle 
Jon R. Erickson 
Carol Jean Ern 
John Robert Erwin 

Debra Gail Estes 
Clifton Cartwright Fay 
Bruce Edwin Fielden 
Clifton Paige Flynn III 
John Russell Folger 

Michael Cedric Fox 
Benita Franklin 
John R. Frederick 
Dorothy Celia Fulenwider 
James i. Gates 


William Marlin Geiger 
John Andrew Gelly 

Karen Sue Gilbert 
Erica Aenne Gjersvik 


Timothy Bartlett Goodell Jack Thurmon Griffeth 
Katherine Elise Goodpasture Ashton T. Griffin 
Christopher Howard Gould John Paul Griffith 
Elizabeth Adair Green Andrew Howe Gwynn 

Harry Robinson Greyard Frank David Hass 

Stephen Gregory Nankins 
David Madison Hardaway 
John Robert Harrison 
John Gary Hart 
John Lee Hart 


Mary S. Hay 
Ann B. Hayes 
Randall Stark Haynes 
Margaret C. Herman 
David McLeod Harrington 

Joseph Carter Hicks III Stacy Howard Hockett III Ralph Douglas Horn Helen Claire Huie 

Elizabeth Custis Hill David Martin Hoffman Paul Adams Home, Jr. David Wingate Hull 

John Richard Hobson Elizabeth Ann Holmes Catherine Wiatt Howard Joanne Ruth Hull 


Steven George Hull 
Martha Jo Hunt 
Peter Bradford Johnson 
Charles Brewer Jones 
David Lanier Jones 


Peter David Johnston 
Paula Kadison 
Gilbert Stuart Kayton 
Sabine Arwen Kelischek 
Michael David Kennedy 

Russell Martin Kerr 
Hakchul Kim 
Mark William Kinzer 
Kenneth f^ndrew Kirk 
Robert William Kling 

John Myron Kravet 
Henrietta Langford 
Amanda Lynn Langley 
David W. Langman 
Bruce Edward Lantelme 

Curtis Hall Leathers 
Mary Frances Leopold 
Lee Anne Lewis 
Stephen Fraser Lewis 
Glen Robert Liesegang 

Donald Michael Lins Stanford James Lummus 

James Brethes LIvadltIs John Stedman Lyies, Jr. 
John S. Loughead Franklin Scott Lyon 

Nancy MacConnachie Emily Harvey Mason William Oscar McKlnley 

Myles Andrew MacDonald Jeffery Hugh McArn Harris Ligon McMurry 

John Dale Daaden Robert Richard McCarthy Robert Dwyer McQuade 

Han-lson L. Marshall Charles Milt McCurdy Margaret Carolyn Miles 

Anthony R. Martin Susan Kimbrough McLendon John Meal Miller 


John Wilson Monroe 
Mary Chester Morgan 
John Howell Morrison 
James Kevin Morton 
Lawrence Raymond Morton 

Kristine Ann Mottice Catherine Elizabeth Neisler Thomas Clinton Niblock Samuel Taylor Noland 

Michaela Murphy Henry Parks Neisler, Jr. Edward Hughes Nicholson, Jr. Joseph William O'Connor 

Elizabeth Haigler Murtiashaw Cynthia Lee Newberry Peggy Anne Noel John Henry Olden 



Larry Sid Osborne Kenneth Thomas Patterson 

Tom Overton Georgia Babette Patton 

Beverly D. Palmer James Leeland Patton 

John Beverldge Parkerson, Jr. Joseph Daniel Pearlman 
Franklin Eugene Patrick Robert Rudolph Perz 

Scott Phillips 
David Scott Piper 
Leea Marie Pittenger 

Wilkins C. Poe 
Mark Edw/ard Polhill 
James Marion Pool 

Anne Erickson Porter 
Steven Bryant Porter 
David Huston Pottenger 


Michael Henry Quay 
Elizabeth Anne Quick 

Lee Suzanne Raney 
Byram Newton Ratliff 


Dohn Charles Ratliff 
David Jeffrey Rawlings 
Jacquelyn Marie Rekden 
Ann Elizabeth Reed 
Anne Ashelle Reeves 

Richard Blair Reich 
David Reid Hevj 
Terrell Michael Rhye 
Kimberley Durham Rieck 
Timothy John Robinson 

Charles Edward Rodgers 
Ronald Barry Rosenberg 
John Eric Roskos 
Martha Louise Sanford 
Joseph Allan Saunders, Jr. 


Anne Borrodaile Savory 
Randal Kelly Seago 
Ronald Wayne Seerley 

Jack Gold Scruggs 
Stephen Edward Sellers 
Edward Ray Setser 

Mark E. Shelley 

Michael Andrew Sheridan 

Elisabeth Aston Shingler 

Joel Elliott Shirk Andrea Denise Smith 

Robert Edward Shoulders Janice Kealane Snyder 

Cauda Jo Simmons Patricia Guadalupe Soriano 

Mary Taggart Simpson Kevin Martin Spangler 

Lana Hancock Sims Ellen Renee Stebbins 


Kevin Raymond Stewart 
Jonathan Mclver Stroud 
David Alan Sweeney 

Robert Prescott Sweet 
Linda Brooks Talbott 
Sara Jane latum 

Frances Bland Taylor 
William Alexander Terry 
L. Carrington Thompson 

Joseph Lake Trask 
Torence John Trout 
William F. Umhau 
Samuel Russell Vester 
William Stillwell Vincent, Jr. 

Hamlin Landis Wade 
W. Haur Waiford 
Lea Ravenel Walker 
Page Blakeslee Walley 
Janice Ellen Watt 

Frederick Harold Weber 
Carol Patricia Wells 
Alice Bonner White 
Kevin Michael White 
Katherine MacNaughton 

Melody Wilder 
Daniel Douglas Wilkinson 
J. Taylor L. Williams 
Adrian Newton Wilson 
Franklin Clyde Wilson 

Willaim John Wolar Katherine Louise Woodward Matthew Glenn Young 

Katherine Flinn Wolf Barbara Mane Wright Stephen Lewis Young 

Hunter Earl Woodall Ralph Howard Yeilding John Mitchell Zambos 

OF 78 

Anne BolJck Abernethy Frances Kilpatrick Anderson 

Robert Thomas Amis Paul David Anspach 

Mary Ross Amos David J. Arnold 

Elizabeth Walker Anderson Hal F. Askins 


Duncan Colfax Augustine 
Glenn Arlen Ballard 
Sherry Long Barker 
Carolyn Teresa Barnes 
Grady Michael Barnhill 

Angela Kaye Barnett 
William Barnes. Jr. 
Charles Moorer Barrineau 
Perry Lester Bartelt 
Susan Walker Baynard 

William Bremer Behrends 
Vicki N, Benedict 
William Allen Blalock 
Richard John Blinkhorn, Jr. 
Charles Bernard Bondurant 


Corrine Hunter Boyd James Vaughn Brock, Jr. 

Kathryn Tomlinson Bridges Bruce Tankard Brown 
John Alexander Brikmanis Frank Marshall Brown 

Nancy Richardson Brown 
Roger H. Brown 
Stanton Carlton Brown 

Emilie Watkins Bryan Clark Ellisom Candler 

Judkins M. Bryan Robert Winfield Carlton 

Charles Allen Burson Sally Neil Casteel 

Thomas Philip Caine III Robert Andrew Cathey 

Margaret Frances Campbell Pat Rai Chappell 


Jane Louise Childs Julia Winter Chrisco 

Krisfau McDonald Childress Heidi E. Christiansen 

Charles Vance Christopher 
Earnis Mitchell Church 


Jeffrey Brothers Clark 
Brian Roland Coffey 
Steve MacDonald Coffey 
Susan Jane Colan 
Brian S. Cooper 

John O. Craig, III 
Gregory Alan Crawford 
Caroline King Cromartie 
Darlene LoVell Cunningham 
Gilbert Journell Cuthbertson 

Michel C. Daisley 
Gary William Danciger 
Bruce Vaiden Darden 
Bill Henry Davis 
Eric Foster Davis 

David W. Deaton Samuel James Ervin IV 

Debra Susanne Dillon John Borden Evans, Jr. 

Cynthia R. Doran Merrill Russell Farrand, Jr. 

Bertis E. Downs IV Richard Earl Fay 

James Frederick Entwhistle Edwin L. Ferren 

Anne J. Ficklen 
Charles John Fiden, Jr. 
George Ginn Flowers 
Carol Anne Folger 
Robert Holt Foushee 

William Harlan Gaither 
Thomas M. Garrell 
Michael Lee Garrett 
James William Gaynor 
Mark Paul Gergen 


Mary Elizabeth Gilliam 
Harold Leon Gillis, Jr. 
Philip Knox Gladden 
Kathleen Wilson Golding 
Roger Tibbetts Grange 


Roy S. Grier 

Kenneth Dudlay Griner 

Karen Elizabeth Gunter 

Lewis Stanton Hales. Jr. 
Kathryn Jean Hall 
Scott Allan Harbottle 

Holmes Plexizo Harden 
Myra Denise Harrill 
Ann Gray Harvey 

MIchele Anne Harvey 
Henry Clifton Hester 
James Herbert Hildreth 

Raymond Walter Mines 
William Edward Holladay 
Karl Whitwire Holtzclan 
Thomas Dag Horn 
Matthew Brooke Home 

Calvin Rudolph Howell 
Rogers Glenn Howell II 
David L. Hunter 
Margaret Louise Hunter 
William S. Hutchings II 

Marc Alan Jackowitz 
Charles Rees Jenkins III 
Richard Hunter Jennings 
Peggy Sue Jetton 
Thomas A.B. Johnson 

William Stacy Johnson Steven George Justus 

Anne Beverley Jones David Wilson Keller III 

John Raymond Jones David Louis Kelley 

Rick S. Kelley 

Bruce Forbes Kemp, Jr. 

James K. Kepchar 


George Michael Knowles 
Charles John LaBaw 
Michael Thomas Lanio 

Catherine Elaine Landis 
Audrey Jane Lazenby 
Virginia Carolyn Linder 

Henry Clyde Lomax 
Nancy Erwin Long 
Laura Anne Lortz 

David Calvin Love 
Donald Nay Lupo 
Cindy L. Maag 
William Henry MacDade 
Jonathan Lee MacLean 

Kenneth Leslie Makant 
Ellnore Dorothy Marsh 
Santford Frank Martin 
Elisabeth Thomson Mays 
Roy King McCall 

Oscar Miller McClintock 
Dorn Charles McGrath III 
Patricia Lynn McMurray 
Barry Cline Melton 
Jeffrey C. Metzel 

Kenneth Ward Miller 
Thomas Raymond Miller 
Joann Mitchell 
Marguerite Corinne Morris 
Robert Caldwell Morrison 

Denise Lorraine Moreau 
Laura E. Moses 
William Little Mowry 

William Post Muldoon 
James Edward Murphy 
Robert Roy Murray 


If Ifflf- 

Sherry Grace Natale 
Virginia Eleanor Newell 
Jason Gregory Noble 
Deborah Jean Norris 
Ellen Eugenia Ogilvie 


Kenneth Ahnfeldt Ogilvie 
David S. Patton 
Alison Carol Peeler 
Martha Jane Perkins 
Doris Susanne Phillips 



:>' • ""• 

-■; ■ i ''f* 





Stephen Michael Piper Frank Douglas Rambo II Dennis Edward Reese 

William Liston Pitman Jeffery Stams Rambo Don Carl Richter 

Timothy P. Purcell George Reedy, Jr. Clayton Taylor Rogers 

Mark Curtis Rooks Lynne Anne Satherlie Starkey Sharp V 

Clyde Raymond Roy II Robert Charles Schermer William Timothy Sharpe 

Greg Walter Sahlsten Ellen Douglas Schlaefer Randy Norris Sherrill 

William Dale Sherwood 
William Warren Sellars 
Hayden Judson Silver III 

Carolyn Fraser Simpson 
William Ray Sigmund 11 
Stephen William Small 
Stephen Jerome Smith 
David Joe Snyder 


Laura Ellen Stevenson Charlton Bell Strange III Jack Nail Summe 

Charles Kenneth Still Wayne C. Stuart Jerry Lee Suttles 


David Wilburn Swain 
Sandy Brewer Tarlton 
Robert Alexander Taylor 

David Knox Tinkler 

Parks Cornelius Underdown I 

Audrey Marie Urbano 

Richard Davis Thomas Jr. William Daniel Vinson Jr 
Stuart Graeme Thomson 

Robert Bruce Wallis 
James Grier Wail 
Olivia C. Ware 

Jonathan Worth Washburn Sannuel Gamble Weir 
Carol Watkins Timothy Lynn Whitener 

Kathy C. Watson David Finley Williams 

Carrie E. Wilson 
Kathy Julia Wilson 
Rachel Jane Wilson 
Joseph Raymond Winkle 
Bryan Keith Wofford 

James Fredrick Wood III 
Frances Kay Worthy 
David Tewart Yandle 
Rodney Bert Young 
Thomas Meares Young 


OF 77 

Harry Lewis Albert Jr. James Emory Baldwin 

Allison W. Andrews James Paul Banta 

Paul Stephen Andrews Gary Alan Barnes 

William Bryan Andrews Stephen Gill Barnes 


John Thettord Barrett 
Pat M. Baskin Jr. 
Edward Dana Beach 
Robert Glen Beard 
Robert Stuart Bell 

Ronald William Benfield 
Robert Welch Bishop 
Clarence A. Blalock 
Richard Nelson Boyce 
Steven Brooks Boyd 

James Paul Brendemuehl 
Walter Eugene Broadhead 
Jeffrey Andrew Brown 
Ruth Brown 
Charles Keith Buchanan 

Laurie Schnackenberg 


William C. Burkholder 

John Richard Burns 

Laura Louise Calhoun 
Stuart Brown Campbell 
Frank Anton Cebul 

Kenneth Eric Chadwick 
Richard Alan Cheshire 
Kevin Charles Clancy 

Voe F. Clark 

Fred Bowden Clayton 

Carolann Connor 

Patrick Cangler Covington 
Mimi Covi^an 
Stephen McKinne Crane 
J. Crawford Crenshaw III 
Marlon Carlyle Crenshaw III 


Edward Michael Crosland 
Wayne M. Cross 

Chrlsta Lynn Crossley 
Bradley Warren Davis 

Stephen Reeves Dill 
Sally E. Doyle 


Patricia Ann Drake 
James Mitchell Dulin 
Laurie Louise Dunn 
Alan Blue Edmonds 
Geoffrey Brian Ely 

Dana Leigh English 
Robert August Enright III 
Sabra Jean Faires 
Michael Stewart Fisher 
Mark Richard Foerster 

Susan Alexander Fretwell Curtis Donald Goho Jr 

Hervey W. Froehlich John M. Golden 

Julianne Garner Frank Hutchinson Hamilton III 

Ann Campbell Garrou Michael Burette Harris 

ullian Heitman Gascoigne Joseph Robert Hartsoe 

John W. Hedrick Franklin Hickman 

Paul Denman Henschen Bruce Allen Hoster 
Peggy A. Hess James Patrick Hudson 

Michael Bradford Huggins 
Robert Elwyn Hutchinson Jr. 
Donald Stephens Jackson 

Mildred Kay Jackson 
Mark Andrews Jester 

Clifford Paul Johnson 
Wayne B. Jonas 


Linda L. Jones 
Michael Scanlon Jones 
Weldon Huske Jordan 
Walter Clyde Joyce Jr. 
Mary Katherine Kafoglis 

Mary Lynne Keener 
Stephen Robert Keener 
Robert William Kelley 
Charles L. Kennon 
James Joseph Kopel 

Gregory Lippott Kunkleman 
Jesse Thomas Lee 
John Gipe Lewis 
William Lawrence Linder Jr. 
Marvin E. Lively 

Joseph Patrick Logan 
Gwynn Douglas Long 
Robert M. Mayer 
John Rankin McArthur 
Kevin Robert McConnell 

Susan Fraser McAvoy Victor Maurice McMillian 

Katherine Aycock Mclendon Cyrus Carmi McNeely III 
William Hugh McLean Mary M. Mintz 

Robert James Mitchell 
Roger M. Morrison 
Katherine Rochet Morton 

Edward Sheldon Mumby 
Susan Elizabeth Mundaugh 
Ruth Carter Murphey 

Richard Smith Myrick, Jr. 
Michael James Naslund 
William Henry Neal, III 
Ann Nanette Nikolaus 
Nancy C. Northcott 


Gary Clay Overstreet Paul M, Parker 

Ronald Francis Owens Colleen Ann Parks 

Robert Conrad Palmer, III M. Jean Parks 

Emily Elizabeth Pate 
Howard Jerome Payne 
Terri Lynn Peat 

Stephen Mitchell Peeples 
Marian LaVerne Perkins 
Nancy Lee Petrowski 

Herbert Orlandah Phillips, IV Nancy Emily Postma 
Patricia Lee Phillips Robert Dennis Price 

Thomas Cotesworth Pinckney Walter E. Pugh 

David Clark Rainey Richard C. Rauck 

Mary Catherine Ramos Susan Prescott Reid 

Richard Brandon Rankin. Ill Charles F. Rice 

Margaret Patterson Rickert 
Mark Bernard Rittmanic 
Michael Lindsay Robinson 
Alan Ernest Rockett 
Gary L Rowe 


W> /* 

Michael Hart Russ Jon Todd Sahlroot 

Philip Wilson Safriet F. Stuart Sanders 

Mark William Scandling 
Peter Michael Schenk 

Charles Robert Schwacke 
Timothy Graham Sellers 
Donna Digne Sherrill 
Robert Anthony Snow 
Kevins C. Shelly 

Jeffrey J Sich 
Brian Wesley Simmons 
Arthur Benjamin Simms 
Graham Fennel Smith 
Martha A. Smith 

Michael Lee Smith 
Joyce C. Stahmann 
Wayland Chad Stephens 

Becca Easley Stimson 
Sarah E. Stow 
John P. Swanson 

David Alan Trader 
William Owen Tucker 
John Edmund Waites 

James A. Walker 
Robert H. Whitaker 
Elizabeth Ann Wicker 

Mark Kevin Wilfley 
Van Elizabeth Williamson 
James David Yearwood 
Corwin Walker Young 
John Philip Yowell 



I don't think so 

Can't look back on the mistakes or the good things 


Just ain't too practical. 

John Alexander, History and Philosophy of Science Gary Aston, Political Science 

Norman Edmund (Ned) Atkins, Psychology Dorothy G. Austin, Sociology 

Jack Barbour, Political Science 

Phil Barringer, Biology 


left to right: Bill Beasiey, Psychology; John Munce, Philosophy; Don Benson, Philoso- 
phy; Dan Thorp, History; Bill Bond, Religion. 

Stephen Bell, English 

Charles D. Bethea, Biology 

Tom Blackwood, English 

Charles Michael Blanchard, History 


Fred Borch, History 

Dea Booth, Music 


Byron Keith Bowen, Economics 


Jennifer Brothers, French 

Susan E. Brown, English 

Ken Bumgarner, Philosophy 

Richard E. CampbeU, Pre-Medicine 

Rob Canning, Biology 

Lisa Carter, Religion 

John William Carter, Jr., History 

J. William Chappell, Jr., French 

Malcolm Cline, Chemistry 

William S. Coleman, Jr., Economics 

Bill Goie, Pre-Medicine 

Paul S. Collins, Pre-Medicine 

Kirk Combe, English 

Bruce Corser, Biology 

David Robert Cormak, Psychology 

Rory Crawford, Psychology 


Bill Davis, History 

F. David Dale, Jr., Pre-Medicine 

James H. Davis, English 

Mark Deaton, Englisti 

David Dickey, Religion 

Bob Doares, German 

John Charles Doscher, Biology Robert D. Douglass, Sociology Alan W. Duncan, History 


James Shelton Ellis, Jr., Pre-Medicine 

Mary Farmer, Chemistry 

Mark B. Felker, Economics 


Danny S. Felts, Biology 

I N » I ,yy.., 

.,,-*. ..-.^. ..^^TP^J^piPS!! 

Dal Ferbert, Psychology 

Mark Firth, Pre-Medicine 

Forrest W. Flaniken, Jr. Economics J.H. Smith Foushee, English 

David Francis, /Arf 

Cliff Gardener, English 

Jeff George, English Michael G. Gibson, English 

Ernest Glenn, English 

Pete Goodman, Political Science 

Thomas M. Gopsill VII, Biology 


David C. Gordon, Psychology 

John Green, Art John B. Guthrie, Political Science 

Jim Guin, Sociology 

Thomas R. Hagood, Jr., History 

Franklin S. Hancock, History 


Larry D. Hardaway, Political Science Derry Harper, Political Science 

Robert S. Harshman, Pre-Med/c/ne 


Ben C. \-\endnck, Psychology 

Hugh L. Hennis \\\, Pre-Medicine 

Jeff Heslop, History 

Edward Hill, Pre-Medicine 

Bob Hoag, Ptiilosophy 


'X j^ 

.^ ■-''"■ 

%?> T*. A 

^^4B '"' ^ 

' V5^--^5 ■ ^1 

^— . 


,^ ^i\ 


Ralph B. Holloway, Jr., Sociology 

Howard L. Huntley, Jr., French 

James Randal Hunter, History 

Robert H. Husbands, Political Science Karen Husted, Music 

Paul \rv\j\n, Psychology 

Paul Japp, Economics 

Logan Jones, Psychology 

Fredrick Bradley Jenny, Psychology 


Milford K. Kirby, History 


Dave Kirkman, History 

David C. Kitchen, English 

Robert Cliffe Knechtle, History 

Jim Knights, Religion 

Terrace Scott Lane, Psychology 

Andrew Theodore Lamas, Political Science 

Harry Neal Lenhuff, Economics 

William L. Lloyd, Psychology 



M. Alan Malcom, Chemistry 

William T. Manson, III, Economics 

Doug McElfresh, Pre-ZWed/c/ne 

Charles McKiniey, Psychology Bob McKnight, History 

John C. Martin, History 

Richard IVIartorell, Jr., Political Science 


Addison IVIaseng ill, Frencrt 


Dave Mayberry, Biology 


Bobby Mendenhall, Economics 

Don Meng, Political Science 

Larry T. Mimms, Chemistry 

Jonathan Monroe, English 


William E. Morrison, Jr., Biology 

J. Steven Muse, Philosophy 

Pope L. Moseley IV, Chemistry 

Ray Donavon Munford, Jr., Economics 





H^H^HHm^ ^>>^ 


^BB^^^ 4"3^ 

\>L ^^^^i^^^^^i 




Charles R. Neal, Economics 

Jeff Neikirk, Economics 

Charles E. Palmer, Jr., English 

Mike Pappas, History 

Steve Patterson, Pre-Medicine 

Wyndell Patterson, Soc/o/ogy 

Banks Peacock, Economics 

Thomas P. Olivci. Biology 


Harold E. Peacock, Psychology 

Anne Pelfrey, English 







^H^^^^^ln^^^ d^^^^r^ 

« ^B^^^l 




Jon Perry, Biology 

Robert E. Penny III, Psychology Jeffrey N. Plowman, English 

Mark H. Postove, Math 

Jay Powell, History 

Ronald Powell, Economics 

Joel Pressley, History 

. .1. 3 

Richard Z. Piice, History Scott Prince, Psychology 


Scott D. Reid, English 

David S. Richardson, English 


Eppa Rixey, Pre-Medicine 

Shaune Robertson, Pre-Medicine Alice H. Rogers, Latin 

Joseph R. Rohrer, Biology 


Ken Schmader, Pre-Medlcine 


Bradley R. Seawell, German 














Bob Skaggs, Economics 

John Carlyle Sherrill III, Political Science 

Robert Edward Sibley, Jr., Economics Bill Smith, History 


Jim Farthing Sneed, German 

Danny Smith, Economics 

Rand Sommer, Pre-Medicine 

Steve Stec, History 

James Edmond Stephenson, Pre-Medicine 

Gary Stewart, Pre-Medicine 

Mike Stich, Economics 


August Strasburger, Economics 

Emelia Dean Stuart, Biology 

Bradley Swalwell, Economics 

Cosby Swanson, Economics 

John A. Taylor, Physics 

John M. latum III, Political Science 

Ralph Taylor, Religion 

Joel Tew, Economics 

Aubrey F. Tims, History 

Scott R. Tinnon, History 

Doug Traver, Pre-Medicine 













Max Turner, Chemistry 

John Upshur, Physics 

Thomas Leon Venable, Chemistry 

Larry Urbon, Psychology 


m , 



!^?«n ^^^^^1 


*" ^^^^ \ 

Tom Verlin, History 


Kevin Walsh, Economics 

Steven Lenz Vitek, Psychology 

Chuck Weber, Pre-Medlcine 

Paul Welch, English 


Bruce West, Biology 

Pete West, Political Science 

Roger Whitley, History 

Bruce Wicker, English 

Dave Wiley, Economics 




r^ ■ 1 1. 

Richie Williams, Economics 

Edward Willingham, Economics 

Hadley Wilson, Pre-Medicine 

Ed Yeaton, History 


One foot after another working 
independently to propel 
a flesh hulk, blinking 
thinking always thinking 
of evolution-synergistic 
thudding a soft tranquilizer 
heartbeat and dry breath 


1975-76 was the year of the Cincinnati Reds, the 
Pittsburgh Steelers, the Celtics, Muhammed Ali, the 
Indiana Hoosiers, Jimmy Connors, and the Olympics. 
It was not the year of the Davidson Wildcats. No 
major sport and few minor ones emerged as winners. 
The athletic administration, headed up by Mr. 
Cartmill, looked for new coaches in basketball and 
womens sports before the year was out having just 
hired relatively new men in football and baseball. 

As fail term passed, the down-but-never out David- 
son football team suffered through another painful 
season with only one win; 14-7 at Kenyon; to ease 
the aches of hard work. Decimated by injuries and 
desertions, several key positions, including quarter- 
back, were manned by freshmen. By the end of the 
season only six seniors were still on the squad. 
Coach Farrell, in only his second season at Davidson, 
may have been on the right track but the road to re- 
spectability looked long, indeed. The soccer team 
had no better luck. Though the team had promising 
talent, tough early season losses seemed to take the 
steam out of Chip Stone's charges. It should be 
noted that the '75 season was the last for Joe "the 
foot" Duncan. His athletic ability will surely be 
missed. The cross-country team, one of the most 
consistent winners in recent years at Davidson, per- 
formed well again in '75. Their ten wins, eight losses 

record provided the only bright spot in an otherwise 
gloomy athletic season. 

Winter brought a quickening heart as the high 
hopes of basketball season approached. After an 
opening slaughter of Wofford in Johnson Gym stu- 
dent morale was at an all-time high. But, alas, the 
plans of mice and men do go astray. As quickly as 
the open enthusiasm over a winning basketball sea- 
son had been built it crashed to the ground in a few 
short weeks. Again lack of experience seemed to be 
the key problem. Though possessing an abundance 
of freshman talent including Davidson's tallest player 
ever, 7'2 " Tom Dore, the Cats were unable to main- 
tain any consistent quality of play. By the end of a 
disastrous 5-21 season Brickels was on his way out 
and Dave Pritchett, a protege' of Lefty at Maryland, 
was on his way in. The program still is not without 
promise. Creditable performances against Ohio 
State, West Virginia, and Baylor and a foundation of 
young talent leave room for a guarded optimism with 
respect to coming seasons. The wrestling team led 
by freshman Scott Phillips turned in a creditable 
though not spectacular season. Phillips provided 
most of the fireworks by giving Davidson a better- 
than-even chance in his weight class. The women's 
basketball team lost its winning ways as it lost two of 
its coaches through an NCAA ruling. Led by Donna 


Sherrill, the girls ran up a less than Impressive record 
but still drew as many fans as some of the varsity 
games did. Closing out the winter season, the swim 
team's season was highlighted by several record set- 
ting performances. 

Spring Term '76 saw a new coach, Palmer Muench, 
at the helm of the baseball team. Though bolstered 
by several capable freshmen the team missed the big 
bats of George Weicker and Mark Rodgman. Time 
and again the 'Cats failed to produce crucial runs in 
the clutch as they struggled through a 7 win season. 
The pitching staff was strong but inconsistent and 
defensively the team was less than spectacular. As in 
the other major sports, lack of experience seemed to 
be a nagging worry but also as in the others a strong 
foundation of underclass talent provided a hint of op- 
timism. Women's tennis was again strong in '76 
under the direction of Pat Drake. Having virtually the 
same team back from '75 the girls piled a relatively 
respectful record. Perhaps next year they will get to 
play at home more often. The golf team groped 
through another grim season though things may be 
looking up for the future. Freshmen took four of the 
seven starting positions on a team directed by Dr. 
Tom Scott. Victories at home and away over Lander 
College provided the only wins in seven dual 
matches. The team stepped out of its league and 

played in the Furman Invitational against the likes of 
Wake Forest but maintained its respectability by 
finishing seventh among sixteen small colleges in the 
North Carolina Collegiate Championship. The track 
team coached by Sterling Martin didn't win often in 
'76 but did turn in several respectable performances. 
The team did well in its own Davidson relays on the 
new tartan surface track. Perhaps the biggest sur- 
prise of '75-76 was the men's tennis team. The men 
had an outstanding season piling up a win-loss 
record of 20-6-1. Coached by Jeff Frank and led by 
Chip Bandurant playing in the number one spot the 
team won the regular season conference title in im- 
pressive fashion before settling for third place in the 

All in all it was not a good year for Davidson ath- 
letics but it could have been worse. Virtually every 
team possessed strong freshman and sophomore 
talent on which a strong base might be built. Ad- 
ministratively the college re-affirmed its committment 
to a strong, nationally prominent basketball program 
and promised increased financial support. The foot- 
ball program seems finally to have found its proper 
place with regard to the attainable goals and objec- 
tives of college athletics programs. The future does 
not seem to hold a further retreat from intercollegiate 
athletics at Davidson but a firm reassertion instead. 






Joel Golmont 

Bill Wolar 

Mike Hall 

Bob McCarthy 

Joe Duncan 

Sid Osborne 

Jim Nichols 

Lee Wilder 

Bill Winkenwerder 

John Morrissey 

Tim Sharpe 

Larry Hardaway 

Cliff Hester 

Land is Wade 

Bob Sanders 

John Madden 

Eddie Setser 

Paul Andrews 

Chris Boslet 

Terrell Rhye 

Mike Eubanks 

Page Walley 

Steve Stec 

David Barnard 

Chip Crawford 

Gary Stokes 

Mike Harding 

Byram Rati iff 

Jon Perry 

Ron Cannon 

Jim Livaditis 

Jarry Taylor 

Ray Berberick 

Chris Crosby 

Whit Boone 

Rick Bateman 

Frank Fields 

Chip Howell 

Jon Hart 

Pete West 

Brant Cunningham 

Mike Sheridan 

Roger Whitley 

Dave Arnold 

Nicky Guy 

Charles Rodgers 

Jim Nitka 

Phillip Toye 

Tom Overton 

Jack Summe 

Robert Clarkston 

Scott Phillips 

Jay Kopel 

Randy Seago 

Luis Abreu 

Stan Brown 

Mike Gibson 

Mike Harris 

John Huie 

Mike Pesdosky 

Wyatt Alston 

Mark Wilfley 

Franklin Patrick 

Larry Crees 

Ed Farrell, head coach 




D.C. Augustine 
Phil Barringer 
Tom Blackwood 
Jeff Brown 
Gary Dancigar 
Horace Drew 
Joe Duncan 
Ed Ferren 
Chuck Fiden 
Bill Gaynor 
Bob Grizzard 
Bill Hawk 
Dave Keller 

Gordon Maner 
Roger Morrison 
Mike Pappas 
Paul Parker 
Dave Patton 
Bob Schermer 
John Swanson 
Bill Vaughan 
Bruce West 
George Yancey 
Dave Richardson 
Chip Stone, coach 




Fred Borsch 
Ed Anderson 
Coty Pinckney 
John Barksdale 
Mark Postave 
Jay Silver 
Dave Rainey 
Zack Murrell 
Bill Cole 
Steve Justus 


Art Leahy 

Jim Rice 

Eppa Rixey 

Tom Dore 

Pat Hickert 

Marvin Lively 

John Gerdy 

Tom Jorgensen 

Brian Coffey 

Cliffe Knechtle 

Tom Verlin 

Kevin Doherty 

Jerry Stallworth 

Jay Powell 

Mark Sumwalt 

Bo Brickels, head coach 






Brenda Boyle 

Bonnie Caulkins 

Donna Ferren 

Nancy Matheny 

Nora McNeill 

Cindy Morrison 

Katherine Morton 

Babs Patton 

Donna Sherrill 

Lisa Shingler 

Mary Simpson 

Renee Soos 

Beth Tanner 

Rosa Lee Janero, head coach 


Karl Barkley 

Marshall Brown 

Tim Bode 

John Frederick 

Tom Horn 

Mike Knowles 

Ken Norwood 

Ron Owens 

Jonathan Washburn 

Irving Wilson 

Jim Wood 

Pat Drake, coach 



Glen A. Ballard 
Kevin C. Clancy 
Thomas P. Dulany 
Ralph B. Holloway 
Peter W. Hotchkiss 
Brian F. Jacobs 
Ted Mumby 
Scott Phillips 
Joe A. Saunders 
Mark W. Scandling 
Jack Summe 



Pete Goodman 

Tom Miller 

Ben Simms 

Katherine Whitney 

Andrew McDonald 

Bob Shoulders 

Tom Niblock 

Rob Mitchell 

CPT Jerry Flannigan, coach 



David L. Francis 
Jesse T. Lee 
Stuart Campbell 
Chuck Barrineau 
David Love 
Robert Eason 
Laurie Bingaman 
Alice White 
Bill Beasley 
Don Lupo 
Eleanora Collins 



Dee Booth 
Nancy Brown 
Kirk Cameron 
Mary Gilliam 
Sue McAvoy 
Ruth Murphy 
Andrea Murphy 
Leea Pittenger 
Becca Stimson 
Sara latum 
Pat Drake, coach 



Mike Barnhill 

Chip Bondurant 

Stewart Boswell 

Brian Cooper 

Steve Holman 

Steve Johnson 

Gil Kayton 

John Mitchel 

Tom Shelly 

John Trout 

Andy White 

Jeff Frank, coach 


Jim Heard 

Sollie Foy 

Randy Hunter 

Craig Culbertson 

Pete Johnston 

Joe Davis 

George Wilson 

Mark Polhill 

Mike Kennedy 

Parks Neisler 

Dr. Tom Scott — CoacI" 



Ed Anderson 

David Barnard 

Bret Boehner 

John Barksdale 

Ray Berberick 

Fred Borch 

Bob Blarkson 

Bill Cole 

Paul Collins 

Bruce Corser 

Jim Druglos 

Jeff Diller 

Doug Horn 

Steve Justus 

David Keller 

John Kravet 

John Lewis 

Milt McCurdy 

Carl McPhail 

Zach Murrell 

David Moore 

Bob Morrison 

Coty Pinckney 

Mark Postove 

David Rainey 

Jim Rice 

Eppa Rixey 

Bob Schermer 

Paul Schleiffer 

Steve Scroggs 

Jay Silver 

Chad Stephens 

David Swaim 

Alien Schaberg 

John Stanfield 

Jarry Taylor 

Biff Umhau 

Chip Wilson 

Irv Wilson 

Sterling Martin, coach 



tmm0mit»tm m m ■ ' '■■ 




W >rU ' .> . • J^. . ' . ' 



'' ■ ':^: 

Alan Alig 

Tim Barr 

Rick Blinkhorn 

Stan Brown 

Ron Cannon 

Tim Goodell 

Mike Hall 

Mike Harding 

Jim Kaulius 

Mike Lins 

John Madden 

Dave Mayberry 

Tim McDowell 

Jim Nichols 

Ken Norwood 

Gary Overstreet 

Sid Osborne 

Tim Purcell 

Jim Richards 

Mitch Stone 

Joel Tew 

Adrian Wilson 

Ed Willingham 

Dave Wiley 

Dave Yearwood 

Mark Sumwalt 

Palmer Muench, coach 


Sports on the voluntary club 
basis fit comfortably into the ath- 
letic program of a school lil<e 
Davidson. Club teams offer stu- 
dents at schools with relatively 
small student bodies and small 
athletic budgets an opportunity to 
compete at an intercollegiate level 
that does not include the usual 
liabilities of big-time college pro- 
grams. Club sports are booming 
on small college campuses across 
the nation. Realizing the pos- 
sibilities, Davidson now fields 
several club teams. The well- 
established rugby and club foot- 
ball teams put together winning 
seasons in 1975-76. The soccer 
club gives soccer enthusiasts a 
chance to tune up their games in 
the off-season. 1976 also saw sev- 
eral other club teams, including 
lacrosse, field hockey, and ice 
hockey, participate in a general 
expansion of club athletics. 
Perhaps in club sports we have 
found a suitable athletic forum for 
the true student athlete. 


Intra-murals are the staple of 
Davidson athletics. Blessed with 
outstanding participation; as 
much as eighty percent of the 
student body participated in some 
form of intramurals during 75-76, 
the IMAC provides a recreational 
outlet for the average student. 
Competition, keen but relatively 
good-natured, is staged in events 
from flickerbali to horseshoes. 
This past year saw all those 
events directed from the office of 
commissioner Bryan "Bowie" An- 
drews assisted by Gus Stras- 
burger and Scott Logan. With the 
departure and demise of Peyton 
Prospere and the Indians, it was 
the IFT who grabbed all the head- 
lines winning flickerbali and bas- 
ketball. Freshman teams made a 
feeble reach for recognition by 
upsetting some favorites in the 
big sports only to end up suffer- 
ing the scorn all Richardson 3's, 
Cannon 2's, and the like deserve. 
76 brought the graduation of 
classic teams like the Derbies and 
Thighs. Perhaps their athletic abil- 
ity and unobtrusive wit can be re- 
placed by another Class of 
would-be stars. 


Record: 1-8 

Men's Basketball 
Record: 5-21 



Lenoir Rhyne 



Ken yon 




Record: 1-101 



NC State 


South Carolina 






St Johns 


East Carolina 

Georgia Tech 

Ohio State 



Georgia Tech 


W/est Virginia 




South Carolina 


UC-Santa Barbara 

East Carolina 


Notre Dame 


William & Mary 

Wake Forest 



Belmont Abbey 

























Cross Country 
Record: 10-8 

High Point 
Georgia State 


East Carolina 


St Andrews 










Wake Forest 

Georgia State 

High Point 

North Carolina St. Meet 

Southern Conf. Meet 

28 (W) 
28 (L) 

Record 13-10 

NCA & T 
William 4 Mary 


SC Slate 


Wake Forest 

SC State 


Wake Forest 

SC State 

NC A 4 T 



SC Stale 
Wake Forest 












1222 1227 

Davidson ,^ 

7th si9 

8 r-—f 



J 1 



•«» •'" 








Record 4-7 




Washington & Lee 

William & Mary 



Georgia Tech 




Women's Basketball 
Record: 4-12 


High Point 




Mars Hill 

Anderson Jr College 



NC State 

Wake Forest 



at NC Collegiate 



at Furman Invitational 





W. Carolina 

Southern Conf, Tournament!^! 



Record 5-5 

Record: 10-22 







Washington & Lee 


College of Charlestoi 

Women's Tennis 
Record: 12-5 





Wake Forest 


South Carolina 





South Carolina 

Wake Forest 




1 State Tournament 








Slippery Rock 

Slippery Rock 

Wake Forest 

E Carolina 

E Carolina 






NC State 





William & t^ary 

William & Mary 


NC State 

South Carolina 


Wake Forest 




Men's Tennis 
Record: 20-6-1 

3rd of 7 
3rd of 7 
3rd of 7 
4th of 7 
6th of 6 

2nd of 5 
2nd of 6 
2nd of 4 
4th of 7 
13th of 15 
4th of 14 

(fall season) 

at Christopher-Newpo 

at UNC 

at Davidson 

at Duke 

at Championships 

(spring season) 

at Old Dominion 
at Virginia 
at Davidson 

at Duke 

at Ohio State 

at Southern Conf 

Record 4-2-1 

NC State 

Charlotte Gargoyles 




Camp Lejeune 

Belmont Abbey 


West Chester Stale 


Indiana State 


William & Mary 




Central Michigan 


E Stroudsburg 


Ohio U 

NC State 





JC Smith 

Atlantic Chrn 


Washington S Lee 


E Carolina 


S Carolina 


1 Conference Tournament 

Club Football 
Records: 3-4-1. 3-1 

Davidson illl 

60 ^w^ 

60 •III 


Record- 2-4 


Wake Forest 

High Point 

■ Washington & Lee 



Davidson Relays 

Southern Conf. Relays 

(fall season) 


W Piedmont 

Rock Hill 


St. Pauls 

(spring season) 

Charlotte FOP 




lost in the red tape 

of due process: 


into a meticulous hand — 






bound over 

on less than a thought, 

2 I— 

Ljj pq o 
Qty o 

Z) ^ w 

(X) o < 

) o o 

■!^ 2 c 
-^ ra a; 
) o C IT 
1 m I) S 

£ S£-a;.2£SS5CD 



_ ^ O CO fO 

0) raoj 0) £ c 


ii-s o; 



O g E ro c £ 

D -D roo. OQ. 

■'"'-'< '^< 


ro ro ro ti^ <1J ~ 



: j= =J 0) jc o)f 

-^£ntD/iO'^'=='„ ^3ro 

m o g^^ t: 5 c c c oic 

~ o £ 3 ro 

E -c rtj c at c 

^-ir i^^s sstr >-5 

(u E 

>-5 5-E°w|rog 

0>= u) i_ 
^ m > ■= <" 

£ > ro 5 - 

<p ™ o ""^ "C ' 










■- ^ 5 2 <u 

ffl © c rao o g^ c^-a "-! 









^ C= 0) 


t ra o 





(ui:gC„tn>-.Oo ra t3 a> o O) j 

w -. jX to 
mforoajooojz go g' 

- C QJ 


ra ■=• 


L|0!9a suep 'uwojg Luny 'LUBLiBujuuno auaiJEQ saidaaj aAa;s 'uaujeg eiaBuy aMOig Aneg 'au6!0oseo uemn 'uosumojriH aiqqoy 

iiONfioo avinoiaano-oo 

I > 

! I— 


I O 
I O 



I < 

s LU 

! 2 

s < 

o ^*^^ 

I 3 















Mary Chester Morgan, Holt Foushee, Kim Kepchar, Ernie Church, Steve Cuffe-President, Curt Goho 
















sz to 


UJ o^ 

■2 CQ (1) 

3 Dlt: 

j: to nj 
(J CO 


LU ^ ^ 

" 0) 

c ^ > 

O "O 10 

E°- «' 

<B ^ tn 

™ =J Q. 

2co w 






































. -> 

r- ™ 

= t 



2 ra 

ra o ra 
Q. o t 

5-5 - 

w E-S" 

-0) 2 

a) _ c 

C 0) c 

— m Oi 

2 ra.y 
, c W 

n3 o ~3 

en o JD 

r^ = 

ra re O 
5 Ji " 


5 -" ® 

_ QJ "D 
0) C 3 


> m 



re o c 
£ oc o 








































iSiSlSlSl " 















o let there be 

between the mad and the dead 

a little room 

for the living 


Like the most basic laws of physics, ATO 
cannot be expalined or deduced — it just is. 
Beloved by enlightened elite, despised by 
mental cretins, ATO is the perfect antidote to 
all those things that Davidson proper stands 
for. When ATO members aren't consuming 
(or throwing) the best food on the Davidson 
campus they are busy wasting the house ice 
supply, throwing themselves in the creek, yel- 
ling at John Chancellor, or, in general, keep- 
ing each other from studying. Led by the in- 
domitable Jim Entwistle, the domitable Bruce 
Hoster, and Bill "Greek him!" Lindner, ATO 
typifies the intellectual standards represented 
by "Madam Lulu's House of Fun. " If, many 
years from now, ATO should be the only 
edifice left standing on the earth, then aliens 
from a far galaxy will decide that, while Earth 
may not have been inhabited by a civilized 
race, a splendid time was had by all. 



s^v^^ ^': :::;::*■" ^" 

■^■:.< /'-'■^ 

::^':-^- ' 


f 1 


■ ^ 



y I 

^^^ V 

iiii" ti iiilT"" " 


^^- - J*?'" 



' ' \^^ ^^'^:,.>* 

^^ ■" "^^^i^^l 




-^ - . -.^'^^ 



^^' ""f^^v 

Tom Amis 
Ned Atkins 
D.C. Augustine 
Scott Bastin 
Wm. A. Beasley 
Steve Bell 
Bill Boyd 
Bill Burkholder 
Bill Chappell 
Joe Clark 
Pat Covington 
Steve Crane 
Dave Dickey 
Wendy Donahoe 
Jim Entwistle 
Mary Farmer 
Mark Felker 
Ann Garrou 
Mark Gergan 
Roger Grange 
Anne Gray 
Simon Greening 
John Hedrick 
Bernard Holloway 
Bruce Hoster 
Paul Irwin 
John Kirk 
Charlie LaBaw/ 
Charlie Law 
Bill Lindner 
Howard Ling 
Don Lupo 

Roy McCall 
Nancy McCraken 
Charles McKinley 
Robert McKnight 
Mary Mintz 
Denise Moreau 
Marcee Morris 
Kat Morton 
Sue Merdaugh 
Zack Murrell 
Steve Muse 
Robert Nicholson 
Jean Parks 
Rich Price 
Frank Rambo 
Scott Reid 
Shaune Robertson 
Todd Salhroot 
Robert Scott 
Danny Sherrill 
Mike Sneed 
Dave Snyder 
Rand Sommer 
John Stanfield 
Cosby Swanson 
Aubery Tims 
John Uhmau 
Sam Weir 
Tom White 
Ross Wright 
Eric Wruck 

.'_''* ^aS 

Emanon- volleyball, bridge, Wednesday 
nights' gala affaris . . . food fights — don t 
hit Mark Jester ... the late-night study (?) 
crowd — a mass of corpses greets the eyes of 
early breakfast-goers . . . rendezvous with 
Grady, the doughnut man . . . Valentines 
Day a red rose for evey girl in the house, plus 
Mike Sauer . . . Alan Malcolm, ''super- 
waiter " in a fitting role — trailing after G\\ 
Cuthbertson's baby elephant with a pail and 
shovel Rory Crawford and Bill Bond mis- 

fire in their jello face-off, and Bob Hoag takes 
it on the side of the head . . . "The Mus- 
hrooms" . . . Indian pudding, another of Rob 
Harshman's not-so-great innovations . . . 
Rusty Dean's underwear shows up in a 
strange place . . . Jocko the wonderful cat, 
Hambone, and Amos, Emanon's menagerie 
"the house gourmet" with his alfalfa 
salad . . . moments in time. 




^jf ^ 







Paul Banta 
Bob Beard 
Bill Bond 
Susan Brown 
Lisa Carter 
Richard Cheshire 
Kris Childress 
Steve Coffey 
Rory Crawford 
Crawford Crenshaw 
Gil Cuthbertson 
Deborah Davis 
Jim Davis 
Rusty Dean 
John Doscher 
Laurie Dunn 
Alan Edmonds 
Sabra Fa ires 
Cliff Gardiner 
David Green 
Tom Hagood 
Frank Hamilton 
Rob Harshman 
Paul Henschen 
Renee Hester 
Hob Hoag 
Bo Hunter 
IVIargaret Hunter 
Kay Jackson 
Hunter Jennings 
Mark Jester 
Katherine Kafoglis 
Lynne Keener 

Bob Keeter 
Bob Kelley 
David Kelly 
Biff Kirby 
Dave Kirby 
Greg Kinkleman 
Chris Loeblein 
John McArthur 
Kafhy McLendon 
Alan Malcolm 
Larry Mimms 
Bob Mooty 
Paul Morris 
John Munce 
Ruth Murphy 
Ronald Owens 
Howard Payne 
Mark Postove 
Susan Reid 
Chuck Rice 
Alice Rogers 
Joe Rohrer 
Robert Rovegno 
Mike Sauer 
Dave Skibbens 
Jesse Smith 
Marty Smith 
Sally Stowe 
John Taylor 
Joel Tew 
David Tinkler 
Robert Trawick 
Dave Wiley 

ETC . . . youngest house on the court . . . 
wine and cheese parties . . . late night ice- 
skating . . . ice cream socials . . . great food 
... an Interesting bunch of people. 


?►- iK^^ 


r^- <i^ 

Harry Albert 
David Anspach 
John Barrett 
Ronnie Benfield 
Philip Blue 
Gene Broadhead 
Jeff Brown 
Melinda Byrd 
Meg Campbell 
Bob Cathey 
Ken Chadwick 
Heidi Christiansen 
Carlton Cooke 
Hans Cowan 
Bill Davis 
Reeves Dill 
Debbie Dillon 
James Douglas 
Rick Fay 
Susan Fretwell 
Hervey Froehlich 
Lee Gillis 
Myra Harrill 
Brad Huggins 
Roy Hutchinson 
Cliff Johnson 
Stacy Johnson 
Bev Jones 
Bud Jones 
Steve Keener 

Rick Kelly 

Tommy Lee 

Gwynn Long 

Andy McElwee 

Ron Maines 

Sandy Martin 

Dave Moore 

Bob Morrison 

Bill Mowry 

David Nash 

Mike Naslund 

Harry Pappas 

Jeff Plowman 

Mark Rabil 

Cathy Ramos 

Oliver Ramsey 

Pat Rickert 

Jim Sheedy 

Jeff Sich 

Gilliam Skinner 

Bill Smith 

Chad Stephens 

Ted Stoize 

Jack Summe 

Berta Allen Summerell 

John Waites 

Bob Whitaker 

Jim Wood 

Phil Yowell 









1 1 








^j ' '"^'' >B^^L '' * £ 

^Mf^Bmi 1^ 

A '%_ 




hF ''^^K ^^^I 

& •^P^^BjBJI^^H 

mtm V^\ 

V ' M^^^^ ^H 

■IV "--jTj^iHB 

jflf .f^f^iJ 


i\ \m ''^m 1 


'\ / m\m 

h^ If / j^^^^^^^WQ^B 

/ 1 



P\> 1 



T T 




Fannie and Mable's 26th stately year 
on Patterson Court underscored the 
reputation for fine food and active so- 
cializing. The list of major events in- 
cluded Burger's acquisition of a pool 
table, Malcolm Cline's capital gains at 
the homemade casino, the birth of 
Joe Banana, and the much- 
anticipated graduation of the Hierar- 
chy. They will never be replaced 
(knock on wood!). The Gozinya dele- 
gation modified their "sports and 
hahas" activities by dispensing with 
athletics. The future holds another 
year for the Beavers, Sophomores, 
women, Fijis, and many, many more. 

Mary Amos 
Hal Askins 
Tad Barnes 
Perry Bartell 
Bob Bishop 
Rick Blinkhorn 
Kathryn Bridges 
Nancy Brown 
Phil Caine 
Kevin Clancy 
Freddie Clayton 
Bill Coleman 
Tom Covert 
Joe Craig 
Caroline Cromartie 
Ed Crosland 
Mike Daisley 
Greg Eason 
Shelton Ellis 
Geoff Ely 
Merrill Farrand 
Mike Fisher 
Carol Folger 
Holt Foushee 
Bill Gaither 
Mary Gilliam 
Pete Goodman 
Tom Gopsill 
Frank Hickman 
Jim Hildreth 
Bob Hill 
Hal Huntley 
Billy Hutchings 
Paul Japp 
Tom Johnson 

Mike Jones 
Bill Kelly 
James Kepchar 
Dave Kitchin 
James Koloditch 
Gordon Maner 
Richard Martorell 
Bo McGrath 
Jeff Metzel 
Tom Miller 
Ward Miller 
Jane Perkins 
Herb Phillips 
Steve Piper 
Jeff Rambo 
Rick Rauck 
Mike Robinson 
Martha Royster 
Bob Sanders 
Bill Sigmund 
Bob Skaggs 
Steve Small 
Laura Stevenson 
Gus Strasburger 
Emelia Stuart 
John Swanson 
Kevin Taylor 
Graeme Thomson 
Scott Tinnon 
Max Turner 
Bill Vinson 
Matt Wall 
Joe Winkle 
Cory Young 


Kappa Alpha Order . . . home of Southern 
hospitality and a place where fraternal spirit 
and close brotherhood are stressed. 
Throughout the year the KA tries to em- 
phasize a strong social program, active in- 
volvement in intramurals, and the importance 
of scholarship. The highlight of the social 
year is the weekend of Old South where 
couples dress in Confederate uniforms and 
southern gowns; and a secession from the 
school and the Union are reinacted. 


Glenn Ballard 
Mike Barnhill 
Chuck Barrineau 
Kenny Bell 
Robbie Bell 
Stewart Boswell 
Vance Christopher 
Earnie Church 
Jeff Clark 
Peter Clark 
Steve Collins 
Jim Cornish 
Carl Crenshaw 
Glen Darbyshire 
Len Douglas 
John Dunn 
Jim Ervin 
Dal Ferbert 
Ed Ferren 
George Flowers 
Phil Gladden 
Peter Green 
Holmes Harden 
Scott Harbottle 
Ray HInes 
Bob Husbands 
Foster Jennings 
Weldon Jordan 
Bruce Kemp 
Scott Lane 
John Lewis 
David Little 
Bill MacOade 

Bill McMurry 
Cam McNeely 
Jason Noble 
Tom Oliver 
Steve Patterson 
Bob Penny 
Bill Pitman 
Soctt Prince 
Skip Putnam 
Chuck Robinson 
Steve Scroggs 
Bill Sellars 
Tim Sellers 
Ed Sibley 
Jay Silver 
Danny Smith 
Mike Stick 
Bill Stokes 
Gary Stewart 
Sandy Tarleton 
Robert Taylor 
Dave Thomas 
Jim Vail 
Roger Whitley 
Bruce Wicker 
David Williams 
Ed Willingham 
George Wilson 
Hadley Wilson 
Tom Wood 
David Yandle 
Dave Yearwood 
Cary Herin 

Enjoying a banner sign-up year 
in 1975 self-selection, PAX became the 
Patterson Court house with the largest 
number of co-ed members, which might be a 
distinction. Typical reaction from the House 
of Peace was, "Huh?" Despite the sexua 
realignment, as it were, the great traditon of 
the Exotic Erotic Film Festival carried on in 
an unabashedly liberated style. The festival, 
heightened by a Bacchanalian procession 
featuring a fitting tool of celebration for such 
a happy occasion, was enough to make any 
house member stand erect with pride. Occa- 
sionally turning its collective mind away from 
the blatantly erotic, PAX sponsored many 
parties of great joviality and high spirits. 
Under the able leadership of Social Chairman 
Lee Grogan the uncharted area of disco par- 
ties was explored, exploited, and enjoyed. 
The newly-instituted Friday afternoon social 
hour rapidly became a staple among PAXites. 
We also ate down there sometimes. 

Ann Abernethy 
Dave Bailey 
Gary Barnes 
Susan Baynard 
Steve Boyd 
Carolyn Brown 
Rock Carlton 
Jane Childs 
Malcolm Cline 
Sue Colan 
Tom Cooper 
J. Dean Copple 
Bill Crosland 
Dave Ellison 
John Evans 
Carol Folger 
Tompkins Foster 
Dave Francis 
Bob Grizzard 
Lee Grog an 
Ann Gray Harvey 
Steve Holman 
Steve Kruger 
Cathy Landls 
Audrey Lazenby 
Ginny Linder 
Joe Logan 
Nancy Long 
Barry Melton 
Rick Miller 

Ted Mumby 
Sherry Natale 
Charlie Neal 
Nancy Northcott 
Kevin Ogilvie 
Steve Peeples 
Coty PInckney 
Brandon Rankin 
Dennis Reese 
Gary Rowe 
Pete Schenk 
Kevin Shelly 
Mike Smith 
Chuck Still 
Jerry Suttles 
Ralph Taylor 
Joe Thompson 
Dave Trader 
Audrey Urbano 
Larry Urbon 
Olivia Ware 
Carl Watkins 
Ann Wicker 
Sarah Willcox 
Ed Wilkins 
Kathy Wilson 
Rachel Wilson 
Keith Wofford 
Mark Yow 





'■ V^nwrf!'/ 





Luis Abreu 
Alan Alig 
Greg Anders 
Paul Andrews 
Dave Arnold 
Steve Barnes 
Tim Barr 
Bo Baskin 
Dick Boehner 
Roger Brown 
Charlie Burson 
Frank Cebul 
Wayne Cross 
Keir Cutler 
Jim DeVille 
Bob Earnest 
Mike Eubanks 
Steve Fabian 
Frank Fields 
George Flavell 
Dave Gordon 
Stan Hales 
Larry Hall 
Mike Hall 
Mike Harris 
Bob Hayman 
Guy Hicks 
Bruce Holllday 
John Huie 
Marc Jackowltz 
Dave Keller 
George King 
Jay Kopel 
Scott Logan 

Jon Maclean 
Bobby McDaniels 
Rck McKenzie 
Rob Mitchell 
Jim Murphy 
Rob Murray 
Jeff Neikirk 
Jim Nichols 
Phil Oblinger 
Gary Overstreet 
Mike Pappas 
Ted Pappayliou 
Charlie Patterson 
Joel Pressley 
Bob Price 
Tim Purcell 
Mitch Reaves 
Bill Reed 
Alan Rockett 
Phil Safrict 
Bob Schermer 
Dave Schmidt 
Tim Sharpe 
Bill Sherwood 
Powell Slaughter 
Mitch Stone 
Charlie Strange 
Chip Swart 
Jarry Taylor 
Tony Thomasson 
Jim Wall 
Pete West 
Mark Wiltley 
Bill Winkenwerder 




^l^^^^W w ' ■ i^iii ii.waii , !! 

'■ >n i " -i ^ i«y . I , n il y 1 iii ^m 

Rick Blinkhorn 
Tim Bode 
Dan Boggus 
Kevin Clancey 
Steve Cline 
Ed Crosland 
Greg Eason 
Mike Fisher 
Holt Foustiee 
Bill Gaither 
Curt Goho 
Pete Goodman 
Tom Gopsill 
Pat Hickert 
Bob Hill 
Hal Huntley 
Paul Japp 
Pete Johnson 
Tom Johnson 
Mike Jones 
Bill Kelly 
Mike Kennedy 
Dave Kitchin 
John Kravet 
Steve Lewis 
Bob Mayer 
Bo McGrath 
Ken Norwood 
Rob Perz 
Herb Phillips 
Dave Pottinger 
Jeff Rambo 
Dave Rawlings 
Bob Sanders 
Randy Seago 
Bill Sigmund 
Bob Skaggs 
Steve Small 
Kevin Stewart 
Robert Stowe 
Gus Strasburger 
Bill Terry 

Graeme Thompson 
Scott Tinnon 
John Trout 
Mark Tyndall 
Kevin White 
Tim Wilkins 
Joe Winkle 
Frank Woodward 

PKA is one of five on-campus 
national fraternities. We have been very 
active in community and campus ac- 
tivities. During Greel< Week, PKA finished 
second overall in the week's athletic events. 
In intramurals PKA made it to the playoffs in 
flickerball, won the B-league basketball 
championship and contributed to the mem- 
bership of IFT which won both flickerball and 
A-league basketball. The Spring also showed 
a strong participation in softball and vol- 
leyball. In intercollegiate action PKA sup- 
ported the football, club football, and soccer 
teams. In the area of community service PKA 
sponsored runners for sickle cell anemia, 
supported a team at PDT Easter Seal basket- 
ball marathon, and collected several hundred 
dollars for muscular distrophy. PKA wants to 
especially thank the graduating PKA's for 
their deciation and hard work during the past 
three years. 

^ g ^ '^ a ww agfflfett.i^iiaea^&xaesga^^ 

Beth Anderson 
Bertil Axelson 
Phil Barhnger 
Scott Bastin 
Fred Borch 
John Brikmanis 
Jim Brock 
Marshall Brown 
Bob Canning 
Bill Cole 
David Cormak 
Bruce Corser 
Greg Crawford 
Gary Danciger 
Alan Duncan 
Doug Ey 
Mark Firth 
Forrest Flaniken 
Mark Poerster 
Bill Gaynor 
Mark Gergen 
Mike Gibson 
Roger Grange 
Simon Greening 
James Guin 
Joe Hartsoe 
Ed Hill 
Bill Holladay 
Tom Horn 
Matthew Home 
Peter Hotchkiss 
Charles Jenkins 
John Jones 
David King 
David Kirkman 

Laura Lortz 
David Love 
Craig Levin 
Peyton Marshall 
Addison Masengill 
David Mayberry 
Bob Mendenhall 
John Mitchell 
E. Morrison 
Roger Morrison 
Hilton Oliver 
Paul Parker 
Banks Peacock 
Allen Procter 
Walter Pugh 
David Rainey 
Clayton Rogers 
Clyde Roy 
Rick Roylance 
Mike Russ 
Randy Sherrill 
Steve Smith 
Mike Sneed 
Tony Snow 
Jim Stephenson 
Charles Stewart 
Brad Swalwell 
Tom Traver 
Bill Tucker 
Bill Vaughn 
John Washburn 
Bruce West 
John Wright 
Russ Wright 
George Yancey 

Party first night back . . . Homecoming, Pass 
the champagne . . . beating the Delts m flic- 
kerball and basketball . . . Ben Simms' 
birthday . . . Thursday night swimming . . . 
super pledge class . . . Zack Long: new fac- 
ulty advisor . . . Dynamic Upsetters . . . 
Who's the cherub? . . . Lew Homer . . . 
Bike-A-Thon for Muscular Dystrophy ... Is 
the juke box broken again? . . . pledges hold 
raffle . . . Beer Baseball: Goats routed . . . 
initiation . . . Beach Weekend . . . uniforms 
for girls' Softball team . . . Senior Banquet 
. . Good Luck Seniors! . . . party first night 

'^'(f-r T 

^ { 






^ JH. 

Ernest Barry 
Frank Bencini 
Allen Blalock 
Clarence Blalock 
Chip Bondurant 
Sion Boney 
Jimmy Brendemuehl 
Bruce Brown 
Stan Brown 
Jud Bryan 
Rick Campbell 
Clark Candler 
Pete Clifford 
Craig Culbertson 
Mike Daisley 
Bruce Darden 
David Deaton 
Bert Downs 
Jim Dulin 
Chuck Fiden 
Smith Foushee 
Joel Golmont 
Roy Grier 
Ken Griner 
Nicky Guy 
Ben Hedrick 
Cliff Hester 
Tim Hose 
Chip Howell 
Randy Hunter 
Logan Jones 
Steve Justus 
Bobby Lasley 

John Lovett 
Will McLean 
Victor MacMillan 
John Martin 
Mark Melendy 
Marc Menchel 
Don Meng 
Mike Merwarth 
Will Miller 
Don Munford 
Dick Myrick 
Bucky Neal 
Bob Palmer 
Ed Patten 
Hal Peacock 
John Perry 
Rich Reynolds 
Mark Rittmanic 
Willard Ross 
Greg Sahlsten 
Stuart Sanders 
Ben Simms 
Robert Stowe 
Jack Sullivan 
Bavid Swaim 
Charley Taylor 
Les Taylor 
Steve Vitek 
Jim Walker 
Bruce Wallis 
Jim Wynn 
Rod Young 
Thom Young 

Brotherhood means a lot. To the Sig Eps of Davidson, 
brotherhood is more than just a word. Winners of the 
Buchanan Cup Award for outstanding chapters at the 
1975 Sigma Phi Epsilon Grand Chapter Conclave, the 
Davidson Sig Eps work hard to live up to their national 
reputation. Parties are a big part of the year's activities 
with cocktail parties, band and theme parties, and the 
climax of the year's social events, the Spring Fomal, held 
this year at the Charlotte Country Club. But having a good 
time and experienceing brotherhood doesn't always 
mean a party. This year the brothers made a Halloween 
excursion to the children's ward of Presbyterian Hospital 

to spread around a little candy and a lot of smiles. 
Christmas saw the brothers gathered around the tree at 
the house with kids from the Barium Springs Home and 
Santa Claus. The Faculty Barbeque was a Spring Term 
highlight. Sigma Phi Epsilon continues to encourage ex- 
cellence both academically and on campus and activiely 
participates in IMAC and Greek Week sports events as 
well as the Sig Ep District Six Sports Day. All in all, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon at Davidson looks back each year with 
fond memories and with an even better idea of what 
brotherhood is all about. 



Dave Anspach 

Rick Kelly 

Ned Atkins 

Gwynn Long 

Ronnie Benfield 

Milt McCurdy 

Ray Berberick 

Doug McElfresh 

Dave Bowman 

Todd Makant 

Buck Buchanan 

Dave Moore 

Otto Burianek 

Dave Nash 

Ron Cannon 

Mike Naslund 

Joe Clark 

Jim Nitka 

Bob Ciarkson 

Harry Pappas 

Carlton Cooke 

Jeff Plowman 

Jay Coward 

Rick Rauck 

Brad Davis 

Mike Robinson 

Guy Dicenzo 

Starkey Sharp 

James Douglas 

Gilliam Skinner 

Phil Duncan 

Bill Smith 

Rick Fay 

Jim Spears 

Rick Hobson 

Steve Stec 

Paul Home 

Jack Summe 

Brad Huggins 

Jim Wood 

Stacy Johnson 

Jimmy Yahnis 

Walter Joyce 

Ed Yeaton 

I fear I've lost my touch with you (oh 
my books 


iiiy uooKb 

You sag in my hands 

like pizza dough 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Delta Sigma Rho 
Tau Kappa Alpha 

Frazier W. Marsh 


Charles E. Palmer 

Wyndell Patterson 

Patrich C. Covington 

Bob Enright 

Richard E. Fay 

Hark Gergen 

Joseph P. Logan 

Nancy Northcott 

Emily E. Pate 

Gordon Widenhouse 

Laura Rankin 

Scott Reid 

Graham F. Smith 

Robert H. Whitaker, Jr. 

Walter C. Joyce, Jr. 

Steve Kruger 

Gamma Sigma Epsilon: 

North Carol 

na Fellows 

David J. Bowman 

Morman E. Atkins 

Robert Thomas Amis, Jr. 

William A. Cole, Jr. 

Stephen S. Bell 

Susan Walker Baynard 

Mark R. Firth 

Mark William Deaton 

Roger H. Brown, Jr. 

Richard R. Gentry 

Martin Eakes 

Samuel James Ervin, IV 

Herrick R. Hay 

Hugh D. Ferbert 

John Raymond Jones 

Robert T. Lautensack, Jr. 

Derry Harper 

Barbara Ivey Kissam 

R.D. Margolis 

Robert W. Hoag 

Catherine E. Landis 

Tom Murray 

Paul R. Irwin 

Charles E. Law 

Richard E. Offutt 

Andrew T. Lamas 

Phillip F. Oblinger 

Steven G. Patterson 

John Warner Munce 

Jayne Louise Reich 

Laurie Bumgarner 

Iheanyi Xtian Okoli 

Hayden J. Silver, III 

James Stephenson 

William P. Reed, Jr. 

Stephen Jerome Smith 

Leslie L. Taylor, III (Grand 

Richard C. Roylance 

David Knox Tinker 


Mark S. Wilensky 

Olivia Cacedia Ware 

Charles R. Weber 

Pat M. Baskin, Jr. 

Laurie E. Bingaman 

Andrew Chung-Lap Wong 

Sally W. Bondurant 

Paul Boyd Bradley 

Thomas P. Oliver (Visor) 

Richard N. Boyce 

Samuel Harris Crawford 

Fred S. Robertson 

Eugene P. Brantley, Jr. 

Timothy B. Goodell 

Walter E. Broadhead 
Laurie S. Bumgarner 

Randall Stark Haynes 

Lee Anne Lewis 

Stephen M. Crane 

Michaela Murphy 

Robert G. Earnest 

Margaret Anne Noel 

Dana Leigh English 

John B. Parkerson, Jr. 

Peyton J. Marshall, III 

Maria Monica Patterson 

Ruth C. Murphey 

Vance Ernest Polley 

Stephen M. Peeples 

Steven Bryant Porter 

Nancy Lee Petrowski 

Samuel Russell Vester 

Robert Anthony Snow 

Katherine Flinn Wolf 

Carol Elizabeth Wilkins 

Omicron Delta Epsilon 

Martin D. Eakes 
Timothy H. Hose 

C. David Kirby 

Harry Neil Lenhoff 

Robert Lee iVIendenliali 

John W. Munce 

Banks A. Peacock 

Mark H. Postove 

Robert Calvin Skaggs, Jr. 

Malcolm Allan Stick 

Bradley D. Swalwell 

Joel Randall Tew 

James D. Vail 

David B. Wiley 

Richard C. Williams, Jr. 

Edward Lee Willingham IV 

Pat M. Baskin, Jr. 

Thomas Edward Cooper 

Richard D. Ehrhart 

Debra Rene' Hester 

Linda Louise Jones 

Peyton J. Marshall III 

Susan F. McAvoy 

Walter E. Pugh 

Michael Lindsay Robinson 

Alan Ernest Rockett 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

William Bryan Andrews 

Pat McKinney Baskin, Jr. 

Richard Nelson Boyce 

Peter Francis Clark 

Robert August Enright, III 

Ernest Henry Glenn 

John Michael Golden 

Karl Edmund Goodhouse 

Robert Umstead Grizzard 

Robert William Hoag 

Steven Polk Holman 

John Rankin McArthur 

Peyton Jaquelin Marshall, III 

Robert Anthony Snow 

Emelia Dean Stuart 
Daniel Barrett Thorpe 


Peter Francis Clark 

William A. Cole, Jr. 

Horace Rainsford Drew, III 

Martin Daniel Eakes 

Michael Faulkner Eubanks 

Douglas William Ey, Jr. 

Mark Robert Firth 

Ernest Henry Glenn 

Robert William Hoag 

Andrew Theodore Lamas 

William Allen Link 

David Robert Little 

Johathan Beck Monroe 

David LaFar Moore, Jr. 

Pope Lloyd Moseley 

Banks Ashby Peacock 

Jeffrey Neil Plowman 

Mark Herbert Postove 

Joseph Raphael Rohrer 

Kenneth Edwin Schmader 

Rand Washburn Sommer 

Charles Richard Stewart 

Cosby Swanson, III 

Joel Randall Tew 

Daniel Barrett Throp 

Richard Clair Williams, Jr. 

Bryan Hadley Wilson 

Andrew Chung-Lap Wong 

Basil Otto Yost, III 


Christopher Mangelsdorf President 

Stephen R. Deener Vice President 

Madelon Jean Parks Secretary 

John W. Loverr Treasurer 

Colleen Parks Historian 

Laurie Schnackenberg Bumgarner Senior Advisor 

John E. Alexander 

William Bryan Andrews 

Raymond E. Berberick, Jr. 

Richard N. Boyce 

Walter E. Broadhead 

Kenny Bumgarner 
Dorothy Carol Brong 

Malcolm Cline 

Thomas E. Cooper 

Samuel Harris Crawford 

Frank K. Dale 

Frances E. DuBose 

Dean Robert Ekiund 

Samuel James Ervin, IV 

Mark R. Firth 

Michael S. Fisher 

James Sollie Foy 

John Andrew Gelly 

Karen Sue Gilbert 

Robert U. Grizzard 

Myra Denise Harrill 

Ann Beckwith Hayes 

Bruce L. Henschen 

Guy M. Hicks, III 
Michael B. Huggins 
C. Foster Jennings, Jr. 
John Raymond Jones 
Walter Clyde Joyce, Jr. 
Steven George Justus 

David Louis Kelly 
Kenneth Andrew Kirk 

Audrey J. Lazenby 
Mary Frances Leopold 
Virginia Carolyn Linder 

David R. Little 

Christopher W. Loeb 

Kathrine A. McLendon 

Peyton Marshall 

Mary Chester Morgan 

Pope L. Moseley, IV 

William Post Muldoon 

Cynthia Lee Newberry 

James G. Nichols 

Barbara Lynn Payne 

Banks A. Peacock 

Mark H. Postove 

Richard L. Rauck 

Timothy J. Robinson 

Gary L. Rowe 

Thomas Orland Ruby 

Kenneth E. Schmader 

Robert Edward Shoulders 

Hayden J. Silver, III 

Motter Gilliam Skinner 

Stephen Jerome Smith 

Rand Sommer 

Charles R. Stewart 

Joel R. Tew 

Daniel B. Thorp 

Audrey Marie Urbano 

Frederick H. Weber 

Melody Wilder 

Edwin G. Wilkins 

Sarah Tilton Willcos 

John Taylor L. Williams 

Richard C. Williams, Jr. 

Bryan Hadley Wilson 

Fai Wong 

Physics Honor Society 

Martin C. Eakes 

Merl M. Ferguson 

Joseph R. Hartsoe 

Calvin R. Howell 

Christopher Mangelsdorf 

Charton B. Strange III 

John A. Taylor 

Robert Trawick 

John 1. Upshur 

Scabbard and Blade 

Greg T. Anders 
Frederick L. Borch III 

Paul S. Collins 
Edward M. Crosland 
Terrence C. Forrest 

Curtis D. Goho 
Walter C. Joyce, Jr. 
Victor M. McMillan 

Paul M. Parker 
Mark B. Rittmanic 

Who's Who Among 

Students In American 

Universities & Colleges 

Mary Lyon Booth 

Mark William Deaton 

Martin Daniel Eakes 

John Berry Guthrie, III 

Larry D. Hardaway 

Derry Harper 

Robert William Hoag 

Andrew Theodore Lamas 

Frazier Wyatt Marsh 

Robert Lee Mendenhall 

John Warner Munce 

Jeffrey Alden Neikirk 

Jonathan Scott Perry 

William Preston Reed 

Scott Duncan Reid 

Eppa Rixey, IV 

Richard Gary Roylance 

Martha Winston Royster 

Emelia dean Stuart 

Bradley Dean Swalwell 

Joel Randall Tew 

William Josephus Vaughan, 


Richard Ernst Wassen 

Milton Gordon Widenhouse, 


Mark Steven Wilensky 

Edward Lee Willingham, IV 

We are no longer desperate for ourselves: 

the quest has too quickly ended. 

And yet, that which was sought is still 

unfound — 

We asked 

but did not receive; 

We knocked 

but it was not opened to us. 

And yet we 

are to blame 

For we have lacked 

courage to pursue. 

A Wide Variety of Gift Ideas 
Gourmet and Other Specialty Shops 
Decorative Accessories 
Gut Flowers 
Landscape Design 
Wire Service: FTD and Florafax 
.^ accepted 


Smith Circle Cornelius, N.C. 
Monday-Saturday 9-5 


1/2 Mile Off 1-77 East on NC 73 
to Smith Circle 



Belmont, North Carolina 


in Grateful Acknowlegement 
to the 

Robert Lee Stowe, Jr. 

for Their Invaluable Support 











P.O. Box 54 
Shelby, N.C. 


Compliments of 

P.M. Neisler '19 
P.M. Neisler, Jr. '44 
C.A. Neisler, Jr. '74 

Charles A. Neisler '49 
Henry P. Neisler '49 
H. Parks Neisler '79 

Bob Southwell '54 












the Best Dressed Sportsmen in 
the Carolinas Wear Clothes from 

Kark Waoli ^th. 


First Union 
National Bank 

Davidson, N.C. 
Sieze the Advantage 


602 E. Morehead Street 

Charlotte, North Carolina 


Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 am-11:00 pm 

Fri.-Sat. 11:30 am-1:00 am 

Sun 5:00 pm-11:00 pm 

Located in Antique Atmosphere 

Live entertainment 

Tues.-Sun. nights 


. With compliments of 
Davidson, N.C. 

A : ism 


Davidson, N.C. 
Phone 892-0208 


Lafar Industries 

DR. Lafar, Jr. '22 
D.R. Lafar, III '51 

Spinners of Quality Yarns 
Gastonia, N.C. 

W. Marshall Lafar '61 


Dan S. Lafar '31 
Dan S. Lafar, Jr. '57 



^^ v\ % 


Fried Chicken 

Country Ham 

Chicken and Dumplings 


Always Plenty of 

Fresh Home Cooked Vegetables and 

Homemade Biscuits 




Home Cooked Meals 

Highway 16 West at the River 

Charlotte, N.C. 

Family Style Since 1849 

Phone 392-7361 

Night Meals and Parties by Reservation 

Owned and Operated by M/M D.G. Lingerfelt 

Nothing Fancy 
Just Good Eating 

Personal Checks Will Be 
Accepted From Students 








4800 Monroe Road 

*i 413 Eastway Drive 

1601 East Boulevard 

215 West Second Street 

617 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, S.C 

Purveyors of Sophisticated 
Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches 



Spun Polyester Texturized Polyester 
Nylon Carpet Yarns 

McAdenville, North Carolina 



Anne B. Abernethy, 78, Box 402, Conover, NC, 

Luis Alberto Abreu. 78, 6301 SW 94th Ave, Miami, 

FL, 33143 
James Arthur Adams, Jr., 79, 4310 Brool<view Dr, 

N.W,, Atlanta, GA 30339 
Harry L. Albert, Jr., 77, 2705 Dora Dr., Charlotte, 

NC, 28215 
E. Alan Alig, 77, 8734 Forest Green Dr., Dallas, TX, 

Charles Wyatt Alston, 79, Whitestone, VA, 22578 
Robert Thomas Amis, Jr., 78, 573 Collier Rd., N.W., 

Atlanta, GA, 30318 
Mary R. Amos, 78, 1025 Rockford, High Point, NC, 

Gregg T. Anders, 77, P.O. Box 693, Princeton, WV, 

Bruce Allen Anderson. 79. 1209 Elm Ln., Marion, IN, 

Edward Paul Anderson, 79, 727 Cliffedge Rd., 

Baltimore, MD, 21208 
Elizabeth W. Anderson, 78, 1019 Woodland Dr , 

Rock Hill. SC, 29730 
Frances K. Anderson, 78. 513 Chateau Dr., N.W.. 

Atlanta. GA, 30305 
William Avery Anderson, 79, P.O. Box 64, 

Bakersville, NC, 28705 
Allison W. Andrews, 77, 12 Fyler Drive, Windsor, 

CT, 06095 
Paul S. Andrews, 77, RT 1 Box 435, North 

Wilkesboro, NC. 28659 
William Bryan Andrews, 77, 169 State Park St., 

Statesville. NC. 28677 
Paul David Anspach, 78, 1 18 West 79th St., New 

York. NY. 10024 
Mark R. Armstrong, 77, 1502 W. Lexington. High 

Point. NC. 27260 
David Jefferson Arnold, 78, Box 326, Blakely, GA, 

John Anthony Arnold, 78, 921 Longbow Rd., 

Charlotte. NC, 28211 
Harold F. Askins, 78, 1906 B. Street, Butner, NC, 

Duncan C. Augustine Jr., 78, Locust Lane, 

Whitehaven, MD, 21873 
Margaret Ashley Avent, 77. 216 Forest Hill Rd., 

Wilson, NC 27893 
Walker Percy Badham III, 79, 101 Lake Drive, 

Birmingham, AL, 35213 
David J. Bailey. 77. 1411 Monterrey Dr., Huntsville, 

AL, 35801 
Elizabeth Anne Baird, 79, 58 Victoria Lane, 

Stratford. CT, 06497 
Suzanne Carter Baker, 79, 1757 N. Springs Dr., 

Dunwoody. GA. 30338 
James E. Baldwin, 77, 2149 Echo Lane, Wilmington, 

NC. 28401 
Glenn Arlen Ballard, Jr., 78, 4680 College Park Dr., 

Dallas. TX 75229 
Nancy Perkins Bangs. 78. 10632 St. Lazare, Dallas, 

TX, 75229 
Roland W Banks, III, 79, 1100 Aqua Lane, Fort 

Myers, FL, 33901 
James P. Banta, 77, 6436 Messick, Memphis, TN, 

Sherry Long Barker, 78, Wahwahtaysee Way, Battle 

Creek, Ml. 49015 
Karl Lee Barkley. II, 79. 2311 Princess Ann St., 

Greensboro. NC. 27408 
John S. Barksdale. 77. 308 S Second St.. 

Dardanelle. AR 72834 
David Waller Barnard. 79. 1725 SW. 6th- Terr., 

Gainesville, FL 32601 
Carolyn Teresa Barnes, 78, 506 Henderson Dr., 

Augusta, GA 30904 
Gary Alan Barnes. 77. 105 Georgetown Dr., Athens. 

GA. 30601 
Stephen G, Barnes, 77, Penick Lane, Box 672, 

Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 
William Barnes, Jr., 78, Esso Hse Victoria St., 

London Swie 5JW. England, -0730 
Angela Kaye Barnett. 78, Box 66, Pisgah Forest, 

NC, 28768 
William T. Barnett, Jr , 79, Meadow Lane, 

Henderson. NC, 27536 
Grady M. Barnhill. 78. 3121 Robinhood Rd., 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
Timothy S. Barr, 77, 1530 Ridgeway PI., Canton. 

OH, 44709 
John Thetford Barrett, 77, Rt. 1 Box 14A, Andrews, 

NC 28901 
Sidney Ray Barrett, Jr., 79, 1220 Tynecastle Way, 

Atlanta, GA, 30338 
Charles M. Barrineau, 78, 2144 Copley Dr , 

Pensacola, FL, 32503 
Ernest H. Barry Jr.. 77, 3922 Beresford Road, 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Perry Lester Bartelt, 78, 2221 Thornridge Rd., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Pat M. Baskin, Jr.. 77, 1401 Bedford, Midland, TX 

Debra Marguerite Bass. 79. 212 Fayetteville. 

Clayton, NC, 27520 
James A. Bass, III, 79, 323 Reade Drive. Roxboro, 

NC, 27573 

Scott Wayne Bastin. 78. 536 Kirk Road, Decatur, 

GA, 30030 
Fredrick L. Bateman. Jr.. 79, P.O. Box 174. Camilla, 

G A. 31730 
Susan Walker Baynard, 78, 3410 Eastburn Rd., 

Charlotte, NC, 28210 
Edward D. Beach, 77, 1111 Brentwood Dr., 

Columbia. SC, 29206 
David Craven Beard, 79, Route 2 Box 77A1, York, 

SC. 29745 
Robert G. Beard, 77, 19 Belmeade Tr., Uniontown. 

PA. 15401 
John Ford Beardall, 79, 2516 Shrewsbury Rd., 

Orlando, FL. 32803 
William B Behrends. 78, 3507 Keats Place, Raleigh, 

NC. 27609 
Kenneth Bradley Bell, 78, 2105 Moringside Dr.. 

Pensacola, FL. 32503 
Robert S. Bell. 77. 3710 Peachtree Rd.. NE. Atlanta. 

GA. 30319 
Franklin T. Bencini, 78, 801 Country Club Dr., High 

Point. NC, 27262 
Victoria N. Benedict, 78, 10840 Springknoll Dr., 

Potomac, MD. 20854 
Ronald W. Benfield, 77, 107 Glenburnie Dr., New 

Bern, NC, 28560 
Robert Bennett, Jr., 77, 4701 Mtn. Creek Dr.. 

Roswell, GA. 30075 
Brian S Benninghoff. 79. 1804 A. Circle Rd., 

Ruxton, MD. 21204 
John Benton, 77, PC. Box 160. Monroe, NC 28110 
Raymond E. Berberick. Jr., 79, 21 Orchard Road, 

Marshfield, MA 02050 
Thomas Lee Bessellieu, 79, Rt 7 Box 689-F, 

Charlotte. NC, 28213 
William B. Billings, 79, 1 123 Arden Drive. Salisbury, 

NC. 28144 
Laurie E. Bingaman. 79, 6600 Knightswood Dr., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Robert W Bishop, 77, 35 Lawrence Ave., Bayville, 

NJ, 08721 
Clarence A. Blalock. 77. 403 Ashland Dr., Augusta, 

GA, 30904 
William Allen C. Blalock, 78. 403 Ashland Dr.. 

Augusta, GA, 30904 
Richard J. Blinkhorn. Jr., 78, 2304 Fernwood Dr., 

RED 1 Box 275. Bennettsville, SC, 29512 
Philip Young Blue, 78, 522 Brinn Dr , Sanford, NC, 

Thomas C. Bode. 79. 35 Holland Rd., Pittsburgh, 

Pa, 15235 
George Richard Boehner, 78, 104 Windbriar Ln., 

Gettysburg, PA, 17325 
Dan Argin Boggus, 79, 514 Lake Dora Dr., Tavares, 

FL, 32778 
David W Boldridge, 77, Rt. 1 Box 73. Ashland. VA. 

Charles B. Bondurant. 78. 13995 S.W. 72 Court. 

Miami, FL, 33158 
Sally W. Bondurant. 77. 2831 Stephenson Ave , 

Southwest. Roanoke. VA, 24014 
Stuart F. Bondurant. 79. 11 Schuyler Hills Rd., 

Loudonville. NY. 12211 
Julia Lynne Bone, 79, 2500 NE. 41st St., 

Lighthouse Pt,, FL 33064 
Sion Alford Boney. III. 78. 725 Hood PI., 

Greensboro, NC, 27408 
Timothy Alan Bonsack, 79. 431 1 Tucker N. Ct.. 

Tucker. GA. 30084 
James Whitsitt Boone. 79. 302 Clements Ave.. 

Somerset. KY. 42501 
Beverly M. Bortell. 79. 62 Elderberry Rd.. Amelia 

Island. FL. 32303 
Christopher P. Boslet, 79. 89 Valley Dr.. Greenwich. 

CT. 06830 
Stewart M. Boswell. 78. 1620 Courtland Rd.. 

Alexandria. VA, 22306 
Richard N. Boyce. 77. 7802 Topaz Rd.. Richmond. 

VA. 23228 
Corinne Hunter Boyd. 78. 2002 Pinewood Cr.. 

Charlotte. NC, 28211 
Steven B Boyd, 77. Rt. 2 Box 289-E, Huntersville, 

NC, 28078 
William E Boyd, Jr., 78, 901 Hanover Ave., Norfolk, 

VA, 23508 
Brenda Mane Boyle, 79, Box 119 A. Rt. 1, 

Shepherdstown. WV. 25443 
Darlene Ann Brabant. 79. P.O. Box 48. King 

George, VA, 22485 
Paul Boyd Bradley, 79. 4200 So. Inter. 85, Charlotte, 

NC, 28214 
Eugene P. Brantley, Jr., 77, 1412 Granada Dr., 

Raleigh, NC, 27609 
James P Brendemuehl, 77, 706 Spring St., 

Marianna. FL, 32446 
Margaret G, Brent. 77, 110 Edgevale, Rd.. 

Baltimore. MD. 21210 
Lee Carol Brewster. 79, 5155 Ivyfarm Rd , 

Cincinnati. OH 45243 
Kathryn T Bridges. 78. 3000 Habersham Rd . N W . 

Atlanta. GA. 30305 
George Thomas Bright. 79. 118 N Hermitage, 

Lookout Mtn , TN, 37350 
John A. Brikmanis, 78, 123 Weatherstone Dr , 

Forest City, NC, 28043 

Walter E. Broadhead, 77, 1502 Windsor Place, 

Charleston. WV. 25311 
James Vaughn Brock. Jr.. 78. 460 Summit Ave., 

Statesville, NC, 28677 
Susanne Brogan, 79, Rt. 4 Box 358. Chestertown, 

MD, 21620 
Dorothy Carol Brong. 79. 225 Shaw Ave.. Gastonia, 

NC. 28052 
Mark Alan Brooks. 79. 168 Tackora Trail, 

Ridgefield. CT, 06877 
Bruce Perrin Brown, 79, 221 Mt. Vernon Dr., 

Decatur. GA. 30030 
Bruce Tankard Brown. 78. 3400 Ouarterstaff PI.. 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27104 
Carolyn Sims Brown, 78, 212 Forest Street, 

Louisville, GA, 30434 
Frank Marshall Brown, 78, 1103 Country Club Dr., 

Greensboro, NC, 27408 
Jeffrey A. Brown, 77, 21 10 Haviland Dr.. Richmond, 

VA, 23229 
Nancy Richardson Brown, 78, 965 Castlegate Ct., 

Lake Forest, IL, 60045 
Roger H . Brown, Jr . 78. 3501 Edgewood Cir . 

Gainesville, GA. 30501 
Ruth C. Brown. 77, 3908 Seminary Ave., Richmond, 

VA, 23227 
Stanton C Brown, 78, 5342 Overton Road, 

Nashville, TN, 37220 
Emilie Watkins Bryan, 78. 3041 Park Ave., Augusta, 

G A, 30904 
James A. Bryan, III, 79, 210 Hillcrest, Chapel Hill, 

NC, 27514 
Judkins Mathews Bryan, 78, 2716 Ashlawn Dr., 

Montgomery. AL, 36111 
Stanton T. Bryan, 79, 6701 John Hancock PL, 

Prospect, KY, 40059 
Keith Buchanan, 77, 104 Buchanan St., Spruce 

Pine, NC, 28777 
Debra Jo Bumgarner. 79, Rt. 1 Box 626, Millers 

Creek, NC, 28651 
Laurie S, Bumgarner, 77, 1 131 Lynbrook Dr., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Otto B Burianek, Jr., 78, 115 Pine Lake Dr., Atlanta, 

GA. 30327 
Ann Wyatt Burke, 79. 823 Crescent Dr.. Alexandria. 

VA. 22302 
William C. Burkholder. 77. 15 Craigwood Rd., 

Greenville, SC, 29607 
John R. Burns, 77, Box 344. Rowland, NC, 28383 
Charles A. Burson. 78. 692 N. Superior Ave., 

Decatur, GA. 30033 
Melinda Ann Byrd, 77, 1009 Glendalyn Cir., 

Spartanburg. SC. 29302 
Thomas Philip Came III, 78, 116 Stonewall PI., 

Newport News, VA, 23606 
Laura L. Calhoun, 77, 6003 Beech Ave., Bethesda, 

MD, 20034 
Mary Kirk Cameron, 79, 106 Kirk Road, Greenville, 

DE 19807 
Margaret F. Campbell, 78, 34 Parks Ave., Newnan, 

GA '30263 
Stuart Brown Campbell, 77, Conscience Bay Rd., 

Setauket, NY 11733 
Clark Ellison Candler. 78. 3 Wimberly Ct., Decatur, 

GA 30030 
Ronald Eugene Cannon, 79, P.O. Box 458, 

Henrietta, NC, 28076 
Diana Teresa Caputo, 79. 8 Jill Terrace, 

Succasunna, NJ, 07876 
John Edward Carlson, 79. 12524 W Needham Dr., 

New Berlin. Wl. 53151 
Robert Winfield Carlton, 78, 902 Raleigh Rd., 

Clinton, NC, 28328 
Kent Emerson Carr, 79, Rt 12 Box 727, Sanford, NC. 

Major Erwin Carter. 79. 426 Hampton Ave., Aiken, 

SC. 29801 
Robert D. Carter. Jr., 79, 86th TFW Box 8078, APO 

New York, NY, 09012 
Sally Nell Casteel, 78, Valley View-River Falls, 

Marietta, SC. 29661 
Jeffrey W Castelli, 77, Box 84 ESSC, E. 

Stroudsburg PA, 18301 
Camille Cathey, 77, 6851 Ronda Ave., Charlotte, NC 

Robert A. Cathey, 78, 5308 Carriage Dr., Charlotte, 

NC. 28205 
Bonnie A. Caulkins, 77, 500 Lakeview Dr., 

Murfreesboro. NC. 27855 
Frank A Cebul, III, 77, 1 141 Forest Dr., Wooster, 

OH. 44691 
Kenneth E Chadwick. 77. Jockey Hollow Rd., 

Morristown, NJ, 07960 
Susan Paula Chajes, 79, 28 Frost Lane, Amherst, 

MA, 01002 
Pat Rai Chappell, 78, 2605 Woodview Dr., 

Greensboro. NC, 27408 
Ronald James Chappie, 79, Rd 5 Box 102, 

Flemington, NJ, 08822 
Richard A. Cheshire, 77. 2748 Lullington Dr., 

Wmston-Salem, NC, 27103 
Kristav M, Childress, 78. 145 Shadow Lane, 

Charlotte. NC. 28214 
Jane Louise Childs. 78, 160 Ridley Circle. Decatur, 

GA, 30030 

Julia Winter Chrisco. 78, 2000 Va Avenue, Mclean, 

VA, 22101 
Heidi E. Christiansen. 78, 2511 Landeau Cir , 

Tucker. GA. 30084 
Norton Bradley Christie, 79, 1018 Holly Ln,, 

Jacksonville, FL, 32207 
Charles V. Christopher. 78. 7232 Ashington. Dallas. 

TX. 75225 
Ralph S. Christy, Jr., 79, 389 Poplar Tent Rd., 

Concord, NC, 28025 
Earnle Mitchell Church, 78. Route 3, Newland. NC. 

Glenn P. Churchill, 79, 125 Devonshire Ln., 

Wilmington, NC. 28401 
Kevin C, Clancy. 77, 6 Newlln Rd,, Princeton. NJ, 

Clyde Jordan Clark, 77, 207 W 26. Lumberton. NC. 

Jeffrey Brothers Clark. 78. 113 Circle Drive, 

LaGrange, NC. 28551 
Joe Francis Clark, 77, 5839 Brittany WDS CIr,, 

Louisville, KY, 40222 
Mary Jo Clark, 79, 207 W 26th St., Lumberton, NC, 

Robert Warren Clarkson, 79. 8017 Pine Tree Ln.. W 

Palm Beach. FL. 33406 
Fred Bowden Clayton. 77. 3580 SW 63rd Ln.. 

Gainesville. FL, 32601 
Peter G Clifford, 78, Blue Mill Rd., Morristown, NJ 

Nancy Marie Clifton, 79. 4247 Harrogate Dr.. NW. 

Atlanta. GA, 30327 
Joe Steven Cllne. 79, 807 Greenvlew Dr.. 

Waynesvllle. NC, 28786 
Hilary Anne Clouser, 79, 101 W. Mam St., 

MIddletown, PA, 17057 
Charles P, Cochran, Jr., 79. 304 Colewood Way, 

Atlanta, GA, 30328 
Jerry P. Cockman. II, 77, 512 Lake Dr,, Kernersvllle. 

NC. 27284 
Brian Roland Coffey, 78. 1009 Kasper Dr.. Orlando. 

FL. 32806 
Melanle Denlse Coffey, 79. P.O Box 1153. Danville. 

IL, 61832 
Stephen M, Coffey, 78, Box 336, Due West, SC, 

Susan Jane Colan, 78, 1341 Chanteloupe Dr., 

Hendersonville, NC, 28739 
Lyman Arthur Collins. II. 79. 425 Boone Road. 

Eden. NC, 27288 
Margaret E Collins. 79. 105 Palmer PI., Leonia, NJ, 

Paul Peers Collins, 78, 11016 Edgemere Rd.. Dallas. 

TX. 75230 
Faith P, Colson. 78. 5606 Lake Road. Wildwood. NJ. 

Thomas S. Conner. 77, Moravagen 25, 16142 

Bromma, Sw/eeden, -1800 
Carolann Connor, 77, 410 Dwirewood Dr.. 

Fayettevllle. NC. 28303 
Lee Anne Conrad. 79. 738 Westover Ave.. 

WInston-Salem. NC, 27104 
Stephanie Lea Cook, 79, Usdesea Directorate, 7514 

Eggerstein, APO New York, NY, 09164 
Carlton S. Cooke, 77, 621 Woodland Dr., 

Greensboro, NC, 27408 
Brian Scott Cooper, 78, 1723 Cleveland Ave., 

Wyomlssing. PA, 19610 
Thomas E Cooper. 77, 5129 Quail Lane, Columbia, 

SC, 29206 
James A. Cornish, 77, 1236 Eldemere Rd., 

Lexington, KY. 40502 
Thomas Samuel Covert. 77. 3525 Sheridan Rd,. 

Portsmouth. OH 45662 
Matthew W, Covington. 77. 3380E Wood Valley Rd.. 

Atlanta, GA, 30327 
Patrick C- Covington, 77, 4419 Woodlark Lane. 

Charlotte. NC. 28211 
Hanson Buford Cowan. 78, 153 Indian Trail, Bristol, 

TN. 37620 
Miriam E Cowan. 77. 919 W. Davis St.. Burlington, 

NC, 27215 
James K. Coward. Jr., 77. 1 Ninth Street, Sylva, NC, 

Francis Field Coxe, 79. 10 Amherst. Ashevllle. NC. 

John Oneal Craig. Ill, 78, 510 Spruce Street, High 

Point, NC 27260 
Stephen M. Crane, 77, 160 Holly Lane, Athens. GA. 

Clarence W, Crawford. Jr.. 77. 1021 N. Chase St.. 

Athens. GA. 30601 
Gregory Alan Crawford. 78. 515 E. Foch Street. 

Covington. VA, 24426 
Samuel Harris Crawford, 79, 3202 Northridge, San 

Antonio, TX, 78209 
Larry Lynn Crees. 79. Route 2. Darlington. PA, 

John C Crenshaw, III, 77, 521 Dunmoreland. 

Shreveport, LA, 71106 
Marion C. Crenshaw, III. 77. 5501 Roxboro Rd.. 

Durham. NC. 27704 
Caroline K. Cromartie. 78, 1313 Neely Drive. 

Asheboro, NC. 27203 
Christopher Jon Crosby. 79. 2056 St. James Dr.. 

Charleston. SC. 29412 
Edward M Crosland. 77. 2538 Andover Dr., 

Doraville. GA. 30340 
Wayne M. Cross. 77. 6743 Burlwood Rd.. Charlotte. 

NC. 28211 
Chrlsta Lynn Crossley. 77. College Park. 
Laurlnburg. NC. 28352 

Gall Lynn Crumley, 79. Silver Lake. Sanford. FL. 

Steven Paul Cuffe. 78. 6689 Masefield St.. 

Worthlngton. OH. 43085 
Charles K Culberson. Jr . 77. 708 W. Shaw. St 

Pauls. NC. 28384 
Craig R. Culbertson. 77. 325 N. Maiden. LaGrange 

Park. IL. 60525 
Darlene L, Cunningham. 78. 1621 Pleasant St.. 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27107 
John BE. Cunningham. 79. 2 Obry Drive, 

Scarsdale, NY, 10583 
John R Cunningham, III, 79, Darlington School, 

Rome, GA, 30161 
Miller G. Cunningham, 79, 400 Quincy Rd,, Seneca, 

SC, 29678 
Susan E. Cunningham. 77. 4461 NW 3rd Ct.. 

Plantation. FL. 33313 
Yvonne-Da S, Cunningham. 79. 163 Sharp Drive. 

Fort Bragg. NC. 28307 
Robert A. Currle. Jr.. 77. 773 Concord St.. 

Davidson. NC. 28036 
Samuel Marion Currin. 79. 1807 Summit Rd.. 

Henderson, NC, 27536 
Gilbert J, Cuthbertson, 78, 200 St. Andrews Blvd.. 

Winter Park. FL. 32789 
Michel Daisley, 78. 9 Pine Forest Dr., Greenville. 

SC. 29601 
Frank K. Dale. 77. Willlamsport Pike, Columbia, TN, 

Gary W Danclger, 78, 1725 Oceanfront, Atlantic 

Beach. FL. 32233 
Bruce Vaiden Darden. II. 78. 614 McGee Street, 

Graham, NC, 27253 
Erich Morgan Daub. 79. 5550 N. Via Elena. Tucson. 

AZ, 85718 
Catherine Anne Daum, 79. 9436 Tobin Cir . 

Potomac. MD. 20854 
Bradley W. Davis, 77, P.O. Box 926, Leesburg. FL, 

Deborah H. Davis, 77, 620 Maple Ave , Asheboro, 

NC. 27203 
Eric F. Davis. 78. 715 Woodruff PL. Charlotte, NC, 

Jack Chris Davis. 79, 6937 Whippoorwill, 

Cincinnati, OH, 45230 
Joseph Blair Davis Jr., 79, 412 Jenny Street, 

Gastonia, NC, 28052 
William Henry Davis, 77, Golf Club Road. Douglas. 

GA. 31533 
David Wayne Deaton, 78. 308 N. Praley Street, 

Valdese. NC. 28690 
Sarah Wootten Deck. 79, 2502 Hlllwood PI.. 

Charlottesville. VA. 22901 
Guy Paul DIcenzo. 79. 5650-C Via Romano. 

Charlotte. NC. 28211 
Stephen Reeves Dill. 77. 293 Wingfield Dr.. Mobile. 

AL. 36607 
Debra S. Dillon. 78. 2320 Goldbug Ave,. Sulllvans 

Island. SC. 29482 
Kevin J. Doherty. 78. 22 N. Perkins Ave., Elmsford, 

NY, 10523 
Wendy L. Donahoe, 77, 4003 NW 38 Ave., Ft. 

Lauderdale. FL. 33309 
Cynthia Rowe Doran. 78. 42 Bay View Rd.. 

Wellesley. MA. 02181 
Thomas Robert Dore. 79. 3315 Calwagner. Franklin 

Park. IL. 60131 
Michael L. Dosal. 77. 502 W. Hilda St.. Tampa, FL, 

James E. Douglas, 77, 5230 Shattalon Dr., 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27106 
Leonard W. Douglas. Jr.. 78. 710 Brown Ave.. 

Belton. SC, 29627 
Bertis Edwin Downs, IV. 78. 3433 Casa Woods Ln,. 

Clarkston. GA. 30021 
Sally E, Doyle. 77. 874 Central Dr.. Marion. OH. 

Patricia A. Drake. 77. 1191 W, Conway Dr., NW, 

Atlanta. GA. 30327 
Frances E, Dubose. 79. 406 Aster Drive. 

Simpsonvllle. SC. 29681 
Thomas Patrick Dulany. 79. 1167 Old Teneytown 

Road. Westminster. MD. 21157 
James M. Dulln. 77. Dogwood Lane. Laurlnburg, 

NC. 28352 
Philip David Duncan. 79, 245 Geneva Road. 

Knoxvllle. TN. 37919 
Laurie L. Dunn. 77. 1201 Dogwood Lane. 

Laurlnburg. NC, 28352 
Peter L. Durham, 78, 72 Veterans Parkway, Pearl 

River, NY, 10965 
Robert G. Earnest, 77, 2735 Hlllcrest, Titusvllle, FL, 

Robert Gregory Eason, 78, 115 Falkener Dr., 

Greensboro, NC, 27410 
Theodore T, Eastwick, 79, 150 Chews Landing Rd., 

Haddonfield, NJ, 08033 
Alan B. Edmonds. 77. 218 Mistletoe Dr.. 

Greensboro. NC. 27403 
Alice Courtney Egerton, 79, 2528 York Rd., Raleigh, 

NC, 27608 
Richard D, Ehrhart, 77, 461 Waterbury Dr., 

Fayettevllle, NC, 28301 
Dean Robert Ekiund, 79, 1 105 Woodmont Dr., 

Hendersonville. NC. 28739 
Deborah Jean Elliott. 79. 790 E. Stuart St.. Bartow. 

FL. 33830 
David R Ellison. 77. 461 Indiana Ave.. Mansfield. 

OH. 44905 
Geoffrey B, Ely. 77. 3546 Hamstead Ct.. Durham. 
NC. 27707 

Thomas Scott Engle. 79. 5 Jalan 14/47 A. Selangor, 

W, Malaysia. -1125 
Dana Leigh English. 77. 6230 Brookllne Ct.. East 

Lansing. Ml. 48823 
Robert A, Enrlght. III. 77. 36261 Madison. 

Richmond. Ml. 48062 
James F, Entwistle. 78. 211 Ross Dr.. SW. Vienna, 

VA, 22180 
Jon Richard Erickson, 79, 7180 Dunhlll Terr., NW. 

Atlanta, GA, 30328 
Carol Jean Ern, 79, 1618 King Mtn. Road, 

Charlottesville, VA, 22901 
Samuel James Ervin, IV, 78, 4 Woodslde Place, 

Morganton, NC, 28655 
John Robert Erwin, 79, 116 Mimosa Hills Dr.. 

Morganton. NC. 28655 
Debra Gall Estes. 79. 41 1 1 Woodleaf Rd.. Charlotte. 

NC. 28205 
Margaret Anne Etheridge. 78. 4715 Harris Trail. 

Atlanta. GA. 30327 
John Borden Evans, Jr., 78. 735 Kirk Rd.. Decatur. 

GA, 30030 
Stephen B Fabian, 77, Box 83 Sheraton Hotel, 

Kingston, Jamaica, -0930 
Sabra J. Falres. 77. 6824 Marlbrook Dr.. Charlotte, 

NC. 28212 
Renee Denlse Fanulel. 77, 4311 Colonial Dr.. 

Columbia. SC, 29203 
Merrill R. Farrand, Jr., 78, 1 1 KImberly Ct,, Ramsey, 

NJ, 07446 
Lilian Hope Farrlor, 79, Whisnant Street, Shelby, 

NC, 28150 
Clifton Cartwrlght Fay, 79. 2608 Auburn Ave.. 

Columbus. GA. 31906 
Richard Earl Fay. 78, PO Box 412, Brentwood, TN. 

Donna Lee Ferren, 79, 331 Knoll Top Ln., 

Haddonfield. NJ. 08033 
Edwin L. Ferren. 78. 331 Knoll Top Ln,. 

Haddonfield. NJ. 08033 
Anne James Ficklen. 78. 3513-34th St.. NW. 

Washington. DC. 20008 
Charles J. FIden. Jr.. 78. 110 George Street. 

Wheaton. IL. 60187 
Bruce Edwin Fielden. 79. Rt. 7 Box 980. Monroe, 

NC, 28110 
Franklin Osborne Fields, 78, 808 Evergreen Dr., 

Wilson, NC, 27893 
Michael S. Fisher, 77, 3532 Ridgeway Dr., Metalrle, 

LA, 70002 
George E, Flavell. Jr.. 77. 1958 SE 24th Ave.. Ft. 

Lauderdale, FL, 33316 
George G. Flowers, 78, 1233 Forest Ave., 

Columbus. GA. 31906 
Clifton Paige Flynn. III. 79. 3808 Friendly Ave.. 

Greensboro. NC. 27410 
Mark R Foerster. 77. 16 Bennington Rd.. Convent 

St.. NJ. 07961 
Carol Anne Folger. 78. 5622 S, Florence St.. 

Englewood. CO. 80110 
Lydia Folger. 77. River Ridge. Brevard. NC. 28712 
John Russell Folger. III. 79. River Ridge. Brevard. 

NC. 28712 
Martha Toy Fountain. 77. 4001 Old Dawson Rd., 

Albany. GA. 31701 
Robert Holt Foushee. 78. 1225 Townes Rd.. 

Charlotte. NC. 28209 
Michael Cedric Fox. 79. 923 S. Center St.. Mt. Olive. 

NC. 28365 
James Sollle Foy, 79. 506 Magnolia Dr.. Alexander 

City. AL. 35010 
Catherine Ann Frank. 79. 3014 Croft St.. 

WInston-Salem. NC. 27107 
Benelta Franklin. 79. P.O. Box 31. Lawtey. FL. 

John R. Frederick. 79. 55 Ridgemoor. Clayton. MO. 

Susan Fretwell, 77, 30 Montgomery Dr., 

Spartanburg. SC. 29302 
Henry F. Frierson. Jr.. 77. 139 Livingston Ter.. 

Orangeburg. SC. 29115 
Robin Wesley Frierson. 78. 2237 E. Sylvester Rd.. 

Lakeland. FL. 33801 
G. Chris Fnesinger. III. 79. 3000 Hobbs Rd.. 

Nashville. TN. 37215 
Hervey W. Froehlich. Jr.. 77. Greenwood Circle, 

Pennsboro Manor. Wormleysburg. PA. 17043 
Dorothy C. Fulenwider. 79. 1801 Grace St.. 

Wilmington. NC. 28401 
William H. Gaither. 78. 507 W. 7th St.. Newrton. NC. 

Margaret W. Gallagher. 78. Halfway Farm. 

Middleburg. VA. 22117 
Julianne Garner. 77. Rt 5-Barker Rd.. Rome. GA. 

Thomas M. Garrell. 78. 108 Floyd St.. Tabor City. 

NC. 28463 
Michael L. Garrett. 78, 1113 Guthrie Rd., Hampton, 

VA, 23666 
Ann C Garrou, 77, P.O. Box 159.Valdese. NC. 28690 
Lillian H. Gascolgne. 77. 14 North Road. Salisbury. 

NC. 28144 
James Irwin Gates. 79. 1725 Cardinal Rd.. 

Mllledgeville. GA. 31061 
James William Gaynor. 78. Rt 3 Dundee Lane. 

Greenville. SC. 29609 
William Marlin Geiger. 79. 715 Mtn. View Circle. 

Gainesville, GA, 30501 
John Andrew Gelly, 79, 5815 Northside Dr.. Atlanta. 

GA. 30328 
John Robert Gerdy. 79. 101 Second Ave.. Little 
Falls, NJ, 07424 


Mark P. Gergen, 78. 760 W 26th St . Merced, CA 

James Mc Gibert. Ill, 79, 225 Norfolk Ave,, 

Lynchburg, VA 24503 
Karen Sue Gilbert, 79, 272 Flintshire Rd., 

Winston-Salem, NC. 27104 
Henry V, Gilchrist, 78, 207 Virginia Ave., Richmond, 

VA, 23226 
Mary Elizabeth Gilliam, 78, 31 Lemay Street, West 

Hartford, CT, 06107 
Harold Leon Gillis, Jr., 77, 217 Central Ave., 

Raeford. NC, 28376 
Erica Aenne Gjersvik, 79. 54 Mary Lane. Riverside. 

CT, 06878 
Philip Knox Gladden, 78, 5514 Sherrell Dr., NE. 

Atlanta, GA, 30342 
Stephen E Godar, 77, 508 Blakew/ood Dr.. Raleigh, 

NC, 27609 
Curtis D. Goho. Jr , 77, Box 252 Rt. 4. Princeton. 

WV. 24740 
John M. Golden. Jr., 77, 313 Deerglade Rd.. 

Winston-Salem, NC. 27104 
Kathleen W Golding. 78. 3913 Beresford. Charlotte, 

NC, 28211 
Joel Michael Golmont. 78. 910 Rock Ave.. Beaver 

Falls. PA, 15010 
Timothy B. Goodell, 79, 12 Elm Rock Rd., 

Bronxville. NY. 10708 
Karl E. Goodhouse. 77, Milton Road, Litchfield, CT. 

Katherine E. Goodpasture. 79, 3501 Brook Road, 

Richmond, VA, 23227 
Christopher H. Gould, 79, 27 Georgia Ave.. Elgin 

AFB. FL. 32542 
Roger T. Grange. Ill, 78, 12026 N. Riverhills, Tampa, 

FL, 33617 
Anne Pamela Gray, 78, 7205 Millwood Rd., 

Bethesda. MD, 20034 
Mary J. Graybeal, 79. Route 2, Denver, NC. 28037 
Elizabeth Adair Green 79. 105 Butler Drive, Bristol, 

TN. 37620 
Peter W. Green, 77, 742 Abelia Rd.. Columbia. SC. 

Harry Robinson Greyard, 79, Rt 3 Box 633, 

Fairmont, NC, 28340 
Roy S Grier, 78, 1869 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte. 

NC. 28207 
Jack Thurmon Griffeth. 79, Rt 2 Jefferson Rd.. 

Commerce, GA. 30529 
Ashton Thomas Griffin. 79. 1517 E. Mulberry St., 

Goldsboro, NC. 27530 
John Paul Griffith. 79. 95 Greenville St.. Newnan. 

GA, 30263 
Kenneth D Griner, 78. P.O. Box 356, Cross City, FL, 

Robert U. Grizzard, 77. 1 RidgevKOOd Rd.. Rome. 

GA. 30161 
Lee R. Grogan. Jr.. 77. 3431 Suemack Dr.. 

Columbus. GA. 31906 
Wayne C. Gulledge. 77. 208 S. Heard St.. Senatobia. 

MS. 38668 
Karen Elizabeth Gunter, 78, 103 Argonne Drive, 

Durham. NC. 27704 
David N. Guy, Jr., 77. 2801 Shaw Ave., Lumberton. 

NC. 28358 
Andrew Howe Gwynn, 79. 348 S. Hamilton. Eden. 

NC, 27288 
Frank David Haas, 79, 909 Carolyn Street. 

Statesville, NC, 28677 
Karl F. Haberyan, 78, 1215 Peachtree Rd., Wilson, 

NC, 27893 
Louis S. Hales. Jr.. 78, 4068 Springrock, Cincinnati, 

OH, 45239 
Amanda Susan Hall, 79. Rt 8 Box 232. Sumter. SC. 

Kathryn Jean Hall. 78. 1840 Breckenridge Dr.. 

Atlanta. GA, 30345 
Larry D. Hall, 77, 177 Dalton Street, Danville, VA, 

Richard C. Halton, 77, 4518 Broughton Dr., 

Birmingham, Ml, 48010 
Frank H, Hamilton, III, 77, 1350 Rutledge Ave., 

Charlotte, NC. 28211 
Stephen G. Hankins, 79. Star Route Box 189. Jewell 

Ridge, VA, 24622 
Scott Allan Harbottle. 78. 1900 Courtland Rd . 

Alexandria, VA, 22306 
David M Hardaway, 79, 322 Valley Stream Rd , 

Statesville, NC, 28677 
Holmes Plexico Harden, 78. 2700 Twin Lakes Dr.. 

Greensboro. NC, 27407 
Anthony Michael Harding, 79, 2514 Barry St.. 

Charlotte. NC. 28205 
Myra Denise Harrill, 78. Rt 3 Box 2. Boone, NC, 

Michael B Harris. 77. 614 S. Bridge St.. Wilkesboro. 

NC. 28697 
John Robert Harrison, 79. 8015 Monticello, 

Dunwoody, GA, 30338 
Nathanael R Harrison. 77. Lexington Presby Ch., 

Lexington. VA. 24450 
John Gary Hart. 79. 12449 High Meadow Dr., Dallas. 

TX. 75234 
Jon Lee Hart. 79. 1623 Camellia Dr . Waycross. GA, 

Joseph R. Hartsoe. 77. 4700 Monterey Dr.. 

Annandale. VA. 22003 
Ann Gray Harvey. 78, 227 Taylor Avenue. Salem. 

VA 24153 
Michel'e Anne Harvey. 78, 4258 Executive Dr . Stone 

Mountain. GA. 30083 

Carolyn Louise Harwell. 78, Rt 5 Box 58, 

Mooresville, NC, 28115 
Herrick R. Hay, 77, 150 Glenwood Rd.Toccoa. GA. 

Mary Sara Hay, 79, 1422 Country Club Rd., 

Wilmington, NC, 28401 
Ann Beckwith Hayes. 79, 1006 Creekside, High 

Point, NC, 27260 
Robert L. Hayman. 78. 4519 Roslyn Dr.. Wilmington, 

DE, 19804 
Randall Stark Haynes, 79, 1430 Hillabee Rd , 

Alexander City, AL, 35010 
James Wallace Heard, 79, 1750 W Sussex Rd., 

Atlanta, GA, 30306 
John W. Hedrick, 77. 1729 Reppard Rd.. Orlando, 

FL, 32803 
Bruce L. Henschen, 77, 2515 Morganton Rd., 

Fayetteville, NC, 28303 
Paul Denman Henschen, 77, 2515 Morganton Road, 

Fayetteville, NC, 28303 
David Mcleod Hernngton. 79. 1086 Burning Tree 

Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC, 27514 
Margaret A. Hess, 77, 11 Forest Ridge Dr., Arden. 

NC, 28704 
Debra Renee Hester, 77, 605 Broadway Apt 805, 

Lubbock, TX, 79401 
Henry Clifton Hester, 78, P.O. Box 127, 

Elizabethtown, NC. 28337 
Patrick J Hickert. 79, 2258 Grovewood Rd., 

Clearwater. FL. 33516 
Franklin Hickman, 77, 132 Hancock St., Brooklyn, 

NY, 11216 
Guy M. Hicks, ill, 77, 3740 Rockhill Rd , 

Birmingham, AL. 35223 
Joseph Carter Hicks. III. 79. 8 Dogwood Trail. 

Wendell, NC, 27591 
James H. Hildreth, Jr.. 78, 108 Rose Terrace, 

Wadesboro, NC, 28170 
Elizabeth C, Hill, 79, 3815 Claridge Rd., Mobile, AL, 

Robert C. Hill, 78, Rt 1 Box 252, Stony Point, NC, 

Raymond W HInes, 78, 73 Grovewood Rd., 

Asheville, NC, 28804 
Reid G. Hinson, 78, 3400 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte. NC. 

John R. Hobson. Jr.. 79, 212 Hawkins Ave., Sanford. 

NC. 27330 
Stacy H. Hockett, III, 79, 6 Lake Manor Ct.. 

Baltimore, MD, 21210 
James Hovis Hodges, 79. 113 Hawthorne Rd., 

Lancaster, SC. 29720 
David Martin Hoffmann. 79. 391 Washington Ave.. 

Oakmont, PA, 15139 
Jean Celeste Holder. 79, 6125 Mission Dr., Shawnee 

Mission. KB, 66208 
William E. Holladay, III, 78, 389 St. Marys Ln., 

Marietta, GA, 30060 
Bruce Robert Holliday, 78, 316 Robertson Ave., 

Danville. VA. 24541 
Thomas K. Hollon, 77, Box 327, Beattyville, KY. 

Steven P. Holman, 77, 350 Station A., Haddonfield, 

NJ, 08033 
Elizabeth Ann Holmes, 79, 1121 W. 7th N St., 

Morristown. TN, 37814 
Karl W. Holtzclaw, 78, Rt 67 Box 3, Cullowhee, NC, 

Ralph Douglass Horn, 79, 700 Highland Ave., 

Charlottesville, VA, 22903 
Thomas Dag Horn, 78, 6461 Eppard St., Falls 

Church, VA, 22042 
Matthew B- Home, 78, 3737 Chesapeake Ave., 

Hampton, VA, 23661 
Paul Adams Home, Jr., 79, 719 East 36th St., 

Charlotte NC, 28205 
Bruce A. Hosier, 77, RR 8 Summit Dr., Douglasville. 

GA, 30134 
Clayton F. Houchens, 78, Box 2318 Greenway St., 

Davidson, NC, 28036 
Catherine W Howard, 79. 1020 Carthage St.. 

Sanford, NC, 27330 
Calvin Rudolph Howell, 78. Route 1 Box 215. 

Norlina, NC, 27563 
Rogers Glenn Howell. II. 78, 403 N. Madison St., 

Whiteville, NC. 28472 
Maria Jean Hradesky, 79, 1618 Barry St., 

Clearwater, FL, 33516 
James P. Hudson, 77, Box 654, Georgetown, SC, 

Michael B. Huggins. 77. Box 354. Spindale. NC. 

Helen Claire Huie, 79. 363 Manor Ridge Dr.. Atlanta. 

GA. 30305 
John H Huie, 78, 729 Kirk Rd , Decatur, GA, 30030 
Catharine T Huisman, 78, 2318 Walton Way, 

Augusta. GA, 30904 
David Wingate Hull, 79, 258 E. Parkwood Rd., 

Decatur. GA, 30030 
Joanne Ruth Hull, 79, 3120 Imperial Dr., Gastonia, 

NC. 28052 
Steven George Hull, 79, 1912 Corbett Rd , Monkton, 

MD, 21111 
Terry Alan Hummel, 77. 1028 S.E. 13th Terr . Ft. 

Lauderdale. FL 33316 
Martha Jo Hunt, 79, Alexander Lane, Huntersville. 

NC 28078 
David Lamar Hunter, 78, 4920 Lambs Road. 

Charleston, SC, 29405 
Margaret L Hunter, 78, 3238 Wood Val Rd N.W., 
Atlanta, GA, 30327 

Robert W. Hunter. III. 77. Star Rte Box 83, 

Cleveland, SC, 29635 
Mary Starr Huske. 78. 130 Dobbin Ave.. Fayetteville, 

NC. 28305 
William S. Hutchings. II. 78. 3263 Imperial Dr.. 

Macon, GA. 31201 
Leroy P. Hutchinson. 78. 612 Anson Ave.. 

Rockingham, NC, 28379 
Robert E. Hutchinson, Jr., 77, 612 Anson Ave., 

Rockingham, NC, 28379 
Marc Allan Jackowitz. 78, 22 Omaha Ave., 

Rockaway, NJ. 07866 
Donald S Jackson, 77, 1 108 Iredell, Ave., 1 108 

Iredell Circle, Birmingham, AL, 35209 
Mildred Kay Jackson, 77, 3329 Habersham Rd NW, 

Atlanta, GA, 30305 
Brian F. Jacobs, 78, 41 Red Oak Rd.. Oreland. PA, 

Leslie L. Jacobs. 77. 207 W. Oneida St., Waycross, 

GA, 31501 
Carlton Avery Jenkins, 79, 31 Grove Avenue, 

Concord, NC, 28025 
Charles R. Jenkins, III, 78, 304 West 31st St., 

Lumberton, NC, 28358 
C- Foster Jennings, Jr . 78. 501 Ridge Top Road, 

Richmond. VA, 23229 
Richard H. Jennings, III, 78, 2620 Woodward Way 

NW, Atlanta, GA, 30305 
Mark A Jester. 77, 13093 Greenbough Dr., Creve 

Coeur, MO, 63141 
Peggy Sue Jetton, 78. Rt 2 Box 584-A. Huntersville, 

NC, 28078 
Clifford P. Johnson, 77, 113 Tyler Terrace. W. Point, 

GA, 31833 
Peter Bradford Johnson, 79, 270 Jonathan Rd., New 

Canaan, CT, 06840 
Stephen Hall Johnson, 78, 2720 Kenmore Road, 

Richmond, VA, 23225 
Thomas A.B. Johnson, 78, 8 Barley Mill Dr., 

Wilmington. DE. 19807 
William S. Johnson, Jr., 78, 140 Riding Lane, 

Southern Pines, NC, 28387 
Peter David Johnston, 79, 245 Navajo Drive, 

Wyckoff, NJ, 07418 
Wayne B. Jonas, 77, 24451 Alta Vista, Apt. 1 Dana 

Point, CA, 92629 
Anne Beverley Jones, 78, 103 N. Wilton Rd., 

Richmond, VA, 23226 
Charles Brewer Jones, 79, 10211 Severn Rd., San 

Antonio, TX, 78217 
David Lanier Jones, 79, 3436 Prince George St., 

East Point, GA, 30344 
Edward Lee Jones, III, 78, 1011 Borden Rd., 

Richmond. VA. 23229 
John Raymond Jones. 78. 1475 Cave Road NW. 

Atlanta. GA. 30327 
Linda L. Jones, 77, 105 Hillside Drive, Shelby, NC, 

Michael S. Jones, 77, 10211 Severn Rd., San 

Antonio, TX 78217 
William Hugh Jones, 77, Box 7. Winton, NC, 27986 
•"^talev E. Jordan, 77, 310 Maegeo Drive, Lexington, 

NC, 27292 
Weldon H. Jordan, Jr., 77, 1 Lilly Drive, Fayetteville, 

NC, 28305 
Thomas A. Jorgensen, Jr., 79, 5848 S. Fulton Way, 

Englewood, CO, 80110 
Walter Clyde Joyce. Jr.. 77. 3960 Clarendon Ave., 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
Steven George Justus, 78, Rt 3 Box 169, 

Hendersonville, NC, 28739 
Paula Kadison, 79, 826 Lake Shore, Tallahassee, 

FL, 32303 
Mary K. Kafoglis, 77, 1928 NW 71st St., Gainesville, 

FL, 32605 
James A. Kaulius, 77, 408 Firth St., Phillipsburg, NJ, 

Gilbert Stuart Kayton, 79, 120 Horseshoe Ldg., 

Hampton, VA, 23669 
Mary Lynne Keener, 77, 305 Governors Lane, 

Concord, TN. 37720 
Stephen R Keener. 77. 135 College View Dr.. 

Swannanoa. NC. 28778 
Robert A Keeter. 77. 3007 SW 2nd Ct . Gainesville, 

FL, 32601 
Laura J. Keever, 78, 833 Powell Ave , Valdese, NC 

Sabine Arwen Kelischek, 79, Brasstown, NC, 28902 
David W. Keller. III. 78. 307 E. Church St.. Saluda. 

SC 29138 
Robert' W. Kelley. 13616 Fairridge, Dr., Silver 

Spring, MD, 20904 
David Louis Kelly, 78, 719 Freeman St . 

Fredericksburg. VA. 22401 
Richard Sigmon Kelly, 78, Rt 1 Box 367, Pulaski, 

VA, 24301 
William B Kelly, 77, 610 2nd Ave.. NW. Conover, 

NC, 28613 
Bruce Forbes Kemp, Jr., 78. 8909 Tresco Rd.. 

Richmond. VA, 23229 
Michael David Kennedy. 79. Route 7, Bethlehem, 

PA. 18015 
Charles L Kennon. III. 77. 23 W. Windsor Dr., Little 

Rock, AR, 72209 
James K. Kepchar, 78, 304 Linden Dr., Danville. VA 

Russell Martin Kerr. Jr., 79, 7011 Old Oak Lane, 

Charlotte, NC. 28105 
Hakchul Eugene Kim. 79, 114B Warwickshire Ln., 

Glen Burnie. MD. 21061 
Stephen G Kimmel. 77. 420 N. Main St.. Davidson. 

NC. 28036 

David L. King, 77. 16 S Beechwood Ave , 

Baltimore. MD. 21228 
George T, King. 77. 81 Norman Dr. Ramsey. NJ. 

Mark William Kinzer. 79. 5935 Lupton Dr.. Dallas. 

TX. 75225 
Kenneth Andrew Kirk. 79. 5105 Clear Run Dr.. 

Wilmmgton, NC, 28401 
Barbara Ivey Kissam. 78. 2505 NW 7 Road, 

Gainesville. FL. 32607 
Robert William Kling, 79. 189 Sagamore Dr.. 

Rochester. NY 14617 
George M, Knowfles. 78. 324 Ellington Ave.. Mitchell 

Field, Garden City, NY, 11530 
James Joseph Kopel, Jr., 77, 336 Winfield Way, 

Nokomis, FL, 33555 
John Myron Kravet, 79, 3 Eagle Lane, Palm Harbor, 

FL, 33563 
Steven V Kruger, 77, 1645 McClain St.. Charleston, 

SC. 29407 
Gregory L.. Kunkleman, 77. 4001 McKee Rd,. 

Matthews. NC, 28105 
Charles John Labaw. 78. 1505 Lawndale Rd,. 

Elkhart. IN, 46514 
Catherine E. Landis, 78, 3007 E. Brow Road, Signal 

Mountain, TN, 37377 
Henrietta Langford, 79, Rt 3 Box 159. Aiken. SC, 

Amanda Lynn Langley, 79, 503 Love Lane, 

Rockingham, NC, 28379 
David William Langman, 79. 1193 Chambord, 

Atlanta, GA, 30319 
Michael Thomas Lanio, 78, 235 Seneca Road, 

Rochester, NY. 14622 
Bruce Edward Lantelme, 79. 90 Cutchoque Trail. 

Medford Lakes. NJ. 08055 
Robert Locke Lasley. 78. 2615 Davidwood Ct . 

Nashville. TN. 37214 
Charles E. Law. 78. 716 Rollingwood Rd . Aiken. 

SC. 29801 
Audrey J. Lazenby. 78. 1206 Morris Ave.. Opelika. 

AL, 36801 
Arthur Charles Leahy, 79, 5612 Regina Ave., San 

Diego. CA. 92117 
Curtis Hall Leathers. 79, 2440 Pioneer Dr., Reno, 

NV, 89502 
Jesse Thomas Lee, III, 77, 743 Timber Lane, 

Wilmington, NC, 28401 
Mary Frances Leopold, 79, 1578 Holton PI., 

Charleston. SC, 29407 
John G. Lewis, 77, 2029 Orchard Rd., Toledo, OH, 

Lee Anne Lewis, 79, 1730 Colony Road, Rock Hill. 

SC. 29730 
Stephen Fraser Lewis, 79, 3 East Shore Dr., 

Princeton, NJ, 08540 
Glen Robert Liesegang, 79, 3102 Longford Ln., 

Louisville, KY, 40222 
Virginia Carolyn Linder, 78, 3014 Buckingham Rd., 

Durham, NC, 27707 
William L. Lindner, Jr., 77, 5510 Chedworth Dr.. 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
Howard George Ling. Ill, 77, 459 Albemarle Dr., 

Fayetteville, NC, 28301 
Donald Michael Lins. 79, 561 Maderia, Tampa, FL. 

James B. Livaditis. 79. 4505 Garmon Rd NW,. 

Atlanta. GA, 30327 
Marvin E, Lively. 77. 3061 Midlothian Pike, 

Richmond, VA, 23225 
Christopher W. Loeb, 79, 1685 Blue Ridge Dr , 

Gainesville, GA, 30501 
Christopher T. Loeblein. 77. 1108 Roundknob Ave. 

S., Salisbury, NC, 28144 
Joseph P. Logan. 77. 2622 Pecksniff Rd.. 

Wilmington. DE. 19808 
Henry Clyde Lomax, Jr., 78, 622 Robmont Road, 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Gwynn D. Long, 77, P.Q Box 154, Yadkinville, NC, 

Nancy Erwin Long, 78, 402 Juanita Ave,, Hamlet, 

NC 28345 
Laura Anne Lortz, 78, Rt 7, Box 363, Greenville, SC, 

John Sawyer Loughead, 79, Vaughan Road, 

Pottstown, PA, 19464 
David Calvin Love, 78, Rt 1 Box 184, Concord. NC, 

John W. Lovett. 77. 1120 Griffith Ave., Owensboro, 

KY, 42301 
Craig J. Lovin, 78, P 0. Box 193, Westminster, SC, 

Stanford James Lummus, 79, P.O. Box 146. 

Oakland, FL, 32760 
Donald W. Lupo. 78. 104 Amherst Dr., Greenwood, 

SC, 29646 
John S. Lyies. Jr.. 79. 560 Bosphorous Ave.. Tampa, 

FL. 33606 
Franklin Scott Lyon, 79. 338 Fieldstone Rd., 

Mooresville. NC. 28115 
Jeffrey Hugh McArn, 79, 501 Wilkinson Dr., 

Laurinburg, NC, 28352 
John R. McArthur. 77, 357 Shurley Ave., Rock Hill, 

SC, 29730 
Susan McAvoy, 77, McAvoy Lane, Phoenixville, PA, 

Roy King McCall, 78, 216 Michigan Ave., Decatur, 

GA, 30030 
Robert Richard McCarthy, 79, 6369 Ditman St., 

Philadelphia, PA, 19135 
Oscar Miller McClintock, 78, 156 Rutledge Rd., 

Greenwood, SC, 29646 

Pamella Anne McClure, 78, 1884 Lakewood Dr., S.. 

St Petersburg. FL. 32712 
Nancy Mac Connachie, 79, 1306 Hanover Rd , 

Anderson, SC, 29621 
Kevin R McConnell, 77, 12703 Hathaway Dr., 

Wheaton, MD, 20906 
David Sikes McCord, 77, Rt 2 Box 215, Fitzgerald, 

GA, 31750 
Nancy B McCracken, 77, 3414 Cornwallis Rd., 

Durham, NC, 27705 
Charles M McCurdy, Jr., 79, 2500 701h Ave. S-, St, 

Petersburg, FL, 33712 
William H. MacDade, III, 78, MacDade Rd. Rd, 1. 

Phoenixville. PA, 19460 
Myles Andrew Mac Donald, 79, 113 Woodlawn Rd., 

Chattanooga. TN. 37411 
Theodore Noyes McDowell. 79. 4040 E 

Brookhaven. Atlanta. GA. 30319 
Andrew A, McElwee, Jr.. 77, 6 Brookside Terr., N. 

Caldwell. NJ 07006 
Dorn C. McGrath. III. 78, 1 1809 Triple Crown Rd,, 

Reston, VA, 22091 
William O Z McKinley, 79, 420 Main Street, 

Brookville, PA, 15825 
Billy Frank Mclean, 77, 117 E. Carter St.. Clinton. 

NC, 28328 
Jonathan Lee Maclean, 78, 3531 Nelson PL, 

Titusville. FL, 32780 
William H. Mclean, 77, Box 232, Laurinburg, NC, 

Kathrine A Mclendon, 77, 902 Woodbine Dr , 

Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 
Susan K, Mclendon. 79. 902 Woodbine Dr.. Chapel 

Hill, NC, 27514 
Patricia Ann Macleod, 77, 1 157 Parkway N., 

Columbus. OH. 43212 
Victor M McMillan. 77. 616 N. Calhoun St., Quincy. 

FL. 32351 
Patricia Lynn McMurray, 78, 9 Esmeralda, Bucare, 

Rio Piedras,PR 00927 
Harris Ligon McMurry, 79, 820 East Graham, 

Shelby, NC 28150 
William D. McMurry. 77. Rt 2 Box 230, Toccoa. GA, 

Cyrus C, McNeely, III, 77, 1231 May Court, 

Burlington, NC, 27215 
Nora P. McNeill, 77, 180 McArthur Dr„ Camilla, GA, 

Carl Lee McPhail, 79, 1635 Hertford Rd., Charlotte, 

NC, 28207 
Robert Dvi/yer McQuade, 79, 22 Connecticut St., 

Cranford, NJ, 07016 
Cynthia Lee Maag, 78, 1029 Wilshire PL, Charlotte. 

NC. 28205 
John Dale Madden. 79. 155 Bertrand Dr.. Princeton, 

NJ, 08540 
Ronald D Maines, 78, 5909 Evergreen, Midland, Ml, 

Kenneth L. Makant, III, 78, 64 Churchroad S,E., 

Smyrna. GA. 30080 
Gordon D, Maner. 77. 1186 Hampton Hall, Atlanta, 

GA, 30319 
Christopher Mangelsdorf, 77, 835 Seventh Street, 

Oakmont, PA. 15139 
William G Mansfield, 79, 3575 Broken Woods Dr., 

Coral Springs. FL. 33065 
Elmore Dorothy Marsh. 78. 2205 Speed Avenue, 

Louisville, KY, 40205 
Harrison L Marshall, Jr., 79. 1 18 Lakecrest Dr., 

Greenville, SC, 29609 
Peyton J Marshall, III, 77, 402 Oak Forest Ave., 

Catonsville, MD, 21228 
Anthony Ray Martin, 79, 301 Suburban Ave,, 

Kannapolis, NC, 28081 
Lenna Karen Martin, 77, Rt 1 Box 165A, Pittsboro, 

NC, 27312 
Robert Russell Martin, 79, 7712 Falstaff Rd., 

Mclean. VA. 22101 
Santford Frank Martin. 78, 211 Mt. Vernon Rd. 

NW. Atlanta. GA, 30328 
Emily Harvey Mason, 79, 4520 Boston Post Rd., 

Pelham Manor, NY, 10803 
Nancy I. Matheny, 77, Box 64, Holly Hill, SC, 29059 
Robert M. Mayer, 77, 111 N. Beach Blvd., Pompano 

Beach, FL, 33062 
Wanda Gail Maynard, 79, 6706 Valley Lake Dr., 

Raleigh. NC, 27612 
Elisabeth T Mays, 78, 1338 Sinkler, Columbia, SC, 

Steven J. Means, 77, 10832 Interlaaken Dr., 

Tacoma, WA, 98498 
Mark E. Melendy, 77, Hillcrest Acres. Lebanon, NH, 

Barry Cline Melton, 78, P.O, Box 625, Glen Alpine, 

NC, 28628 
Marc Menchel, 77, 132 Ryder Avenue, Dix Hills, NY, 

Michael R. Merwarth, 77, 515 Marlowe Dr,, 

Raleigh, NC, 27609 
Jeffrey Cone Metzel, 78, 366 Kern Street, 

Winchester, VA, 22601 
Margaret Carolyn Miles, 79, 2215 Wedgewood Ave,, 

Richmond, VA, 23228 
F. Richard Miller, Jr., 77, 1208 Riftwood Lane, 

Thomasville,GA, 31792 
John Neal Miller, 79, 210 Hillcrest Cir„ Chapel Hill, 

NC, 27514 
Kenneth Ward Miller, Jr., 78, 11 Cabarrus Ave. W., 

Concord, NC, 28025 
Page Allison Miller, 78, 2628 Wade Avenue, 

Raleigh. NC. 27607 

Thomas R. Miller. 78. 3924 Nottaway Rd,, Durham. 

NC, 27707 
William M Miller, 78, 620 Nokomis Court, 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
Mary M. Mintz. 77, Wychewood, Hallsboro, NC. 

Joann Mitchell, 78, 122 Gordon St., Charleston. SC. 

Robert J. Mitchell. 77, 4977 Prieto Drive. Pensacola, 

FL, 32506 
William Vereen Mizelle, 79. Tau Valley Estates. Apt, 

E-3, Rocky Mount, NC, 27801 
John Wilson Monroe, III, 79, 811 Whirlaway Cir., 

Knoxville. TN. 37919 
Audrey C. Montgomery. 78. 2514 Heritage Cir., 

Statesville, NC, 28677 
Denise L, Moreau, 78, 1465 Wisteria Drive. 

Florence, SC, 29501 
Mary Chester Morgan, 79, P.O. Box 176, Sunbury. 

NC, 27979 
Marguerite C Morris, 78, 3504-F Colony Rd.. 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Patricia A. Morris, 77, 417 Herrontown, Princeton, 

NJ, 08540 
Robert Paul Morris, 78, Box 55, Due West, SC. 

William Michael Morris, 77, 4712 Murrayhill Rd.. 

Charlotte, NC, 28209 
Cindy Lou Morrison. 79. 1028 Meador St., 

Princeton, WV, 24740 
John Howell Morrison, 79, Rt 1 Box 1410, Davidson, 

NC, 28036 
Robert C. Morrison. Jr.. 78. Drawer 2014. Balboa, 

Canal Zone, -1380 
Roger McKee Morrison, 77, 4 Lucky Lane, 

Asheville, NC, 28804 
John Alex Morrissey, 79, 24 Jay Lane, Monroe, CT. 

Jefferson Wood Morrow, 77, 107 River Road, 

Orange Park, FL, 32073 
James Kevin Morton, 79, 115 Pierce St., 

Washington. NC. 27889 
Lawrence R. Morton, 79, 485 Andergren Dr., 

Harrisonburg. VA, 22801 
Katherine R Morton, 77, Box 39, Waxhaw, NC, 

Laura Elizabeth Moses, 78, 12 Calhoun Drive, 

Sumter, SC, 29150 
Kristine Ann Mottice, 79, 3112 Middlebrooks Cr,, 

Tallahassee, FL, 32303 
William Little Mowry, 78, 9203 Mallard Crk, Rd.. 

Charlotte. NC. 28213 
William Post Muldoon. 78. Jacobs Run. Salem. WV. 

Edward Mumby. 77, SE Asia-Indonesia, P.O. Box 

272, Rep of Singapore, -2070 
Susan E. Murdaugh, 77, 3207 Hope Valley Rd.. 

Durham, NC. 27707 
Ruth C. Murphey. 77. 119 LaGrange St., Newnan, 

GA. 30263 
Andrea Rosemary Murphy. 78. 12 Madison St., 

Princeton. NJ, 08540 
James Edward Murphy, III, 78, 1 105 Winding Crk. 

TrI., Atlanta. GA. 30328 
Michaela Murphy. 79, 17 W. Oak Drive. Houston. 

TX. 77027 
Alexander Vance Murray. 79. 4825 Buckhorn Rd. 

S.W.. Roanoke. VA. 24014 
Robert R. Murray. III. 78. 331 Virginia Ave.. Danville. 

VA 24541 
Zack E. Murrell. 78, Box 901, Boiling Springs. NC, 

Elizabeth H, Murtiashaw, 79, 1635 Roslyn Dr., 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
Richard S. Myrick. Jr., 77, 3199 Rockingham, 

Atlanta, GA, 30327 
David Lee Nash, 78, Rt 1 Box 67A, Whitlier, NC, 

Michael J. Naslund, 77, 4604 Gem Lake Rd,, 

Amarillo, TX, 79106 
Sherry Grace Natale, 78, 27 Langdon St., Plymouth, 

NH, 03264 
William H. Neal, III. 77, 326 Greenway Lane, 

Richmond, VA, 23226 
Catherine E. Neisler, 79, 110 N. Gaston Street, 

Kings Mountain, NC, 28086 
Henry Parks Neisler. Jr., 79, 403 Neisler Drive, Kings 

Mountain, NC, 28086 
Cynthia Lee Newberry 79, 90 Beverly Rd., N.E.. 

Atlanta. GA, 30309 
Virginia E Newell, 78, 3209 Country Club Dr., 

Charlotte, NC, 28205 
Thomas C. Niblock, Jr., 79, US Aid Indoesia APO, 

San Francisco, CA, 96358 
James G. Nichols. 77. 1150 Rankin St., Apt. C-6. 

Stone Mountain. GA. 30083 
Edward H. Nicholson, Jr,, 79, 3920 Three Chop Ln.. 

Roanoke, VA, 24014 

Ann N. Nikolaus. 77, 1501 Winding Crk. Rd., Palm 

Harbor, FL 33563 
James Edward Nitka, 79. 5647 E. 33rd St.. Tucson, 

AZ. 85711 
Jason Gregory Noble, 78. 100 Warren Road. West 

Orange, NJ. 07052 
Margaret Anne Noel, 79. 459 Praire Ave , Elmhurst. 

IL, 60126 
Samuel Taylor Noland. 79. P.O. Box 185. 

Douglasville. GA. 30134 
Deborah Jean Norris. 78, 705 Joyner St., Clayton. 

NC. 27520 


Nancy C. Northcott. 77, P.O. Box 146, Davidson. 

NC. 28036 
Kenneth W. Norwood, Jr.. 79. Rd 2 Devils Lane. 

Ballston SPA. NY 12020 
Phillip F, Oblinger, 78. 1799 Huber Road. 

Charleston. WV, 25314 
Joseph W.O. Connor. 79. 1360 Alhambra Dr.. Fort 

Myers. FL. 33901 
Ellen Eugenia Ogilvie. 78. Rt. 4 Box 142. 

Wilkesboro. NC. 28697 
Kevin Ahnfeldt Ogilvie. 78, Fox Hollow Road, 

Mattituck, NY, 11952 
John Henry Olden, III. 79. 4027 Glen Devon. Atlanta. 

GA. 30327 
Hilton Oliver. 77, 4856 Haygood Rd., Virginia 

Beach, VA. 23455 
Larry Sidney Osborne, Jr., 79, 1969 Seaboard PI., 
Atlanta, GA, 30318 „ . „ .. 

LisaH. Otey, 1485 Enota Ave. N.E., Gainesville, GA, 

Gary C Overstreet, 77, 133 Oaklawn Ave., Roanoke, 

VA, 24012 
Thomas Jay Overton. 79, 2312 Antietam Rd., 

Knoxville.TN, 37917 
Ronald F. Owens, 77, 1904 Pawnee Drive, 

Kinston. NC, 28501 
Beverley Durr Palmer, 79, 14358 Kellywood, 

Houston TX, 77024 
Robert C. Palmer, III. 77. 2910 N. Magnolia Ave., 

Pensacola, FL, 32503 
Harry S Pappas, 77, 10 Ridgeline Dr., Warson 

Woods, MO. 63122 
Theodore S Pappayliou. 78. 619 Bridlemere Ave.. 

Interlaken. NJ. 07712 
Robertson T. Park. 79. 115 Willow St.. Brooklyn. 

NY. 11201 
Paul M. Parker. 77. 8522 Highwood PI., Charlotte, 

NC, 28210 
John B. Parkerson, Jr.. 79, 913 Regatta Rd . 

Charleston, SC, 29412 
Colleen A Parks, 77, 7102 Cindy Lane. Annandale. 
VA. 22003 „ . , „, 

Elizabeth Parks. 77. 435 Arlington Ave., Bristol. VA, 

24201 ^ ^ ^ 

Madelon Jean Parks, 77, 2506 College St. S.E., 

Decatur, AL, 35601 
Emily Elizabeth Pate. 77. 7314 Normandy Dr.. 

Richmond. VA. 23229 
Franklin E Patrick. 79. 105 East Vine St., Mitchell, 

IN, 47446 
Edward A. Patten, 77, 501 Jones St., Graham. NC, 

Charles M. Patterson, 77. P.O. Box 126. Lewisburg. 

WV. 24901 
Kenneth T. Patterson. 79. Duke Drive. Farmville. 

NC. 27828 
Maria Monica Patterson. 79. Route 2, Harmony, NC. 

David Sterling Patton. 78. 2008 Makefield Rd,. 

Yardley. PA. 19067 
Georgia Babetts Patton, 79. 6172 Preston Haven. 

Dallas, TX, 75230 
James Leeland Patton. 79. 104 Dexter Rd . 

Wilmington. DE. 19803 
Barbara Lynn Payne. 78. 3317 Landerwood Dr . 

Charlotte. NC. 28210 
Howard J. Payne. 77. Rt. 4 Callier Spg. Rd., Rome, 

GA, 30161 
Joseph D. Pearlman, 79, 3315 Kettering PI.. 

Greensboro. NC. 27410 
Terri L. Peat. 77. 515 Clipper. Atlanta. GA. 30328 
Timothy Peck. 77, 1590 Brace Road. Victor. NY 

Alison 0. Peeler. 78, 910 W. Davis St.. Burlington. 

NC, 27215 
Stephen M Peeples, 77, 7 Riverdale Dr., 

Charleston. SC, 29407 
Marian L. Perkins, 77, 4004 Rutgers Dr. S.W , 

Atlanta, GA, 30331 
Martha Jane Perkins, 78, Box 477, Hickory, NC, 

Robert Rudolph Perz, 79, 1040 Hibbard Rd., 

Wilmette, IL, 60091 
Michael A. Peskosky, 78, 1201 Elizabeth Ave., 

Laureldale, PA, 19605 
Nancy Lee Petrowski, 77, 7009 Knightwood Dr., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Doris S. Phillips, 78, 45 Edgewater Ln., Asheville, 

NC, 28804 
Herbert 0. Phillips IV, 77, 1913 Evans St., Morehead 

City, NC, 28557 
Patricia Lee Phillips, 77, 3408 Normandy Rd., 

Greensboro, NC, 27408 
Scott Phillips, 79, Apt 142, Sabinas Coah. Mexico. 

Thomas C. Pinckney, III, 77, 8601 Buckboard Dr., 

Alexandria, VA, 22308 
David Scott Piper, 79, 2609 Stirrup Ln., Alexandria, 

VA, 22308 
Stephen Michael Piper, 78, 2609 Stirrup Lane, 

Alexandria, VA, 22308 
William Liston Pitman, 78, Quail Drive, Plymouth, 

NC, 27962 
Leea Marie Pittenger, 79, 3420 Woodbranch Rd., 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
Wilkins Carter Poe, 79, 515 Pelham Rd., Greenville, 

SC, 29607 
Robert Ferris Polglase, 78, 5 Upper Warren Way, 

Warren, NJ, 07060 
Mark Edward Polhill, 79, 4101 Kingswood, Rd., 
Charlotte, NC. 28211 

Vance Ernest Polley. 79, Box 452. Davidson, NC, 

Frank Edward Pollock, Jr., 79, 2833 Forest Drive, 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27104 
James Marion Pool, 79, 3709 River Oaks Ln., 

Birmingham. AL. 35223 
Anne Erickson Porter. 79. 504 Dogwood St.. Lenoir. 

NC. 28645 
Steven Bryant Porter. 79. 6905 Cleaton Rd.. 0-182 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
Nancy E Postma, 77, Route 3, Marianna, FL, 32446 
David H. Pottenger, III, 79, 33 Rustic Dr., Cohasset, 

MA, 02025 
Preston E. Powers Jr., 78, 220 Chafletown Apts.. 

Corbitt Rd., Henderson, NC, 27536 
Robert D. Price, 77, Rt 1 John Price Rd., Pineville, 

NC, 28134 
Walster E. Pugh. 77. 1502 Milford Rd.. Columbia. 

SC. 29206 
Timothy Porter Purcell. 78. 254 Colorado Ave.. 

Hapeville. GA. 30354 
Michael Henry Ouay. 79, 1551 Chadwell Ct., 

Dunwoody, GA 30338 
Elizabeth Anne Quick, 79, 1198 Fairway Dr., 

Dunedin. FL 33528 
Stephen Mark Rabil. 77. P.O. Box 293. Clemmons, 

NC 27012 
David C. Rainey, 77, 523 Washington Ave., 

Riverhead, NY, 11901 
Frank D Rambo, II, 78, 1820 Summitt Road, 

Henderson, NC, 27536 
Jeffery Stams Rambo, 78, P.O. Box 87, Edison, GA, 

Mary Catherine Ramos, 77, 1380 Oxford Road, 

Atlanta, GA, 30327 
Oliver Wendell Ramsey, 77, 2280 Dodson Dr., East 

Point, GA, 30844 
Lee Suzanne Raney, 79, 1012 14th Ave. Dr. N.W,, 

Hickory, NC, 28601 
Laura Rankin, 77, 518 S. York St., Gastonia, NC, 

Richard B Rankin, III, 77, P.O. Box 3295, Wilmar 

Station, Concord, NC, 28025 
Byram Newton Ratliff, 79, 315 N. Sycamore St., Mt. 

Sterling, KY, 40353 
John Charles Ratliff, 79, 301 Pinecrest, Davidson, 

NC, 28036 
Richard L. Rauck, 78, 217 Reister Dr., Hamilton, 

OH, 45013 
David Jeffrey Rawlings, 79, Rt. 2 Box 376, 

Hockessin, DE, 19707 
Jacquelyn Marie Redden, 79, 6370 Arden Forest, 

Circle Rt. 3. Clemmons, NC. 27012 
Ann Elizabeth Reed, 79. 32 Thornridge Rd . 

Springfield, PA.. 19064 
W George Reedy. Jr . 78. P.O. Box 573. 

Manchester. GA. 31816 
Edward Conway Rees. 79. 1310 Atlantic Ave . 

Waycross, GA. 31501 
Dennis Edward Reese. 78. General Delivery. 

Cramerton. NC. 28032 
Anne Ashelle Reeves. 79. 616 Atlantic St.. 

Manchester. GA. 31816 
Jayne Louise Reich. 78, 850 Thread Needle 88, 

Houston. TX. 77024 
Richard Blair Reich, 79, 585 Country Club Rd., 

Bridgewater. NJ. 08807 
Susan P. Reid. 77, 6630 Williamson Dr. N.E., 

Atlanta. GA. 30328 
David Reid Rew, 79. 208 Boulevard. Mt. Lakes. NJ, 

Richard S Reynolds. IV. 78. P.O. Box 6544. 

Richmond. VA. 23261 
Terrel M Rhye. 79, 6045 Magnolia St., Mooresville, 

NC, 28115 
Johnathan L. Rhyne, Jr.. 77. Rt 6 Box 75. 

Lincolnton. NC. 28092 
Charles F. Rice. III. 77. 1321 Chilton Dr.. Silver 

Spring, MD. 20904 
James Michael Rice. 79. 547 Rose Hill Ave.. St. 

Bernard, OH. 45217 
James Prioleau Richards. 79. 144 Sherwood Cr.. 

Lancaster. SC. 29729 
Don C. Richter. 78. 2306 Springdale Rd. S E . 

Decater. AL. 35601 
Margaret P. Rickert, 77, 727 N. Center St., 

Statesville. NC. 28677 
Kimberley Durham Rieck. 79, 187 Boxfield Rd., 

Pittsburgh, PA, 15241 
Mark B. Rittmanic, 77, 100 E. Kentucky Ave., Apt. 

K-5, Deland, FL, 32720 
Barbara Roberts, 79, 4705 Millbrook Dr., Atlanta, 

GA, 30327 
Marjorie W. Robertson, 79. 5302 Toddsbury Rd.. 

Richmond. VA. 23226 
Banks, Stacy Robinson, Jr., 78, 230 Royal Tower 

Dr.,lrmo, SC. 29063 
Bryan David Robinson. 79, 613 Piedmont Dr., 

Tallahassee. FL. 32303 
Charles R. Robinson, Jr., 77, 2622 Lullington Dr., 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27103 
Michael L. Robinson, 77, 2470 Thornfield Rd., 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
Timothy J. Robinson, 79, 6120 Cedar Ridge Rd , 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
William P. Roche, III, 79, 1706 Greystone Rd , 

Dublin, GA, 31021 
Alan E. Rockett, 77, 4913 Charmapeg Ave., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Charles Edward Rodgers, 79, 2947 Fantasy Ln., 
Decater. GA. 30033 

Clayton T Rogers, III, 78, 1732 Princeton Dr., State 

College. PA. 16801 
Mark Curtis Rooks. 78. 109 Brown St.. Hartwell. GA. 

Ronald B Rosenberg. 79. 511 Staffordshire, 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27104 
John Eric Roskos, 79, 1821 Bishop Lake Rd., 

Marietta. GA. 30060 
Gary L, Rowe. 77. 820 Little Back. River Road, 

Hampton, VA, 23669 
Clyde R. Roy, II, 78. 635 Birchwood Ln.. Manetta. 

GA. 30060 
Thomas Orland Ruby. 79. 521 Overlook Dr.. 

Alliance. OH. 44601 
Michael H Russ. 77. 6824 Hunters Ridge. Dallas, 

TX, 75240 
Michael E Saenger, 79, New Stock Rd., Asheville. 

NC, 28804 
Philip W Safriet, 77, P.O. Box 1222, Reidsville, NC, 

Jon Todd Sahlroot, 77, 16624 S. Westland Dr., 

Gaithersburg, MD, 20760 
Greg Walter Sahlsten, 78, 14771 S. Spur Drive, 

Miami, FL, 33161 
Floyd S. Sanders, 77, 206 Upland Rd., Decatur, GA, 

Martha Louise Sanford, 79, 3112 E 1st Street. 

Duluth, MN, 55812 
Lynn Anne Satherlie, 78. Laurel Way. Norfolk, CT. 

Joseph A. Saunders, Jr., 79, 1017 Sioux Dr., 

Jacksonville, NC, 28540 
Anne B. Savory, 79, 78 Forest Road, Asheville, NC, 

Mark W Scandling, 77, 3015 Battersea Lane, 

Alexandna, VA, 22309 
Peter Michael Schenk, 77, 202 E. Oregon, 

Momence, IL, 60954 
Robert Charles Schermer, 78, 7610 Desoto Mem 

Blvd , Bradenton, FL. 33505 
Ellen Douglas Schlaefer. 78. 1412 Medway Road. 

Columbia. SC, 29205 
Paul C Schleifer. 78. 1021 Blake St.. Bethlehem. PA 

Karl A Schlotterbeck. 77. 428 Crestwood Ave.. 

Hackensack. NJ 07601 
David W Schmidt. 78. 514 Ibis Drive. Delray Beach. 

FL. 33444 
Paula Schmitz. 78. Box 14-E. Sherrills Ford. NC. 

Charles Robert Schwacke. 77. 735 Ft. Sumpter Dr., 

Charleston, SC 29412 
Robert Baird Scott, 77, 1234 Crutchfield. St. N.. 

Roanoke. VA, 24019 
Jack Gold Scruggs, Jr., 79 P.O. Box 99. 

Germantown, NC. 27019 
Randal Kelly Seago. 79, Route 1, Clyde, NC, 28721 
Ronald Wayne Seerley, 79, RR 1 Box 12-A, Bogart, 

GA, 30622 
William W Sellars, 78, P.O. Box 497, Florala. AL, 

Stephen Edward Sellers, 79, 1819Tyvola Rd., 

Charlotte NC, 28210 
Timothy G. Sellers, 77, 1819Tyvola Rd , Charlotte 

NC, 28210 
Edward Ray Setser, 79, 107 Woodland Drive, 

Waynesville. NC. 28786 
Starkey Sharp. V., 78. P.O. Box 96. Harrellsville. NC. 

William T Sharpe. 78. Sycamore Rd.. Ext.. Graham. 

NC. 27253 
Robert G, Shearer. 77. 3442 Stratford Rd.. Atlanta. 

GA. 30342 
James Wade Sheedy. 78. 80 Western Ave.. 

Waterville. ME. 04901 
Mark Eldndge Shelley. 79. 309 Mclean. Hamlet. NC. 

Kevin C Shelly. 77. 804 Havirthorne Ave.. Primos, 

PA. 19018 
Charles E. Shepherd. 77. 4201 Abingdon Dr.. Stone 

Mountain. GA. 30083 
Michael A. Sheridan. 79. 511 Johnson PI.. 

Magnolia, NJ, 08049 
Danny W Sherrill, 77, Rt 10 Box 91, Statesville, NC, 

Donna D Sherrill, 77, 315 West Stewart. 

Mooresville. NC. 28115 
Randy Norris Sherrill. 78. Route 1 Box 21. Sherrills 

Ford. NC. 28673 
William Dale Sherwood, 78, 63 Moffett St., 

Pittsburgh, PA, 15243 
Elisabeth A. Shingler, 79. 210 Lakewood Dr.. 

Spartanburg, SC, 29302 
Joel Elliott Shirk, 79, Steinmann Ave , Middlebury, 

CT, 06762 
Robert Edward Shoulders, 79, 509 Monte Vista Dr., 

Blacksburg, VA, 24060 
Jeffrey J. Sich. 77, 739 Annawan Lane, 

Youngstown, OH, 44512 
William Ray Sigmund. II. 78. 400 Northwestern Ave.. 

Beckley, WV. 25801 
Hayden J. Silver. III. 78. 9 Brentwood Dr.. 

Poughkeepsie. NY, 12603 
Canda Jo Simmons, 79, 6814 Abbottswood Dr., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Arthur B Simms, IV, 77, 1 95 Valley Rd N.W., 

Atlanta, GA, 30305 
Carolyn F Simpson, 78, 124 Cornwall Ln , St 

Davids, PA, 19087 
Mary Taggart Simpson, 79, Box 368, Davidson. NC. 

Lana Hancock Sims. Jr.. 79. 1320 Haynesworth Rd.. 

Columbia. SC. 29205 
David W. Skibbens, 77. 1110 Sunset. N. Canton, 

OH. 44720 
Motte Gilliam Skinner. 78, 402 Brettwood, Florence, 

SC, 29501 
Myles P. Slaughter, 78, 810 Linwood Rd., 

Birmingtiam, AL, 35222 
Stephen William Small, 78, 908 Woodbine Dr., 

Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 
Patsy L Smisson, 77, 1603 Elmwood Dr , 

Columbus, GA, 31906 
Andrea Denlse Smith, 79, P.O. Box 665, Greer, SC, 

David Willis Smith, 79, 1007 Lucy Street, 

Tallahassee, FL 32303 
Graham F. Smith, 77, 102 College Dr., Davidson, 

NC, 28036 
Martha A. Smith, 77, P.O. Box 190, Crossnore, NC, 

Michael L. Smith, 77. 133 Stonewall Jackson. 

Wilimington, NC, 28401 
Stephen Jerome Smith, 78, Rt 1 Box 217-F, 

Princeton, WV. 24720 
William R. Smith, Jr., 79, P.O. Box 10, Statesboro, 

GA, 30458 
Michael Micou Sneed, 78, 5916 Sandy Fork Rd , 

Raleigh, NC, 27609 
Robert Anthony Snow, 77, 8814 Foxboro Ct., 

Cincinnati, OH, 45246 
David J Snyder, 78, RFD 4 Box 32, Brevard, NC, 

Janice Kealani Snyder, 79, Rt 4 Box 32, Brevard, 

NC, 28712 
Patricia G.R. Soriano, 79, 5054 N. Peachtree Rd., 

Dunwoody, GA, 30338 
Marsha M. Souers, 78, 1510-B Beniamin Pkwy, 

Greensboro, NC, 27408 
Warren John Soule, 79, 122 Fremont Ave., Park 

Ridge, NJ, 07656 
Kevin Martin Spangler, 79, 3811 Henderson, 

Greensboro, NC, 27410 
Steven Lee Sparger, 78, 5467 Shattalon Dr., 

Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
David Vincent Stadnick, 78, P.O. Box 157, Screven, 

GA, 31560 
Joyce C Stahmann, 77, 7 Devon St., Toowoomba, 

Australia -0120 
Lavoisier J. Stallworth, 77, 521 N. Bethel, Hartselle, 

AL, 35640 
Sammie Junior Steadman 78, Route 2 Box 242, 

Aiken, SC 29801 
Ellen Renee Stebbins, 79, 776 St. Marys Ln. N.W., 

Marietta. GA, 30060 
Donald H. Steele, III, 79, Rt. 6, Box 272, Lincolnton, 

NC, 28092 
Wayland Chad Stephens, 77, 2515 Chanote Trail, 

Maitland, FL, 32751 
Laura Ellen Stevenson, '78, P.O. Dra»/er S., Emory, 

VA, 24327 
Kevin R Stewart. 79. Maple Road. Portland. CT, 

Douglas H. Stickney, 77, Box 6567, APO New York, 

NY 09633 
Charles K. Still, Jr.. 78. 121 Ridgeside Rd.. 

Chattanooga, TN, 37411 
Rebecca E. Simson, 77, 1044 Meadowlake Rd., 

Chattanooga, TN, 37415 
Gary Joe Stokes, 79, 205 N. Mam Palestine, IL, 

Willaim Allen Stokes, 77, P.O. Box 3000, Sperryville, 

VA 22740 
Ted Stoize, 77, 4 Quay Dr , Rochester, NY 14617 
Cynthia B. Stout, 77, 1223 Kensington Dr., High 

Point, NC, 27260 
Sarah Elizabeth Stow, 77, 544 Peachtree Battle, 

Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA. 30305 
Charlton B. Strange, III, 78, 315 W. Mam Street, 

Danville, VA, 24541 
Jonathan MC Stroud, 79, Pine Road. Davidson. NC. 

Wayne C. Stuart, 78, 5906 Northridge Rd., 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
Berry J. Sullivan, Jr. 78, 703 Gornto Road, Valdosta, 

GA, 31601 
Jack Nail Summe, 78, 615 E. Center. Warsaw. IN, 

Berta Allen Summerell, 78. 5937 Ponderosa Rd , 

Raleigh, NC, 27612 
Mark Tarrant Sumwalt, 78, 1162 Hermitage Rd., 

Rock Hill, SC, 29730 
Jerry Lee Suttles, 78, Route 3, Box 336, Fletcher. 

NC. 28732 
Edward C Sutton. Jr., 77, 3021 S. Fairway Dr., 

Burlington, NC, 27215 
David Wilborn Swaim, 78, 351 Richmond Rd , 

Salisbury, NC, 28144 
John P. Swanson, Jr., 77, 10 Glenwood Road, 

Tenafly, NJ, 07670 
Leiand George Swart, 78, 1 18 Batchelor Dr , 

Greensboro, NC, 27410 
David Alan Sweeney, 79, 1307 Dogwood Dr , 

Kingston, TN, 37763 
Robert Preston Sweet, 79, 19 Connecticut Ave 

Danbury, CT, 06810 
Linda B. Talbott, 79, 16 Hampton Ave., Winchester, 

KY, 40391 
Elizabeth Ann Tanner, 78, Rt. 3 Box 361-B, 

Charlotte, NC, 28210 
Sandy Brewer Tarlton, 78, 416 White Store Rd 

Wadesboro, NC, 28170 

Sara Jane Tatum, 79, 2009 S. Brailsford. Camden. 

SC. 29020 
Charles Dutton Taylor. 78. Box 1057. Anderson, SC, 

Frances Bland Taylor. 79. 2669 Rangewood CT. 

N.E.. Atlanta. GA. 30345 
Jarred Otis Taylor, 78. 2729 44th Ave., E., 

Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401 
Katherine K. Taylor, 77, 4660 Brook Hollow, Atlanta, 

GA, 30327 
Kevin Thomas Taylor, 78, 1411 Tuscany, Winter 

Park, FL, 32789 
Robert A Taylor, 78, 824 N. Superior Ave., Decatur, 

GA, 30033 
William A Terry. 79. 236 Beech Cir., Birmingham, 

AL, 35213 
Richard D Thomas Jr., 78, P.O. Box 3162. Holiday. 

FL, 33589 
Landon C Thompson, 79, 607 Kemp Road West, 

Greensboro, NC, 27410 
Mark Allan Thompson, 78, 792 Ridge Road, 

Lansing, NY, 14882 
S. Graeme Thomson, 78. Oxbow. Box 167, Paoli, 

PA, 19301 
David Knox Tinkler, 78, 119 Partridge Rd , 

Greenwood, SC, 29646 
Carter Reid Todd, 79, 1322 Watauga St., Kingsport, 

TN, 37660 
Patricia Tommerdahl, 77, 709 Macon Place, 

Raleigh, NC, 27609 
Chee-Hung R Tong, 78, 618 Nathan Rd. 19-FBI, 

Kowloon, HongKong, -0820 
Phillip Cogan Toye, 79, 17 Tarpon Drive, Tarpon 

Springs, FL, 33589 
David A Trader, 77, 6441 W. Langley Ln., Mclean, 

VA, 22101 
Joseph Lake Trask, 79. Box 4100, Burton, SC, 

Robert Trawick, 77, 2479 Burnt Leaf Ln., Decatur, 

GA, 30033 
Torence John Trout, Jr., 79, P.O. Box 473, Fruitland 

Park, FL, 32731 
John Allen Tucker, 77, Rt 9 Box 525, Greenville, NC, 

William O. Tucker, 77, 5340 Lansing Dr., Charlotte, 

NC, 28211 
Steven Rogers Turner, 79, Route 3. Piedmont, SC, 

Mark Young Tyndall, 79, 105 Loblolly Rd., Moultrie, 

GA, 31768 
John C. Umhau, 77, 8805 Conn Ave., Chevy Chase, 

MD, 20015 
William Fleet Umhau, 79, 8805 Conn Ave., Chevy 
„ Chase, MD, 20015 
Parks C Underwood, III, 78, 949 1st St., N.E., 

Hickory, NC, 28601 
Audrey Mane Urbano, 78, 1935 Juniata Rd., 

Norristown, PA, 19401 
David C Vaughan, 79, 3038 McGregor Blvd., Fort 

Myers, FL, 33901 
Robert Stewart Vaughn, 79, Box 755, Montreal, NC, 

Samuel Russell Vester, 79, 869 Brookside Rd., 

Pottstown, PA, 19464 
William S. Vincent, Jr., 79, 608 Shawnee Road, 

Greensboro, NC, 27403 
William D Vinson, Jr , 78, 30 Red Barn Rd., 

Trumbull, CT, 06611 
Hamlin L Wade, Jr , 79, 3313 Foxcroft Rd., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Julius J Wade, III, 78, 2026 Wellesley Ave., 

Charlotte, NC, 28207 
Cynthia Kaye Wagner, 79, 334 Oak Drive, 

Cincinnati, OH, 45246 
John E. Waites, 77, 6211 Satchelford, Rd., 

Columbia, SC, 29206 
James Andrew Walker, 77, 52 Riverview Ln., Cocoa 

Beach, FL, 32931 
Lee Ravenel Walker, 79, P.O. Box 166, Mt. Olive, 

NC, 28365 
James Grier Wall, 78, 445 Church St., Mocksville, 

NC, 27028 
Newton Madison Wall, 78, 916 Fairway Dr., High 

Point, NC, 27262 
Page Blakeslee Walley, 79, Hwy 57 , LaGrange, TN, 

Robert Bruce Wallis, 78, 15 Newcomb Blvd , New 

Orleans, LA, 70118 
Jan Fortson Walthall, 77, 2725 Hillandale Cir , 

Macon, GA, 31204 
Olivia Cacedia Ware, 78, 213 Birch Street, Jasper, 

GA, 30143 
Jonathan Worth Washburn, 78, 1515 Magnolia PI., 

Wilmington, NC, 28401 
Walter H, Watford, Jr., 79, 3924 Pembrocke, Ave., 

Mobile, AL, 36608 
Carol Elizabeth Watkins, 77, 1551 Lexington Dr., 

Lynchburg, VA, 24503 
Katheryn Cecilia Watson, 78, 814 Olive St., Murray, 

KY, 42071 
Jamie Ellen Watt, 79, 2212 Ellicott Dr., Tallahassee, 

FL, 32303 
Frederick H Weber, 79, 319 Manchester Rd., 

Binghamton, NY 13903 
Samuel Gamble Weir, III, 78, 3438 Carmel Forest 

Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Carol Patricia Wells, 79, Route 5. Statesville. NC, 

Robert B. Westmoreland, 77, 1205 Westridge Rd., 

Greensboro, NC, 27410 

Robert H. Whitaker, Jr., 77, 7150 Brandon Mill Rd 

Atlanta, GA, 30328 
Alice Bonner White, 79, 3711 Petoskey Ave., 

Cincinnati, OH, 45227 
Dewey Anderson White, 79, 2301 Country Club PI 

Birmingham, AL, 35223 
Karen Victoria White, 79, 194 Fairmont Circle. 

Danville. VA. 24541 
Kevin Michael White. 79, 20 Alpine Place. Kearny, 

NJ, 07032 
Thomas F. White, 77, 623 Pinehurst, Salisbury. MD. 

Timothy Lynn Whitener. 78. P.O. Box 487 

Troutman. NC. 28166 
Katherine M. Whitney, 79, 4128 Beechmont Rd 

Richmond, VA, 23235 
Elizabeth Ann Wicker, 77, Rt 2 Box 599, 

Mooresville, NC, 28115 
Angela Wier, 78, 205 Dorr Drive, Birmingham, AL, 

Carney Leroy Wilder, Jr., 79, 251 N.E. 16 St., Delray 

Beach, FL, 33444 
Melody Wilder, 79, 206 W. Lakeshore Dr., Rome 

GA, 30161 
Mark K Wilfley, 77, 681 Chenango St., Binghamton, 

NY, 13901 
Edwin G. Wilkins, 77, 2758 Hampton Ave., 

Charlotte, NC, 28207 
Timothy S Wilkins, 79, Union Road, Rutherfordton, 

NC, 28139 
Daniel D Wilkinson, III, 79, 385 Castleridge Dr., 

Atlanta, GA, 30342 
Sarah Tilton Willcox, 78, 239 Windsor Road 

Greenville, NC, 27834 
David Finley Williams, 78, 4928 Ortega Forest 

Jacksonville, FL, 32210 
John Taylor L. Williams, 79, 7441 Hill Drive, 

Richmond, VA, 23225 
Ruth Williamson, 77, 3406 Gloucester Road, 

Richmond, VA, 23227 
Van H. Williamson, 77, Morrison Lane, Laurinburg, 

NC, 28352 
Adrian Newrton Wilson, 79, 2206 Dixie Trail, 

Raleigh, NC, 27607 
Franklin C. Wilson, Jr., 79, 760 Hillside Dr., 

Gainesville, GA, 30501 
Carrie E Wilson, 78, 10 Autumn Ridge, Weston, CT, 

Irvine Tate Wilson, 79, Rt. 1 Box 262, Sandston, VA, 

Kathy Julia Wilson. 78, 7 Robin Street, Rome. GA, 

Rachel Jane Wilson, 78, Rt, 4, Box 478, Charlotte, 

NC, 28208 
Joseph Raymond Winkle, 78. 332 McCall Blvd.. 

Rome. GA. 30161 
Gregory Curtis Winston. 79. 107 Oakwood Dr., 

Brevard, NC, 28712 
Bryan Keith Wofford, 78, Rt. 1 Box 308, Canton, GA, 

William John Wolar, 79, 1180 Robin Ave., Miami 

Springs. FL. 33166 
Katherine Flinn Wolf. 79. 229 Pine Road. Davidson. 

NC. 28036 
Fai Wong. 79, Yucca De Lac, Maliushui Shatin NT, 

Hong Kong, -0820 
James Fredrick Wood, III 78, 3743 Abingdon Rd., 

Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Hunter Earl Woodall, 79, Rt. 2 Greenwell Rd., 

Knoxville TN 37918 
Frank Norris Woodward, 79, 319 N 11th St., Quincy, 

FL 32351 
Katherine L. Woodward, 79, Route 2 Box 183, 

Quincy, FL, 32351 
Frances Kay Worthy, 78, Rt. 8 Box 23, Rock Hill, 

SC, 29730 
Barbara Mane Wright, 79, 8310 Hewlett Dunwoody. 

GA, 30038 
John P. Wright, 78, 808 Bouldevard, Macon, GA, 

Eric Gordon Wruck, 78, Pine Road, Davidson. NC. 

James C Yahnis. 77. Box 1644 Florence, SC 29501 
George B. Yancey, 77, 52 Westminster Dr., Atlanta, 

GA, 30309 
David Stewart Yandle, 78, 112 Manchester Road, 

Charleston, SC 29407 
James D Yearwood. 77, P 0. Box 222 Bethlehem, 

GA, 30620 
Ralph Howard Yeilding, 79, 8 Montrose Circle, 

Birmingham, AL 35213 
Carol Yeomans, 77, 3085 Fairmount, Cleveland Hts, 

OH. 44118 
Corwin W, Young. 77. 5465 Lk. Jessamine Dr.. 

Orlando. FL. 32809 
Matthew Glenn Young. 79. 1091 E. Adams Drive. 

Franklin. IN, 46131 
Rodney B. Young, HI, 78, 6320 S.W. 144th St., 

Miami Fl, 33158 
Stephen Lewis Young, 79, 922 West Sumter, 

Shelby, NC, 28150 
Thomas Meares Young. 78, 1133 Woodland Drive. 

Wilson. NC. 27893 
Mark W. Yow. 77, 3745 Lassiter Mill, Raleigh, NC, 

John P Yowell, 77, Rt 1 Box 209. Bealeton. VA 

John Mitchell Zambos. 79. 102 Franklin Ave.. 

Beckley, WV. 25801 



Alexander, John E . 24 Shepherd Ave, Laurinburg, 
N.C., philosophy: ATD, NC-PIRG publicist, SGA 
Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon 

Aston, Gary, 830 Cardinal Dr., Elberton, Ga,; iMAC 

Atkins, Norman E , 3304 Embry Hills Dr , Chamblee, 
Ga . psychology: Young Life leader, NO Fellow 

Austin, Dorothy Grace, 4318 Far Hill, Bloomfield 
Hills, Mich , sociology: hall counselor, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, Madrigal Singers, 
Departmental Advisory Committee 

Bailey, Robert W , Box 241, Flat Rock, N C , 

Baker, James G., 39 N, Griffing Blvd , Asheville, 
N C, political science: IMAC 

Barbour, John A,, Rd, 2, Stoneboro, Pa , political 

Barringer, Phil L,, 116 Forest Hills Or , Monroe, 

N C , biology: varsity soccer, JV tennis. Phi 

Kappa Alpha Scholarship Committe Chairman 
Beasley, William A , 1080 Merritt Rd , Marietta, Ga , 

psychology: sailing team commodore, 

WDAV-FM music director, Sergeant-at-Arms, 

Eumenean Society 
Bell, Stephen S , 6444 Penrith Dr , Mechanicsville. 

Va , English 
Benson, Donald W., 3295 Bolero Dr,. Chamblee, 

Ga., philosophy 
Bethea, Charles D , 904 N Third Ave,, Dillon, S.C-. 

biology; Biology Society, Poetry Circuit 

Co-chairman, Union Board, Co-curricular 

Committee, IMAC 
Blackwood III, Thomas J , 10800 Burbank Dr., 

Potomac, Md , English 
Blanchard, Charles M , 4506 Denver, Charlotte, 

N,C , history: IMAC 
Bond, Jr , William C , 3900 Sentry Walk, Marietta, 

Ga , religion, Co-chairman Open End 

Committee, WDAV stafi, debate team, 

Eumenean Society, IMAC 
Boone, Jr , Cornelius A , 976 Viking Dr , Stone 

Mountain. Ga , German: varsity football, 

JYA-Marburg, club football 
Booth, Mary Lyon, 3809 Peakland Place, 

Lynchburg, Va , music, women s tennis, 

women s basketball. Madrigal Singers, SGA 

Committee on Athletics 
Borch III, Frederic L , 1326 Lynbrook Dr , Charlotte, 

N C , history, cross-country, track, ROTC 
Bowen, Byron Keith, 1810 Britton St , Greensboro, 

N C . economics: Black Student Coalition, 

Bowman, David J , 1013 E Wright St., Greenville, 

N C , chemistry: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gamma 

Sigma Epsilon, club football, JV tennis 
Brothers, Jennifer L , 21 13 River Forest Or , Mobile, 

Alabama, French 
Brown, Susan E , 1715 Wilshire, Oklahoma City, 

Okl , English 
Bumgarner, Kenneth J , Rt. 1, Box 626, Millers 

Creek, N C , philosophy: Male Chorus, Madrigal 

Singers, ROTC, Phi Kappa Alpha 
Campbell, Richard E. 470 Weber Rd , Spartanburg, 

S C pre-medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Quips 

n Cranks staff 
Canning, Jr , Robert B , 178 Oxford Circle, 

Norristown, Pa., pre-medicine, Phi Kappa Alpha 

alumni secretary, IMAC 
Carter, Jr , John W , 301 S King St , Morganton, 

N C , history 
Carter, Lorna E , 61 Sears Rd , Wayland, Ma , 

Cellon, David D , 1414 N W 35th Terrace, 

Gainesville, Fla., sociology 
Chance, Andy M., Old Town Rd., Villa Rica. Ga,, 

Chappell, Jesse William, 2605 Woodview Dr,. 

Greensboro, N C , French 
Clark, Peter F , 52 Schrade Rd , Briarcliff Manor, 

NY , history, hall counselor, Dana Scholar, 

Kappa Alpha, IMAC, Hall Counselor Selection 

Cline, Malcolm A , Box 854, Boiling Springs, NC, 

chemistry: Phi Eta Sigma, Wind Ensemble 
Cole, Jr , William A , 61 15 Shadowslope, Cincinnati, 

Ohio, pre-medicine, cross-country co-captain, 

track, chemistry honor society 
Coleman, Jr , William S , 4212 Trenholm Rd , 

Columbia, S C economics: varsity golf, ROTC 
Collins, Paul Steven, 2710 S.E. Oakhurst Rd , Ocala. 

Fla,. pre-medicine, varsity golf. Pep Band, Wind 

Ensemble, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Alpha, 

IMAC, Biological Society 
Combe, Kirk C, 1801 John F Kennedy, 

Philadelphia, Pa , English 
Cook, John G , 210 St George Drive Athen. Ga , 

Oavidsonian staff. Wind Ensemble 
Copple, James Dean, 176 S, Candler St,, Decatur, 

Ga,, Math, Male Chorus. Madrigal Singers. Pax 

Asst. Treasurer, Pax Treasurer, WDAV DJ, IMAC 
Cormak, David Robert, 628 Broadmoor Dr., 

Chesterfield Mo,, psychology 

Corser, Burce C , 26 W 12th Ave , Gloversville, NY., 

McConnell Scholar, Davidsonian staff 1.2.3. 

Union VP 2, Union Board 3, Miscellany 3.4, 

Soccer 1, Pax 3 
Crawford, C Rory, P O. Box 7, Leesville, SC, 

Crosland, William A , Jr., 2538 Andover Dr , 

Doraville, Ga., pre-medicine, ROTC Scholarship, 

Male Chorus, debate team 
Dale, Frank David, Jr., 140 Woodlynn Dr,, Charlotte, 

N C, pre-medicine. Scabbard and Blade, ROCS, 

Water Safety Instructor 
Davis, James H , 509 3RD Ave. NW, English: 

Davidsonian photographer 
Davis, John Scott, 9710-C Univ City, Charlotte N C, 

Davis, William H , Route 2, Bellefontaine, Ohio, 

history: Student Athletic Trainer, FCA 
Dean, Millard H , 706 W Washington St., Highland 

Springs, Va , biology 
Deaton, Marks William, 2929 W, Boxwood Ave , 

Savannah, Ga : Editor Davidsonian, NC 

Fellows, Union Board, YM/YWCA Board, 

President Publications Board, Who s Who 
Devile, James Arthur, 2994 Foxmill Rd , Herndon, 

Va , history 
Dickey, David Warren, 2304 Marlwood Dr., 

Wilmington, NC, psychology, YM/YWCA Sec, 

ATO Social Chairman, Psych, Student Advisor 
Diller, Jeffrey R., 323 N Lime St,, Lancaster, Pa., 

religion track 
Doares, Robert F , Jr , RouteS, Box 52, Lumberton, 

N C German, Male Chorus, Staley Scholar, 

Dana Scholar, IMAC Rep , Co-curricular 

Committee, JYA-Marburg 
Doscher, John C , 7700 Brill Rd , Cincinnati, Ohio, 

biology, swim team, William A. Merchant 

Scholarship, IMAC 
Douglass, Robert D , 167 Court Inn Ln , Camden, 

S.C-, sociology 
Drew, Horace R , 861 Waterman Rd., Jacksonville, 

Fla , chemistry 
Duncan, Alan William, 51 Colton Lane, Shrewsbury, 

Mass , history: hall counselor. Honors College, 

JV Basketball, Track, IMAC, YMAC Basketball 

Duncan, Joseph N., Jr , 960 The 16th Fairway, 

Dunwood, Ga., English; Davidsonian 

Editor- Writer, Who's Who — 1975, Contributor 

— Wildcat Handbook, Most Valuable Frosh 

Athlete — 1972, WDAV DJ, Basketball 2, Soccer 

3, Baseball 3, Football 3 
Dunn, John F , 1201 Dogwood Ln , Laurinburg, 

N C . biology. Biology Society, swim team, club 

football. Who's Who 
Eakes, Martin, 2618 W Vandalia Rd , Greensboro, 

N C. physics: NC Fellow, SGA Senator, Pres. 74, 

75, 76, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Agnes Sentelle Brown Award, NC 

Student Legislator 
Elhs, James Shelton, Jr , Route 3 Box 688, 

Greensboro, N C pre-medicine: Pres Fannie 

and Mable, PCC, Drama Production 
Eubanks, Michael F , 7805 Brynwood Rd , 

Louisville, Ky , political science: Phi Delta 

Theta, football. Sec PDT Sec FCA 
Ey, Douglas William, Jr., 102 N Blvd West, 

Hungtington, W Va , history 
Farmer, Mary Elizabeth, 207 Forest St , Louisville, 

Ga , chemistry. Tutor in YMCA Step Program, 

Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Fraternity 
Felker, Mark Butler, Rt 1 Box 324, Valdese, N C , 

Felts, Danny Steven, 5714 Scotland Rd , 

Greensboro, N C , biology 
Ferbert, Hugh D , 26 Randall Dr., Short Hills N.J., 

psychology. N C Fellows, Student Defense 

Ferguson, Merl McDonald, Rt 2 Box 468, Norwood, 

N C physics 
Firth, Mark R , 39 N Stratford Dr.. Athens. Ga.. 

Flaniken. Forrest W,, Jr., 2313 Thornhill Rd., 

Louisville, Ky., economics; Review Board, Dana 

Scholar, Tres Amer. Guild of Organists, J V 

Tennis, Public Lectures and Artist Series 

Flowers, Stephen M , 133 Walnut St.. Reading. Pa . 

Foster, Tompkins, A , P.O. Box 922. Clermont. Fl . 

history. Announcer for WDAV, Sec. of Pax 

House, IMAC 
Foushee, J H, Smith, III, 748 Barnsdale Rd., Winston 

Salem, N C , English 
Foxworth, Benjamin F , Jr , 20 Starsdale Cir., 

Greenville, S C 
Francis, David L , P O Box 903, New Bern, NC , art, 

1975 Davisdon Natl Print ahd Drawing 

Competitions, 1974-75 Piedmont Print and 

Drawing Comp Honorable Mention, sailing 


Gardiner, Thomas C , 805 Johns Road, Augusta, 

Ga , English; Tennis Team Mgr 1,2,3, staff 

writer for Davidsonian, Social Tri-Chairman for 

Eating House 3, Soccer Team Mgr 1, IMAC 
George, Jeffrey L , 819 Grandview Rd , Oil City, Pa , 

English: Editor Quips and Cranks, Bus. Mgr 

Quips and Cranks, Editor Inklings McElroy 

Scholar, Richardson Scholar 
Gibson, Michael G , 601 Sampson PI , Raleigh, NC, 

English, football. Fellowship of Christian 

Athletes, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 
Glenn, Ernest, 114 Rockwood Dr , Greenville, SC, 

Goodman, Peter E , 18 North Murray Ave., 

Ridgewood, N J , political science, Davidsonian. 

Quips and Cranks. Phi Gamma Delta 

Corresponding Sec. rifle team captain, 

Lacrosse Club 
Gopsill, Thomas M , 92 Littlebrook Rd , Princeton. 

N.J , biology 
Gordon, David C , 1111 Groveland Dr , Bluefield, 

W.V , psychology, WDAV Staff, Union Social 

Council, IMAC 
Green, David P., 718 Carver St , Durham, NC, 

Green, John B , 283 Hillside Dr , Fairburn, Ga . art 
Guin, James C, 1603 Dearing Place, Tuscalossa, 

Al., sociology 
Guthrie, John B , III, 2699 Forest Parkway, Largo, 

FL; SGA Class Senator 1972-73, VP 1973-74, 

Residence Hall Association, Young Democrats 

Club, debate, sailing, 3rd Award in 1975 NC, 

Pol Sci Association Undergraduate, Research 

Competition, 1975 Naval Academy for Affairs 

Conference, Who s Who 
Hagood, Thomas R , P.O. Box 279, Lake City, Fla., 

Hall, Michael D , 13902 Sweet Briar Lane, Novelty, 

Ohio, history; Phi Delta Theta, football, baseball 
Hancock, Franklin S., 123 Logan Street, Marion. 

NC , history, ROTC, PIRG, WDAV, DCF 
Hardaway, Larry D , 1916 Brown Street, Winter 

Haven, Fla ; Who s Who 
Harper, Derry, 1225 S Orleans St , Memphis, Tenn , 

political science, NC Fellows, News Dir, WDAV, 

Sec Blac Student Coalition, Varsity Track 

Team, Who s Who 
Harshman, Robert S , Lansing Apts, N., Apt. 17 1A, 

Ithaca, NY, pre-medicine: Emanon. House 

Manager Emanon, NC PIRG, Atlanta Plunge 

Hawk, William S , 1 Meeting Street, Charleston. 

SC, pre-medicine: varsity soccer, SPS 
Hedrick, Benjamin C, 425 Dublin Road, Asheboro, 

N C , psychology, varsity football, SAE 

Hendrix, Arthur Eric, Rte 2, Box 404, Greensboro, 

N C , history 
Hennis, Hugh L III, Rte. 4, Mt Airy, NC. 

pre-medicine. Young Democrats. Davidsonian 

Reporter. WDAV DJ, Assn t to Dean Honor 

Herin, Jr , Walter Gary, 3160 Bloomfield Drive, 

Macon, Ga., French, Male Chorus, Debate 

Forcnics Team, Union Social Board, Scabbard 

and Blade 
Heslop, Jetfery L , Rte. 224, Montour Falls. NY,, 

history: hall counselor, rugby, club football. 

Hill, Edward G Jr , Rte. 12, Box 501, Lexington, 

N C , pre-medicine: VP Archaeological Society, 

Fanny and Mable 
Hoag, Robert W , 295 Brookline, Daytona Beach, 

Fla , philosophy, Burlington Scholarship, Dana 

Scholar, NC Fellows, IMAC, Drama, hall 

counselor. Who s Who 
Holloway, Ralph B Jr., 1506 Montserrado Place, 

Norfolk, Va , sociology: YMCA, Wrestling, 

Inter-Organization Forum 
Hose, Timothy Henry, 1040 Third N.E,, Massillon, 

Ohio, German 
Hotchkiss, Peter W , 5507 Pollard Road, 

Washington, D C. psychology, wrestling team, 

1,2,3, YMCA, 1,2, APO, 1,2,3, Reas 2,3, Mgr 

APO Bookstore, 2,3, Review Board, 3,4, PIKA 

Asst Treas 3, PIKA Treas, 4, PCC 4, Bookstore 

Committee, 3 
Hunter, James Randal, P Box 5867, Winston 

Salem, NC history. Editor, Quips and Cranks 

76, Rush Chairman, SAE, golf team, 

Publications Board, YMCA Draft Counselor 
Huntley, Howard L Jr , H3 Arlington Court Apts., 

Charlottesville, Va , French, Jr Year Abroad. 

IMAC fhckerball. basketball, volleyball, track 
Husbands, , 99 Sheridan Drive, Atlanta, Ga,. 

Political Science. Big Brother Program. 

Admissions Guide, Philanthropic Society, 

Counselor for Transfer Students 
Husled, Karen P., BIy Hill Rd, RD 1, Ashville, NC, 

music, Dir-Jr Choir DC Methodist Church, 

Seniors Choir, Davidson United Methodist 

Church, DCF 

Irwin. Paul R,, 27300 Southfield Rd , Lathrup 

Village, M.. psychology. NC Fellows, Planning 

Comm for Weekly Worship Service DCPC, 

Student Leader of Young Life, N Ivleck High 

School. WDAV staff 
Jackson, James R Jr , 439 Jefferson Street, 

Winchester, Va,, biology 
Japp, Felix P . 920 Gamewell Ave., I^aitland, Fla., 

Jarrell, Gary F , 948 Jarrell Drive. Charleston, W.VA., 

Jenny F. Bradley. 259 Cherry Lane, Doylestown, 

Pa., psychology 
Johnson, R Keith. Rt 4, Box 68, Vale, N.C., political 

Jones, Logan Carroll, Pilot View Drive, King, N.C., 

psychology, SAE, VP 4 
Kirby, Clyde David, Box 381, King. N.C., philosophy 
Kirby, IVIilford K., 2732 Temple Lane, Charlotte, 

NC , history, NC PIRG 
Kirkendol, Dallas A , 1210 Andover Rd , Charlotte, 

NC, pre-medicine, IvIVP Davidson Rifle Team 

1974-1975, (Member DC Rifle Team 1973-75 
Kirkman, David N , 604 Kenmore Rd,, Chapel Hill, 

N.C-. history, history honors, Inklings Editor, 

Step-tutor, YMCA, WDAV, ItylAC, PIKA 
Kitchin, David C, 1617 King Mt Rd , Charlottesville, 

Va., English. Pres. Phi Gamma Delta 75-76. 

Lacrosse Club. Davidsonian staff 
Knauss. Thomas Russell. 5202 Faraday Cf.. Fairfax. 

Va., political science 
Knechtle, Robert C, 639 Smith Ridge Rd., New 

Canaan, Ct , history; Inter-Varsity, Christian 

Fellowship, basketball 
Knights, James K., 1457 NW 10 St., Dania, Fla., 

Koloditch, James, 9 Oak St . M\. Arlington. NJ.. 

Spanish: WDAV staff 
Lamas. Andrew T . 2403 Hunting Valley Rd.. 

Decatur. Ga.. political science: Davidsonian. 4 

years, exec editor NC PIRG 4 years, chmn 

education policy comm . 2 years SGA rep. APO. 

bookstore coordinator 2 years. STEP-tutor 1 

year. Dana scholar. D G. lylartin scholar. ODK. 

Ahepa scholar. NC Fellows. Who's Who 
Lane. Terrance Scott. 414 Hillsmere Rd.. Annapolis. 

M6-. psychology. Davidson male chorus. 

admissions dept tour guide 3 years, fraternity 

house manager, cheerleader, participant in 

drama dept production 
Lenhoff. Harry Neal. 4389 Gadsden Court, 

Jacksonville, Fla., economics: Omicron Delta 

Epsilon, honors economics, residence hall 

Lindsey, Edward R., 714 Commerce St., 

Fayetteville, NC , political science, WDAV radio, 

Link, William Allen, 133 fvlount Lucas Rd , 

Princeton, N.J.. history 
Little, David R., 3407 Cloverdale Dr., Greensboro, 

NC, history. Phi Eta Sigma 
Lloyd, William L., 7045 S W. 139th St.. fvliami, Fla., 

Logan, Charles Scott, Rt 10, Box 340, Winston 

Salem, NC, political science: social chairman. 

Phi Delta Theta, Alumni sec Phi Delta Theta, VP 

Loy. George Malcolm. 413 Frye St . Robbins. NC. 

political science. IIVIAC, club football. Quips and 

Cranks sports staff 75 
fVlcDaniel, Robert A. Jr , 1239 Cornell Ave., 

Binghamton, NY, history 
McElfresh, Douglas C, 336 Hamilton Rd , 

Birmingham, IVIi,, pre-medicine 
fVlcKenzie, Richard B III, 104 Crescent Hill, Selma, 

Ala., economics, member Hearing Committee 
fVlcKinley, William C-, Barium Springs Home, 

Barium Springs, NC, psychology: sec of Union 

fvlcKnight, Robert , PC Box 326, Chapel Hill. 

N.C.. history, pres. of Archeological Society 
fvlalcolm. 1^. Alan. 2547 Sprucewood Rd S.W.. 

Roanoke. Va.. chemistry, treas. APO. 

[Sanson. William T. III. 711 Susan Lane, fvlartinsville, 

Va., economics 
fvlarsh, Frazier W,, 1a04 Greenville Hwy, 

Hendersonville, NC , , Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, Who's Who 
Martin. John C. II. 1939 Hilton Ave,. Columbus, Ga., 

history: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treas, SAE 3, 

pres SAE 4, PCC 3,4 
Manorell. Richard A. Jr . 11300 Cypress Run, Rte 6, 

Temple Terrace, Fla , political science 
Masengill, Addison, 4931 Albemarle St., 

Washington, DC, economics 
fvlayberry, David J,, Rte 2, Box 542, Newton, NC, 

biology: Charles A, Dana scholarship, biology 

departmental advisory committee, pres, PKA 4, 

VP 3, varsity baseball 2, VP of PCC 4, pres of 

council on Social Organization 4, Biology 

Society 3 
tvlead. Dale Rae, 1513 Falls Church Rd , Raleigh, 

N C , psychology, drama workshop award for 

best actress 1974 
l^elton, David S,, Box 625, Glen Alpine, NC, 

sociology: male chorus, treas , social chairman 

PAX eating house, Classics Abroad, asst, editor 

Mendenhall, Robert L,, 3905 Dogwood Dr., 

Greensbors, NC , economics: Who s Who 
f^eng, Donald F,, 2796 Fleur de Lis Way. Doraville. 

Ga.. political science: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Classics Abroad. IIVIAC activities 
IVIimms. Larry T . 1944 Starfire Drive. Atlanta. Ga,. 

chemistry: Davidsonian editor, intramural 

sports, basketball, flickerball 
Mitchell. John A III. 7826 Ninth Avenue S . St. 

Petersburg. Fla . economics 
Monroe. Jonathan B . 704 Rockspring Rd.. High 

Point . N C . English 
Moore. David L, Jr . 1560 Granville Rd., Rock Hill. 

S C . history: track. SPE. intramurals. Freshman 

Social Council 
Mooty. Robert E . 602 Webster Drive. Wilson. NC. 

philosophy: debate team. 3 speaker awards. 

student organizer. Good Friday Crop Fast EM 

Society. Emanon Softball team. ODK 
Morrison. William E Jr . Rte 1. Box 1410. Davidson. 

NC. biology, head deskman College Union. 

Union Board member. Patterson Court Council, 

social chairman PKA, wind ensemble, PKA frat , 

pep band, intramural sports 
Moseley, Pope L. IV . 8813 44th Place. Brookfield. 

III., chemistry 
Munce. John Warner. 15 Woodland Drive. 

Staunton. Va . philosophy. SGA pres, varsity 

debate. Hearing Committee. Eumenen Society. 

St Albans Mission comm Sunday School 

teacher. Girl Scout troop leader. Who's Who 
Munford. Ray Donavon Jr . 3020 Rothgeb Drive. 

Raleigh. NC. economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

rush chairman 2 
Muse. James S.. 2800 Croasdaile Dr . Apt K-4 

Durham. N C . philosophy. Barium Springs 

values clarification program and Sunday 

School. ATO. IMAC. Miscellany contributor. 

RHC rep . Softball, tennis, handball, basketball 
Neal. Charles R,. 2709 Westmeade Rd . Albany. Ga,. 

economics: PAX VP and Pres . Wildcat pep 

band drummer. 1920-s band. IMAC flickerball. 

basketball. Softball. WDAV staff. WDAV DJ, 

scuba diving, rock band. Dorm Social Council 

Neikirk, Jeffrey A . 5152 Falcon Ridge Rd S.W.. 

Roanoke. Va . economics. Pres. Patterson 

Court Council. Phi Delta Theta. Who s Who 
Okoli. Iheanyi Xtian. FART S . Umudike-Umuahia. 

Nigeria, chemistry: soccer, tennis 
Oliver. Thomas P . 329 Winchester St.. Parris. Ky . 

biology: NC Fellows, national honorary 

chemistry society 
Palmer. Charles E,. Rt 7. Box 270. Lexington. S.C . 

special student in honors center, male chorus 2 

years. Omicron Delta Kappa. DC Madrigals 2 

years, drama productions 
Pappas. Michael S.. 10 Ridgeline Drive. Warson 

Woods. Mo., history 
Patterson. Steve G,. 3016 Petigru St., Columbia, 

S C . pre-medicine 
Patterson. Wyndell. S.. Rt 3, Box 144, Rocky Mount, 

NC. sociology 
Peacock. Banks A . 810 E Beech Street. Goldsboro. 

NC. economics: IMAC. Chess Club 72-73 
Peacock. Harold E. Jr . 1409 Lyndhurst Dr . High 

Point. N C. psychology: varsity football, letters 

soph and junior. SAE fraternity 
Pelfrey. Anne Lee. 6305 Cherry Tree Lane NE. 

Atlanta. Ga,. English: hall counselor, asst 

features editor of Davidsonian 
Penny. Robert E III. 4325 E, Brookhaven Dr.. 

Atlanta. Ga . psychology 
Perkins. Carl C. 7001 Clemson Drive. Alexandria. 

Va . economics 
Perry, Jonathan Scott, 949 SW 13th St , Gainesville, 

Fla , biology, football 1,2.3.4. Sigma Alpha 

Epsilon, Who's Who 
Plowman, Jeffrey N,, 1451 Belmont Ave,, Smyrna, 

Ga , English, comptroller SPE frat 74-75, pres, 

75-76. 1st prize winner in fiction. The 

Miscellany, member Philanthropic Literary 

Postove, Mark H., 6253 Arden Circle. Clemmons. 

N C . mathematics. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Phi 

Eta Sigma, track, newspaper staff. YM/YWCA 
Powell. Jay Robert. 473 Wildwood. Youngstown. 

Powell, Ronald M , 2934 St Andrews Lane, 

Charlotte, NC . economics: sailing team, club 

football team Pressley. Joel S . 1225 24th Ave. 

N.E.. Hickory. NC. history 
Price. Richard Z . 3415 W State St.. Milwaukee, 

Wisconsin, history, pres. — Catholic group on 

campus, ex-manager of basketball team, head 

waiter at ATO 
Prince. Prescott Lee. 1900 Westover Hills Blvd., 

Richmond. Va.. psychology: club football. KA 
Proctor. E Allen. 6920 Justice Drive. Raleigh. NC. 

English: DC Christian Fellowship 
Putnam. Robert A.. 1611 Blair Rd,. Roanoke. Va.. 

pre-medicine: Pres of KA fraternity. Alpha 

Epsilon Delta. Patterson Court Council 
Reaves. Mitchell W . Rte 1. Box 92. Altavista. Va, 

economics: treas, PDT. Patterson Court 

Council, baseball 

Reed. William P Jr.. 3419 Ridgewood Rd.. Atlanta. 

Ga , religion: Honor Court. Freshman Advisor. 

NC Fellow, hall counselor. Student Life Comm.. 

Council of Social Organizations. VP-YMCA 

soph year. St Albans Vestry. PDT. Who's Who 
Reid. Scott D . 7 Oak Tree Lane. Rumson. N.J.. 

English. Who s Who 
Richardson. David S . CDR 193D Inf BDE CZ, Ft. 

Amador Canal Zone. APO New York. English 
Rixey. Eppa. 7195 Given Road. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

pre-medicine: varsity basketball, hall counselor, 

varsity track. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Who s Who 
Robb. Stephen S G.. Box 36. Pocono Pines. Pa . 

pre-medicine: APO. Outing Club. Intramurals, 

JYA 1974 
Robertson. Fred Shaune. 240 Main St.. Keystone. 

W,V . pre-medicine. Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 

Cheerleader. IMAC. ROTC. Alpha Epsilon Delta, 

Intervarsity Fellowship 
Rogers. Alice H . 7501 Broadmoor Dr . Richmond, 

Va,, classics, hall counselor. Classics Abroad, 

Watts Dorm manager 
Roher, Joseph Raphael. 201 Morris Rd,. Ambler, 

Pa., biology. WDAV staff. Biology Society. NC 

PIRG. Richardson Scholar. Young Scholar 
Ross. Willard G . 1130 Harvey St . Raleigh. NC. 

German: JYA-German. Piedmont Art Exhibit. 

Outing Club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Rovegno. Robert F . 3985 65th Place. Woodside. 

NY,, history 
Rowe. David W . 830 W 8th St.. c/o P,0 Box 416. 

Hinsdale. II . psychology 
Roylance. Richard C . 221 E Waldheim Rd . 

Pittsburg. Pa . English. Who s Who. JV tennis 
Royster. Martha W . 3800 Stratford Rd . Richmond. 

Va . biology. Who s Who. hall counselor. IMAC. 

Biology Society 
Sanders. Robert. D . Jr . 131 Elizabeth St . 

Jacksonville. NC . political science, varsity 

football 1.2.3. Phi Gamma Delta. FCA. YMCA 

Basketball Clinic 
Sauer. Michael P . 8625 W Bardhurst Dr . 

Pittsburgh. Pa . economics 
Schaberg. Allen C. 3579 Preakness Dr . Decatur. 

Ga,. English: varsity football. Red Helmet 

Defensive Award, varsity track. WDAV staff. 

IMAC Softball and basketball. Summer Study at 

Schmader. Kenneth E . 284 S W 3rd St . Boca 

Raton. Fl . pre-medicine 
Schwartz. Carl C. 3407 Alabama Ave . Alexandria. 

Va . music: American Guild of Organists. 

Emanon. WDAV staff. Davidsonian staff 
Scroggs. Stephen K . 26 Glencove Rd . Arden. NC. 

pre-medicine. Kappa Alpha 
Seawell. Bradley R . 2354 Queen St.. 

Winston-Salem. N C. German. Dana Scholar 
Sebastian. Bradford N . R R 5. Peru. Ind . biology 
Sherrill. John C . III. Rt 1. Box 85. Mt Ulla. N C . 

political science: Washington Semester. Kappa 

Alpha. WDAV staff. Davidsonian staff, varsity 

football, club football 
Sible, Robert E . Jr . 725 Starlight Lane NE. Atlanta, 

Ga , economics: Kappa Alpha 
Simmons. Brian W . 10960 Parsons Rd . Duluth. 

Ga,. biology. WDAV staff. Union Board. 

Chairman f'op Films. Co-chairman Fine Films 
Skaggs. Robert C . 506 Fayette Pike. Montgomery, 

W V . economics: Omicron Delta Epsilon. Phi 

Gamma Delta treasurer. WDAV staff 
Smith. David J . 1715 Efland Dr.. Greensboro. NC, 

history. Departmental Honors Program 
Smith. Jesse C . PC Box 190. Crossnore. N C . 

biology: cross country, track 
Smith. Melvin D . Box 386. Warrenton. Ga . 

economics: Student Solicitor 3. Campus Tax 

Committee 3. Kappa Alpha Social Chmn 3. JV 

football 1.2. indoor track 1.2. Philanthropic 

Society 2.3 
Smith. Wjlliam L,. Jr.. 1250 Rahway Ave,. Westfield. 

N J . history: History Honors Program 3.4: 

Philanthropic Society — President 4. 2nd Critic 

3. hall counselor. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Richardson Dorm Manager 3. ETC. 

cross-country, track 1.2 
Sneed. Jim F . 1817 Wendover Dr.. Fayetteville. 

NC. chemistry: Dana Scholar. JYA-Marburg. 

Sommer. Rand. 6 Lindworth Dr . St. Louis. Mo.. 

pre-medicine: Phi Eta Sigma, intramural sports. 

Campus Christian Fellowship 
Soos. Renee W . 768 Carpenter Ave,. Mooresville. 

NC. English, women's basketball. Davidson 

Spears. James W.. Pinecrest Hall. Elkins. W.V,, 

history: ROTC scholarship, football. Minutemen 

Medal. Freshman Social Council. Sigma Phi 

Epsilon Social Chairman. IMAC 
Stanfield. John V,. Rt 2. Box 53. Fayetteville. N.C., 

Stec, Stephen L,. 828 Martin Rd,. Baltimore. Md., 

Stephenson. James E . 5525 Lakewood Circle. 

Jacksonville. Fl,. pre-medicine: sailing team. 

WDAV. IMAC. Union Concert Committee. 

Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Outing Club, sailing 



Stewart. Charles R., 233 Edgewood Circle. 

Woodruff. S.C. history; Phi Eta Sigma, WDAV 
staff. Pi Kappa Alpha 

Stewart, Gary W., 2506 Rosefield. Houston, Tex,, 
pre-medicine; YMCA, SGA Senator, 
Davidsonian staff, IMAC Softball, basketball, 
Dana Scholar 

Stick, Michael A., Box 2, Kitty Hawk, N.C., 
economics; hall counselor, SGA Senator, 
Rugby Club, intramurals 

Stowe, Robert Lee, III, 135 N. Main St., Belmont, 
N.C, English; Quips n Cranks staff. Phi Gamma 

Strasburger. August K., 4296 Woodleigh Rd., 
Columbia, S.C , economics, IMAC 
vice-president, Pika Social Chairman, Fannie 
and Mabel Social Chairman 

Stuart. Emelia, 5001 Charmain Rd . Richmond. Va . 
biology; Who s Who, hall counselor. Biology 
Society sec-treas. Classics Abroad, St. Anne's 
Summer Program, Piedmont Bank Student 

Swalwell. Bradley D,. 7218 Baltimore. Kansas City. 
Mo-. economics. Who s Who.Omicron Delta 
Epsilon. SGA Chancellor 

Swanson. Cosby. III. 803 35th Ave, North. St 
Petersburg. Fla , mathematics; DC Christian 
Fellowship president, Melick Scholar, STEP 
Tutor, YMCA basketball 

Tatum, John M III, 2009S Brailesford Rd., Camden, 
S C , political science; hall counselor, ROTC 
intramural sports 

Taylor, John A., 4205 Buncombe Rd , Greenville, 
SC, physics; music. Education Policy 
Committee, Dana scholar, member Hearing 
Committee, freshman football, Sigma Pi Sigma 

Taylor, Leslie L III, 1216 N Washington, 

Rutherfordton, N C, pre-medicine; pres of 
Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 
Charles A Dana scholarship, American 
Association of Chemists 

Taylor, Ralph B , 666 Heard Drive, Elberton, Ga., 
religion, swim team 

Tew. Joel R . 401 Walton Ave.. Wauchula. Fla.. 
economics; Phifer Eco Award. Gladstone 
Memorial Award. Omicron Delta Kappa, 
baseball, chm of Hearing Committee. Phi Eta 
Sigma. Omicron Delta Epsilon pres,. Emanon 
pres . Dana Scholar. Scott Scholar. Who s Who 

Thomason. Anthony M . 3549 Springhill Rd,, 
Birmingham, Ala , chemistry 

Thompson, Joseph L , Rt 9, Box 165, Charlotte, 
N C , chemistry, intramural athletic 
representative, PAX, intramural flickerball, 
basketball, Softball 

Thorp, Daniel B , 12315 Firtree Lane, Bowie, Md., 
history, McConnell Scholar 72-75, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Eumanen Society 73-75, pres 73-74, 
co-chairman Open End Committee at Union 

Board, mterorganizational forum, hall 

counselor, soccer 73-74, Outing Club 72-74, 

Fine Films 72-74 
Tims, Aubrey F , 731 Benning Rd., Jackson, Miss., 

history, APO 
Tinnon, Scott Edwin, 46 Terhune Rd., Princeton, 

N J , history 
Traver, Thomas D , 4638 Ortega Blvd , Jacksonville, 

Fla , pre-medicine, golf team, radio show, IMAC 
Turner, Max J, Jr , 8 Sinnott Circle, Durham, N.C, 

Upshur, John Irving, 1631 Tanglewood Rd , 

Columbia, S.C . physics 
Urbon. Lawrence S . 35 Pachaug Rd . Trumbull. 

Conn . psychology 
Vail. James David. 341 Sheridan Rd,, Lake Forest, 

III , economics 
Vaugham, William J Jr , 106 Ridge Rd., Virginia 

Beach, Va , English, Who's Who 
Venable, Thomas L , 102 Avalon Lane, Durham, 

N C , chemistry; photography editor 

Davidsonian, Davidson chapter American 

Chemical Society, student affiliate 
Verlin, Thomas P , 1 12-09 84 Ave , Richmond Hill, 

NY, history 
Vitek, Steven L., 3609 Fountainhill Rd , Charlotte, 

N.C, psychology, Windley Hall creative writing 

award — 1st place, SAE social chairman, club 

ice hockey 
Walsh, Kevin D , 340 E, Beverley St., Staunton, Va,, 

economics; 72-73 Wind Ensemble, Outing Club, 

IMAC sports 
Weber, Charles R,, 503 Summit, Albany, Ga., 

pre-medicme; PKA fraternity, ROTC 

scholarship, SGA senator. Gamma Sigma 

Epsilon chemistry society. Scabbard and Blade 
Welch, Paul B III, Rt 4, Box 235, Hendersonville, 

N.C , English, Hearing Committee member, 

Richardson scholar. National Merit scholar, 

staff member WDAV and Davidsonian 
West, Bruce R , 9 Morgan Rd , Rt, 1, Durham, N C , 

West, William P. Jr , 53 Barbara Lane N W , Atlanta, 

Ga , political science, varsity football 3 years, 

VP PDT fraternity, extern program work. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, rugby, IMAC, 

refereeing and umpiring 
Whitley, Roger L., 420 Normandy St , Cary, N.C, 

history; football, KA 
Wicker, Bruce Evan, 815 William Penn Court 

Pittsburgh, Pa , English 
Widenhouse, Milton G, Jr , P Box 637, Valdese, 

N C , political science, debate speakers awards, 

tournament trophies, Davidsonian managing 

editor, D Grier Martin award, WDAV sports 

director, NC student legislature delegation 

chairman. Who s Who 
Wilensky, Mark S,, 1351 N.W, 197th S.. Miami. Fla 

Who's Who 

Wiley. David B.. 141 W. Lehman Ave., Hatboro, Pa., 
economics; baseball, A.K, Phifer Eco award. 
ODE WDAV sports department, intramurals. 
treas. of Emanon. honors program in 
economics, writer for Davidsonian. Richardson 
scholarship. John McKee scholarship, bridge 

Williams, Richard C Jr,, 122 N, Blvd., New Port 
Richey, Fla,, economics; DC in Spain-spring 
1975, student defense advisor 75-76, WDAV, 
alumni association award. Phi Eta Sigma honor 
society, ODE economics honor society, KA 
social fraternity, sailing team freshman year 

Willmgham, Carol M , 2352 Ridgeway Ave , College 
Park, Ga , political science 

Willmgham, Edward L , 3354 Coweta Drive, 

Columbus, Ga., economics; hall counselor, VP 
KA house, co-freshman advisor 75-76, varsity 
baseball, SGA parkmg-security committee 
chairman, SGA representative, pledge 
education committee KA, IMAC, football, 
basketball trainer, honorable mention 
all-conference baseball 

Wilson, Bryan Hadley, 113 Skyview Drive, Boone, 
NC , pre-medicme, Sandy Black memorial 
award, Dana scholar. Phi Eta Sigma, Society of 
Physics Students, Gamma Sigma Upsilon, 
Kappa Alpha fraternity, sec. — 4, Philanthropic 
Literary Society, sec 2, VP 3, ROTC 1,2, pep 
band 1, intramural sports 

Wilson, George L Jr., 425 Hilltop Rd,, Orange. 
Conn , psychology 

Wilson, John Knox Jr., 207 Rhododendron, Black 
Mountain, N.C 

Winkenwerder, William Jr., 10 N. Kensington Rd.. 
Asheville, N.C, pre-medicine, varsity football 4 
years, PDT fraternity. Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes, Davidsonian sportswriter, intramurals, 
basketball, swimming, softball, volleyball, rush 
chairman PDT fraternity, chancellor Patterson 
Court Council 

Wong, Andrew Chung-Lap, 16C 9th Floor, Mei Foo 
Sun Chuen, Hong Kong, chemistry 

Wood, Thomas Edward, Rt. 6, Anderson, S.C, 
mathematics; JYA-Univ. of Lancaster England, 
Kappa Alpha Order 

Wright, Ross M., 3116 Grace Hill Road, Columbia, 
S.C, English; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, 
JV tennis 74, male chorus 

Wynne, James J , Lakeview Rd., Statesboro, Ga,, 
pre-medicine, SGA senator, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon fraternity, social chairman SAE, Outing 
Club, Quips and Cranks 

Yeaton, Edward Chacey, 1810 Hawthorne Park 
Drive N,, Janesville. Wis., history; basketball, 

Yost, Basil O, III, 1036 River Bluff Dr., Suffolk, Va„ 


The 1976 Quips & Cranks was 
printed by offset lithography on 80 
lb. dull enamel paper. Color was re- 
produced from 35mm 4-color trans- 
parencies. The cover is custom em- 
bossed hardback quarterbound 
made with 160 pt. binders board, 
smythe sewn, rounded, supered, 
and headbanded top and bottom. 
The copy in the Prologue of the 
book was written and recorded by 
Dan Fogelburg. The poem in the ep- 
ilogue was written by Kemmer An- 
derson and was taken from the 
spring, 1975, issue of "The Miscel- 
lany". All other copy was taken from 
various issues of the "Miscellany". 
This Quips & Cranks was printed by 
Hunter Publishing Company of 
Winston-Salem, N.C. Special thanks 
must go to the people there, partic- 
ularly J.B. Edwards, Joyce Fitzpat- 
rick and Marilyn Money for their in- 
dispensable assistance. 


Stone eyes of women smiles from Chamber's brick, 

Old dogs run from the shrubs 

Fred walks to work 

A teacher reads to the Post Office 

The green lawn of Liberty spouts 

Mountain ticks on the church clock 

Steel lamps freeze time, 

A girl's skirt catches the wind: 

William Lee's oaks grow up 

Cherry trees blossom a trail of honor 

•c'A ^' 


Dandelions dance wild violets on Easter Monday 
Where young arms row up the ladder 
Of the water tower near Knox's grave. 
Summer's black gum falls. 

The hourglass divides sand. 

Mateus fills the farm boy's chalice. 

Midnight wine rains, the souls of the dead howl. 

Bone meal bleeds into the rich earth of the South 







:<^ e 







'.i---*. V >". 








^OV'r^-*. . 

















^- .'■ 

vf " 





^J • North Carolina 


Not For Outside Circulation